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Dream Social Poems

These Dream Social poems are examples of Social poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Social Dream poems written by international poets.

Life Course
At school they always told you:
to follow your dreams, 
but they never mentioned you:
how expensive they are, 
selling your soul to live in the devils...

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Categories: life, metaphor, social, society,

Premium Member My Favorite Social Worker Leaves
My favorite social worker let me know he had taken a new job.
I had instant opposite feelings.
I am happy he has the opportunity toward his...

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Categories: social, jobs,

This Thought, This Time
This is the time. To put forth in writing the words that plague my mind. An inevitable forthcoming of thoughts internally suppressed,...

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Categories: deep, humanity, social, time,

The Naked Truth
Behind the mighty structures of brick and stone,
Are the naked hands of people who stand alone,
Fighting against all odds through the sun & rain,
Until the...

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Categories: dedication, meaningful, people, social,

Good times and Fun
Mankind's greatest fall of all: the clock's 
ticking hastens to the confrontation 
of one man against another--the fight 
of brother against brother, and all others....

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Categories: social,

UBI, what if I'm missing the necessary Solve it, opportunity for statues Long version
On this UBI's Day, May 1st, to observe the greatest socioeconomic concept ever conceived.

UBI, what if I'm missing the necessary.
Solve it, opportunity for statues.
Long version...

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Categories: social, change, freedom, giving, humanity,

A Vision
I looked into future and what did I see 
a planet of people living in peace and 
harmony. I saw a flag that was all...

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Categories: social,

Means Everything
The need for money is slowing 
down human evolution. The need
for money by every human being
now causes confusion leaving no
time to think of real solutions.


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Categories: social,

The Oppotunity For Peace
With Facebook, tweeter, You Tube and
cable TVs. The human mind has been 
set free. The impossible can now take 
place, the reunification of the human...

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Categories: social,

Misery lives
Misery is being felt around the world 
by every woman, man, boy and girl. 
Where does it come from? Where 
is it going? One thing...

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Categories: social,

Premium Member An Evening Of Social Justice
An evening of social justice
paid for by the “alleged” perpetrators
of the grand injustice.
What cads, these bastards
of the billions, usurpers of
our “common” wealth,
cream skimming purveyors
of the...

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Categories: social, society, success,

Dreams-social Justice contest
"The soul of a person can be hurt 
 along with pain inside their heart.
  Life is so unpredictable and very
 crazy where there's...

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Categories: social, dream,

Premium Member Ghost of the College Loan
“Do you believe in ghosts?” Said a voice within my ear,
As each hair upon my skin stood still in sweating fear.

“Drip, drop,” said the voice...

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Categories: social, america, anxiety, death, school,

Hedonic Treadmill
Insatiable thirst and hunger
A bottomless materialistic pit
Always something for nothing
Prop your feet up; you’re the shit

Narcissist lazy behavior
Spoiled childish attitude
Snowflakes; everybody’s a winner
Except for people...

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Categories: america, conflict, social, wisdom,

They Still Shoot Horses

Two pairs of Equus eyes that motion dare,
foxtrot to the midnight endless dance
Their heated passion is an Appaloosa affair,
day number three of a spotty romance


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Categories: dance, metaphor, romance, social,

Red Lights
Where did I leave that serenity behind, that made me smile?
Now these red lights choke, the blood's dried, human venom reigns,
I cant dream in this...

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Categories: social, child abuse, dark, daughter,

Premium Member The Jester Sheds a Tear
Isn't it ironic
How the ones that yell the loudest 
Are usually the ones that have the least to say?
And isn't it moronic how the ones...

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Categories: social, angst, conflict, corruption, racism,

the scarecrow
i'm a scarecrow in a viridescent field
i observe ideas, yet can't exploit them to yield
unable to move, allocating inattention
i'm filled with concepts and hypothetical intentions

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Categories: social, allegory, confusion, horror, loneliness,

there are ghosts
passing by outside 
with enchanting smiles
strange and little creepy
they have no reflection
no shame, no direction
walking free
like us humans
can only dream

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Categories: social, anxiety, art, dark, grief,

Social Anxiety
I think love is a lot like us.
In truth, it's hard.
At least for me. To reach into my heart and pull each thought
Like some sort...

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Categories: social, anxiety, black african american,