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Nature Sijo Poems

These Nature Sijo poems are examples of Sijo poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Sijo Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Night Of A New Moon
This sunset's rays are reaching through the green trees in the neighborhood,
Eventually it will be night and I'll see stars soon.
Moonless, sparkling sky right above...

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Categories: eve, imagery, moon, nature,

Premium Member Summer's Eve
Have you ever seen a summer eve's full moon through a tree?
Sitting on bricks in the warmth of a night that is somewhat cloudy;
Peace with...

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Categories: imagery, moon, nature, night,

Premium Member Solstice Full Moon
Have you ever seen the brightest summer full moon so soon
In the half-overcast sunset long after a fine afternoon.
Shifting cloudy sky darkens as I walk...

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Categories: beautiful, imagery, moon, nature,

Premium Member Water Lily Fairy
Floating magical fairy upon a water lily,
Blessing all of the living beings deep within a pond,
Casting spells of rejuvenation with flickerings of her wand....

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Categories: fairy, fantasy, flower, imagery,

Premium Member Southern Alight
In the frigid silence of glacial eve, penguins gather tight. 
Emperors, waddling half in black, under half-lit southern night.
One dreams of flight, yet stays on...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Winter's Womb
Winter’s Womb 1-18-24 45 Syllables
Winter’s Womb

In the temple of winter’s womb pearls of crystal plant snowflowers
Swaddled in thick quilts of snow in sacred silence nature...

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Categories: birth, snow, winter,

Premium Member Sea Shore Night

The swelling sea static at skyline, stillness stuck at edge of dusk,
waning waves break in splendor, pearls spread on the sedate reclined shore, 
twilight spectrum...

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Categories: nature, sea,

Premium Member Serenity
In the salty air of twilight, I watch the palm trees sway.
The red and yellow colors lay so soft on the sky's horizon.
The sea is...

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Categories: nature,

Premium Member Softly Falls
The frost falls softly like thinning silver hair, a blanket
Upon fallen leaves, dead grass, windowpanes, bare tree limbs shake
As does silver haired woman, ready to...

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Categories: age, nature,

Premium Member Hoar's Frost
Last night's hoar's frost melted watering dormant tulip trees
Trees who wait for soil's warmth to awake spring's renewal growth
The white blanket thrown back, wrinkles remain...

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Categories: age, nature,

Premium Member More Precious Than Gold
The real gold is all of Mother Earth's very own trees,
Helping our lungs to breathe in and out through every seasonal breeze.
We the gardeners must...

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Categories: earth, environment, nature, tree,

Premium Member Behold Nature
Trees painting the horizon a variety of shades of green.
Streaks of white reflective light atop the rushing river.
Wind blowing roaring waves with all of its...

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Categories: light, nature, river, sun,

Premium Member Autumn Equinox
A tiny yellow butterfly had descended before me,
Camoflaging with all the fallen golden autumn leaves,
Here in this park where I spend many of my solitary...

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Categories: autumn, butterfly, imagery, insect,

Premium Member Introspect
The fiery tiger lilies upon greenest stems are blossoming
As the sunset behind the gray clouds is dimly glowing.
Gratitude for how every one of us just...

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Categories: flower, growth, imagery, introspection,

Neanderthal Revived
The lost mirror of humanity’s soul, covered by helix threads 
Or a creature who would destroy the wall of man and beast 
Who would rip...

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Categories: animal, deep, humanity, identity,

Book: Shattered Sighs