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Peace Social Poems

These Peace Social poems are examples of Social poems about Peace. These are the best examples of Social Peace poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Earth Restoration Game
When we encounter problems
in daily relationships,
as all species and individuals do,
from healthy time to wealthy RightBrain systemic rhyme,
practicing nutritional v toxic awareness
facilitates RealTime health preparedness

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Categories: social, games, health, integrity, political,

The Vine
this poem was inspired by Sweet Honey in the Rock's song, "Drinking of the  Wine."

saw a battle
way back when
politicians, workers,
friends and kin

life is for...

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Categories: social, society,

A Phantom Relationship

Whispers speak out so loud
Mockery making sound
Soft hearts pound
Peace for a long time I have found
My ego not so proud

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Categories: social, analogy, evil, humanity, jealousy,

Anti-social Butterfly
A social butterfly she is not
Its certainly not you incase that's what you thought
The stress wheel is constantly turning
For inner peace her mind's constantly yearning

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Categories: social, anxiety, depression, emotions, solitude,

Premium Member Most Famous Prophetess In England
Year 1488
Daring to hide it in verses and score,
Mother Shipton predicted her scrolls would not be understood until years after her body’s release.
Read aloud by...

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Categories: social, inspiration, london, mystery, perspective,

Premium Member What Matters
Friends and Peace of Mind
Will make you rich as any
Who have passed this way. 

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Categories: social, beauty, friendship, happiness, peace,

Conservatives not going to 'loosen up'
Feminists say no to 'dressing up'
Millennials (still) refusing to shut up!
Cost of living going up
Police pointing guns- people held up

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Categories: political, satire, social,

The cycle of nature
A strong thought was itching my mind,
on a bright morning breezy wind;
A thought questions the reality of world,
the beliefs that helped us mould;

The idea of...

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Categories: absence, atheist, conflict, social,

Looking Through

Looking Through

Echo of time sounds out so clear
Death is just peace
No matter how far or near
True to the beholder of sand in one’s hand
Not cased...

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Categories: social, analogy, change, confusion, dedication,

Premium Member Expresso Expression
Perched aft coddling harpoon
prime fodder for the spoon
Inept spun magnamous tale
tip scale fifty ton humongous whale 
Maniacal grin leave ya in my wake
comical sin I...

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Categories: perspective, social,

A Vision
I looked into future and what did I see 
a planet of people living in peace and 
harmony. I saw a flag that was all...

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Categories: social,

Means Everything
The need for money is slowing 
down human evolution. The need
for money by every human being
now causes confusion leaving no
time to think of real solutions.


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Categories: social,

Whats The Point
What's the point of the human race 
if it's not to learn about each 
other eye to eye and face to face? 

What's the point...

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Categories: social,

The Oppotunity For Peace
With Facebook, tweeter, You Tube and
cable TVs. The human mind has been 
set free. The impossible can now take 
place, the reunification of the human...

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Categories: social,

Premium Member They Call This Social Justice
Once our land stretched from coast to coast
and the drums of the people beat proud
we were mighty and we were strong

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Categories: social, how i feel,

Premium Member WhyFi
Random (dis)information’s endless scream,
Fibs and tidbits attacking by the gigabyte,
People exhibiting what for lunch they’ll bite,
In a chattersphere adoring the latest meme.

Too long have I...

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Categories: social, internet, nonsense, peace, people,

Social Pity
Upon the land of which we hate others
of a mirror of ourselves
we destroy ourselves
humanity is a mirror of this truth
take a look
beyond the facades

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Categories: social, 10th grade, 11th grade,

You Rest in Peace
You Rest in Peace Dear Friend's Mom

Purity was your veil of affection for us,
Utterance of yours was tender and right,
Righteousness was your path we followed,

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Categories: appreciation, death, funeral, social,

Is God just an illusion
Is religion just an institution?
People say the dead
are looking down on us
I wish it were true
but don't the dead
have better things...

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Categories: confusion, culture, god, social,

I need your love , your kindness
My belly burns in hunger, lips like an arid
You cant quench my thirst; you cant quench
my hunger
Let alone a little heart that craves for love

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Categories: social, care, child, humanity, peace,