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Funny Smile Poems

These Funny Smile poems are examples of Smile poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Smile Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Laugh Every Day
Humour is the salve of life
Humour is a light in the darkness 

Laugh every day
Wash your cares away
Laugh every day
Make your world okay
Laugh every day

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Categories: smile, cheer up, depression, happiness,

A Scottish Location
A bonnie wee place, Drummore.
Just aff the Galloway Shore. 
A stoat and a fish.
Their signature dish. 
A bonnie wee place Drummore....

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Categories: smile, cheer up, fun, funny,

Premium Member Reading 2
Reading fun books all day
Renews life with a smile
Reading eyes feel heavy
Running book down my lap
Read pages into life
Red hot dreams are in sight...

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Categories: smile, books, dream, life, red,

Laugh Medicine
Land of laughs and cackles
An amusement park built to lighten any mood
Freed shackles

Falling down slopes
Chewing on bites of funny food
Lift hopes

You see
Life is not rude


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Categories: fun, funny, humor, smile,

Premium Member Reading
I love reading fun books
Life is in the pages
Reading eyes feel heavy
Book slips down to my lap
Dreamland I am headed
Pages coming to life...

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Categories: smile, books, dream, fun, humor,

Premium Member It Happened On A Rainy Night-Collaboration
Foggy mists engulfed the bright
When raindrops fell throughout the night
The lampposts glowed at midnights dark
When sweethearts kissed at Lover's Park
A kiss that did...

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Categories: smile, good night, kiss, love,

Premium Member Would you love me if I wasn't a poet?
In a pretty rose garden we were having tea,                      the butterflies were kissing the flowers...

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Categories: smile, garden, poetry, poets, writing,

Premium Member Colorful
Quote By Poet: "God's pretty colors paint a pretty day for us to enjoy."

God paints butterflies
magical colors to see
dancing on flowers.

God paints all flowers
from His...

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Categories: smile, animal, beauty, butterfly, flower,

Premium Member Onion Soup
Soup bowls and mugs come in all sizes                 ...

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Categories: smile, food, fun, humor, sleep,

Premium Member I Didn't Know That
"I Didn't Know That" 

I didn’t know that 
A Be couldn’t sting
Or that a Bee was not a B.
I’m confused.

I didn’t know that
I should No...

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Categories: smile, confusion, funny, language, light,

Premium Member Beautiful
Quote By Author "Dear Writer, Have a blessed day 
writing away your beautiful writes to all of the readers."

A writer chooses their words with glory,

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Categories: smile, books, poems, poets, words,

Premium Member A Fruity and Funny Limerick
Guess you and I can finally meet
After sending me tweet after tweet
I am in love with yellow
Cover me in fun jell-o
My wonderful ripe banana treat...

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Categories: smile, food, humor, love, sweet,

Premium Member Angelic
"We can all be an angel to someone." By Poet

I can still remember,
the days of years gone by.
We were so young and carefree,
time did not...

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Categories: smile, angel, beauty, life, love,

Premium Member Zoo
Quote By Poet "A zoo trip can put a zip in your
walk and zeal for being outside with the animals."

A hot summer's day at the...

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Categories: smile, animal, food, fun, humor,

Premium Member The Path I Took
You took the short path,
in life many do.
I took the long path,
for the lovely view.
Blue shiny water,
I wanted to see. 

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Categories: smile, beauty, blue, sea, uplifting,