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Short Taxpayer Poems

Short Taxpayer Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Taxpayer by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Taxpayer by length and keyword.

The Ozone
Donald Trump believes the O-zone layer
Must be a kneeling NFL player
Thrusting a fist
Into the mist
But, unlike Trump, its just a taxpayer!

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Categories: taxpayer, political, sports,
Form: Limerick

Premium Member Cost Conscious
When it comes to waging war against another country, 
there is little talk about the cost in taxpayer money,
but when it comes to aiding the worldwide suffering of all of us,
suddenly government becomes very cost conscious....

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Categories: taxpayer, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Watch
A man steals a hundred dollar watch to get money to feed his family.
He gets caught and thrown into a penitentiary.
The taxpayer tab for his incarceration will be extremely costly for us.
I think all would be better off if we just gave him the watch....

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Categories: taxpayer, prison,
Form: Rhyme
The Bottom Of The Pile
The taxpayer,
is at the bottom of the pile,
or so it seems,
by the upper class style.

What will happen,
when they smother us to death,
then who will they call on,
to cover their debt.

We are not strong enough,
to carry this load,
why shouldn't they carry their own weight,
for the lifestyle they chose.


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Categories: taxpayer, history, life, sad, time
Form: Narrative
Royal Decree To The Homeless
"You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!....
We have the right to remain silent.....

 "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a fully provisioned
 Underground luxury shelter to see, if it meets my 
needs." ( Paid for with taxpayer money. ) Re-elect.........

I wonder how many suckers they'll get this time around?
Remember Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football?...

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Categories: taxpayer, anger,
Form: Ballad

Random Tax Facts
Two groups of people pay taxes
which really don't sound all that bad
trouble is the two groups are women and men
that makes it all rather sad.

Were I asked, What's the Eiffel Tower?
my answer would be - I'm afraid
It's what's left of the Empire State Building
after it's taxes are paid!

If you're wondering why Form 1040 is used
well friend, here are the facts
For every 50 dollars the taxpayer earns
10 goes to him and the other 40 to tax!...

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Categories: taxpayer, funny
Form: Rhyme
Oxymoron of the Millennium
I was a good, honest taxpayer
That nurtured a moral dilemma.
Why should I perpetuate 
The state I’ve grown to hate?

Subject to the authority
Of a fluctuating majority
I refuse to comply
You can accept, I’d rather die.

To be truly honest
Why vote in a rigged contest?
Plant free trees in a forest
Felled by the loudest lobbyist.

A good, honest player
Pays the public piper
Of their own free will
Or swallows the pipers pill.

21 August, 2016...

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Categories: taxpayer, corruption, freedom, political,
Form: Rhyme
Primary primp
Prime Minister May
Set out one day
To Brexit a world gone astray

But President Trump
Just wanted to hump
'til the cows wandered home that day

Macron et Trudeau
Thought Brigitte Bardot
Might persuade the Donald to play

But such is our world
That Trump just unfurled
A cheque his attorney would pay

Of course Trump is rash
With taxpayer cash
He's not paid a dime that way

If that gets your goat
Putin has your vote
The GOP wins Primary Day!...

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Categories: taxpayer, america, corruption, culture, international, people, political, society,
Form: Rhyme