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Journey Social Poems

These Journey Social poems are examples of Social poems about Journey. These are the best examples of Social Journey poems written by international poets.

And for my next trick
And for my next trick
Suicidal dive leaves
My friend wanting and waning
The Aramaic idol screeches
Madly amidst patrons
Committed to higher levels
And flavors of consciousness
And as silence groans...

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Categories: social, adventure, crazy, humanity, journey,

Why would God create so much hate

Rulers are born
Blood and oath
Words to be a bond
A bond not to be broken
Who declares them king?
Who says to another I am queen?
Riches, gold, Jewellery,...

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Categories: social, allusion, angst, betrayal, conflict,

Looking Through

Looking Through

Echo of time sounds out so clear
Death is just peace
No matter how far or near
True to the beholder of sand in one’s hand
Not cased...

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Categories: social, analogy, change, confusion, dedication,

Premium Member Psychosomatic
Degree work again! With Aberdeen University, 
Long distance, so not in strange surroundings, 
This time in the subject of my choice and tenacity,
For posterity, so...

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Categories: social, bible, education, happiness, parents,

Premium Member Walk on the grass, run in the rain
“Don’t walk on the grass”, “No dogs”, “Don’t shout”, 
“Flooding ahead, turn around, don’t drown”.
These are the signs telling us what we should do,
What we...

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Categories: feelings, freedom, self, social,

Never a wonder to whom we belong’d.
In days of yore, side by side did we run,
Our hearts ever strumming the constant song,
Always together through the...

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Categories: social, culture, how i feel,

Premium Member Relaxing, tranquil start to a day
Every morning we wake and sit in the sun,
Warming our legs since this day has begun.
Sipping our tea and having a smoke,
Talking about holidays and...

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Categories: adventure, journey, morning, social,

If A Little Bird

If a little bird should say: 
You're Boring, Cheerless
But do everything you've got to,
Should you Answer or Reply?

For its not what that "bird" says,
But what...

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Categories: social, destiny, faith, humanity, international,

Premium Member One People
We are one people
All deserve a chance in life
Regardless of race

The journey in life
Pondering the forgotten
Has not been crowning 

I believe in life
It’s a journey...

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Categories: social, analogy, blessing, celebration, change,

Premium Member A Night with Stars
A Night with Stars

You will find, at the Eagle Nation Buffet,
an ambiance, a place you would love to stay.

Where exotic cuisine is at its best

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Categories: social, universe,

Burnt Verse: Silhouettes I
A brine-eyed dog struts through my yard
Snuffling the pavement cracks
Its partner circles under guard
Behind its owners' absent backs

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© Dan Keir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, adventure, animal, dog, freedom,

Lament of an Alien
Always thinking of the right words to say
It would have been clearer if I said it my way
Even a move is a topic for thought

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Categories: social, how i feel, identity,

Endless Tree
            Endless Tree

It seemed to be an oak with tan and dark bark
The climb...

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Categories: adventure, nature, social, tree,

Thats Life
Earth quakes, hands shake
Bone breaks, piss takes
Story's end, new ones start
We click unfreind, we fall apart,
Blood boils, tempers flare,
Light to dark, we cease to care,

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Categories: social, emotions, friendship, growing up,

The number the brand
When I met her , a very old lady she was , yet inside lay a frightened child .
I felt my heart cry , I...

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Categories: social, abuse, africa, age, allah,

Our Silver Anniversary

From the day I promised to
 be with you forever…
It’s now been 25
 years together!

Through the trials, laughter
 and many miles
We’ve had our share
of joy...

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Categories: social, character, christian, community, dedication,

Please Come Lord Jesus And Hear My Voice

Please Come Lord Jesus,
And Hear My Voice!

Please come Lord Jesus,
and listen to my voice!
In all I do or say, may you
 be my first choice!


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Categories: social, character, christian, dedication, depression,

One World
Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up...

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Categories: social, america, for her, for

Philosophical Poetry Week: Transient Tuesday
I am a misprint,
Ink blot on love,
I remain a maybe
Longing for fact,
No speck of lint,
A hand in glove.
Thunder; a baby
Will only react

When you etch
Parallel clouds,

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© Dan Keir  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: social, addiction, adventure, fear, freedom,

Premium Member Why Church called Catholic

Church is a she
Bride of Father Christ
Church is Catholic
Church is people

Catholic related to the whole
Greek kat’holon
Father Christ called
Profess whole faith

Preserve all Sacraments
To administer
To proclaim Good...

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Categories: social, christian, confusion, devotion, education,