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Globe Snow Poems

These Globe Snow poems are examples of Snow poems about Globe. These are the best examples of Snow Globe poems written by international poets.

Premium Member winter throes - WS

in cold winter throes
city has frosted over ~
light shimmers on pristine snow 

parka covered kids
toss snowballs at each other ~
living within a snow globe

9th January...

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Categories: snow, winter,

The bare branches of the tired old tree towering tall
above me creak in the frigid whistling wind
coated in a covering of frosty snow
glazed over with...

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Categories: snow, age, dream, england, london,

Premium Member Snowfall in July
Snowfall in July
David J Walker

What if today 
Is just the extension of
Another summers day to
Remember a Decembers snowfall

The subtle absurdity of snow
Shaking like the glitter...

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Categories: allegory, snow,

stuck in a snow globe 
shaking up in love with you 
stuck in a snow globe 
snow sparkles surround 
those signs our hearts snowy bright

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Categories: snow, allusion, beautiful, imagery, love,

Premium Member Snow Globe Refreshment
Presenting to the emergency room, patient "BB,"
a dad who swallowed a snow globe carelessly.

Out of ALC, voices crying, "YOLO,"
PO, he took a big gulp of...

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Categories: snow, addiction, body, break up,

Snow Globe
"Snow Globe"

Respect the virtuoso
You don't or you know so
Life can be peligroso
People going loco

Humans addicted to chocolate aka cocoa
And the other kind of coco (cocaine)

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Categories: snow, dark, deep, journey, life,

Premium Member SNOW GLOBE

shaken not stirred
causal whirlwind effect
mini storm contained
snow flurries mesmerize
a microcosm spinning

AP: 3rd place 2020

Posted April 6, 2020

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Categories: fantasy, snow, world,

Premium Member Into My Snow Globe
Into my snow globe would promptly go…..
A Jesus in a manger, with a halo glow.
Angels we have heard on high,
And they would be placed just...

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Categories: snow, inspirational, jesus,

Premium Member The wind has teeth
The wind has teeth today
   nipping at my cheeks and ears
The chill air is a blade, ripping away
   the lining of...

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Categories: kiss, snow, wind, winter,

Premium Member Snow Globe
A chill ...
Not on skin - to marrow
If but for the frigid air
A horrid pattern would trace my cheek
Though not nearly as horrid
As the one...

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Categories: snow, analogy, christmas,

Premium Member Stuck In A Christmas Snow Globe
The lines of the glass blur,
the scenery blends 
except for that
semi-translucent  curvature.
What lay between me
and my living room,
clear yet an acrylic
boundary to freedom;
as I...

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Categories: snow, christmas, fun, holiday, poems,

Premium Member Winter Globe

Silent flurries flutter down. My nose cold, cheeks warm. Whiteness gathers, explores, dusting sidewalks and my Christmas sweater. Cold angels in the snow, children giggle,...

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Categories: snow, winter,

Premium Member Donner's Snow Globe
They trudged through seasons
dreaming in honey and gold
some perished in the desert 
for the going was very slow 
the damned took the shortcut
on a trail...

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Categories: snow, angst,

Premium Member Snowy Travel
Slipping and sliding on glazed, snowy roads
No plows in sight and no sand to unload
Maybe no-one paid their taxes this year
The roads may be this...

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Categories: snow, travel, winter,

Premium Member Footstep Sojourn
Footstep Sojourn

Each step a footprint sojourn swept away in silent swirling.  I catch snowflakes on my nose,  alone save for the billion snowflake...

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Categories: december, memory, snow,