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Art Social Poems

These Art Social poems are examples of Social poems about Art. These are the best examples of Social Art poems written by international poets.

Dark Blue
Lonely and hating what her friend has become.
Seems like no more friendship to believe in,
Art the only place to breathe in.

Meeting new people who are...

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Categories: christian, social,

candidate -calon-

that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: social, art, conflict, culture, food,

I will minister
I will minister to my neighbor
I am the Lord’s instrument to minister to my neighbor
I will succor them that stand in need of my succor

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Categories: social, bible, care, dedication, love,

Premium Member The artist
Told to invent, told to create, 
Told to conceptually begin,
To touch all our souls from deep in our heart, 
Told to express from within,

And dance...

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Categories: art, poets, social, society,

Keep Me Good Company
Keep Me Good Company…

From spiraling into unconstructive decay, 
Plugging my volcano of negative gossip & hearsay, 
Planting productive advice...

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Categories: social, best friend, destiny, environment,

there are ghosts
passing by outside 
with enchanting smiles
strange and little creepy
they have no reflection
no shame, no direction
walking free
like us humans
can only dream

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Categories: social, anxiety, art, dark, grief,

The Candle Light
White is my heart
Like this candle wax
Pure and undefil’d
In a love unrivall’d
For Its wig set ‘light
Boldly burning bright
Side to side toss’d
As the wax reduc’d
From a...

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Categories: social, art, feelings, imagery, love,

Social Behavior
A man ask a coworker for a dollar so he gave it to him

The next day he ask him for his daughter as a bride


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Categories: social, art, love,

Please use with the utmost moderation
As this is no normal libation
But if you must throw caution to the wind
Please do so with a most coherent...

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Categories: social, absence, adventure, art, celebration,

Premium Member Political and social insanity
I wander alone through the streets of this town, 
All alone by myself out of sight.
I sit forlorn on a seat, a solo swing of...

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Categories: art, social,

Do you mean it
Walking down the street 
You held my hand
Little trembling me
So afraid of the world 

I remember when it was cold
Like a negative 32 degrees or...

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Categories: social, appreciation, art, dad, father,

A New Country Song

I was ravaged today

three country songs 
on the truck radio 
each moaning the lyrics  
". . daddy's pickup truck"
and "the Georgia...

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Categories: humor, music, social, song,

They are the emptiness
their children will become empty and give birth to more emptiness
surround themselves with stray pets to ease the emptiness
have no sense of...

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Categories: social, angst, art, feelings, humanity,

Kuchh badla badla sa lag rha hai
Hr chiz me parivartan dikh rha hai
Kuchh chize ab v wahi hai,
Pahle ki tarah bni hui hai.

Jagah to wahi...

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Categories: art, community, social, society,

[Disclaimer: The poem does not intend to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments. It is purely for the purpose of entertainment, art and awareness.]

[Note : - If...

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Categories: social, analogy, art, clothes, religious,

Premium Member The 80's
This is a decade that many wonderful things happened; 
I was born, the reign of hard rock began, 
Michael Jackson began to moonwalk, Cars became...

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Categories: social, age, art, class, history,

Chinese New Years Parade
Cherry trees bare of blossoms
Buds still tight in the trees
A time of pure delight
For every eye to see,

A small flag in every hand
Fresh toasted nuts...

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Categories: social, children, color, community, new

social media
Revealing my nakedness
Showing everyone my business
Somehow I'm still faceless
Like a book with blank pages
Might as well be talking from my anus
Hey miss!
I think you dropped...

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Categories: social, art, me, society,


Indeed, I am that Poet and know it.
Just in transition to a more enriched poetry form.
I want to talk about life,...

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Categories: social, adventure, art, autumn, beautiful,

L~egion of angels is a poetic colony of termites.
E~stablished out of a given root of love.
G~reat in vision,great in mission,great in art.
I~ndeed,they appear like ancient...

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