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Short Synchronous Poems

Short Synchronous Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Synchronous by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Synchronous by length and keyword.

Premium Member Yellow Oaks
yellow flower oaks
bloom synchronous in islet
displaying shimmer


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Categories: synchronous, tree,
Form: Haiku

Letting Go
I held her close
Gently caressing her cascading tresses
Our hearts in synchronous rhythm
Beating to the tune of an unknown song
Her eyes of limpid blue
Held mine of softer brown
In captivity
Unwilling to let go
Longing for eternity.

She smiled
And sighed
And let go
Her soft breath forever!...

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Categories: synchronous, beautiful, bereavement, death, loss, love,
Form: Free verse
November 27
this was your day
shared by some others
born at the same time
dog tag images remain
etched in aluminum
happy and sad, synchronous
you left too quickly
no time for goodbye
as I watched our future fade
with the spirit in your eyes

five years have passed
a life together ended
a shadow on my heart...

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© Jo Bien  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: synchronous, death
Form: Free verse
they greet each other 
as well as neighbours will 
parting only to allow words 
to pass between them 
but it's the silence 
that suits them best 
for it's then 
that sadness or happiness is expressed 
neither taking leave of the other 
seemingly synchronous together 
except in the event of a "pout" 
one chooses to withdraw 
the other sticks it out...

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Categories: synchronous,
Form: Rhyme
Hidden moments
Hidden moments
Speckled in between
Consciousness and duty
Off the grid
To breathe, portray
The faceless stranger
At times, communal
Our boisterous philosophy
Our synchronous sipping
Our huddled masses
Frearning to be yee
Like today
Like now
The sweet-baby 40s melody
Caressing my better nature
Confessing my nomenclature
And no one can see
And no one allowed
But me.


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Categories: synchronous, adventure, how i feel, lonely, mystery, social,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member Jacaranda Petals at Rehab
At rehab the angels of sobriety made me write the word Love in the soil with

Jacaranda petals the colour of indigo from a rainbow and crown chakra in waiting

‘There was a beautiful soul here who drew a Heart of same petals on the lawn’

I flew like a bee to sweet honey to a visiting Queen of Fairy Tale Land unaware

That She was the synchronous painter a kind Universe sent as soulmate and wife

21st May 2018 

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Categories: synchronous, addiction, love, magic, marriage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Celebration
Dance of lifetrons spontaneous 
In carefree exuberance 
Ignition within continuous
As a seductive tease of innocence 

Bliss at peaked ecstatic amplitude
As a silent explosion within thunderous
Unbroken continuum of joyful solitude
Fusion of renewed reunion rapturous

There being no location higher or lower
In this orchestra divine
Each centre within alive in the bliss shower
In synchronous rhythm all align


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Categories: synchronous, celebration, spiritual,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member she hums
she hums an endless tune as she lovingly folds his shirt
each crease and fold perfectly placed in synchronous harmony
knowing that ten minutes of work will hide all her effort

Sijo is the classic form of unrhymed poetry in Korea. Sijo have three long lines. Each line varies between 14 and 16 syllables, with the middle line often the longest. The first line states a theme, the second line counters it, and the third line resolves the poem. 


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Categories: synchronous, life,
Form: Sijo
A boat without its oar
Many a days i spent lost in her thought,
and the nights fled by imagining her by my side, though there she was not ,
but still my heart beats everytime,
trying to match her's with mine, like  a synchronous  rhyme,
but just as the dawn breaks in,
a horrid reality sneaks in,
and emerges right back in my mind , that dreadful thought,
that i so wished would have  rather forgot,
the fact that shes there no more,
and my abandoned boat has now even lost its only oar!

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© arn ban  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: synchronous, absence,
Form: Rhyme
Holding Your Nerve
Well, knock me right down with a feather
It's true that some faith in whatever
And holding one's nerve under fire
Can result in the things we require
Being sent to us served on a plate
By God, chance or synchronous fate

So, cross fingers or whisper a prayer 
Take small practical steps up the stair
Fret ye not and have hope for the best
And watch time take good care of the rest 
Who can say what the future will bring
When we wait for fat ladies to sing

by Gail...

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Categories: synchronous, faith, god, hope, philosophy, psychological, thanks, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Meet Ramona and Sigurd
Ramona and Sigurd entwine in virgin white sheet

One with each other hearts neat upon passionate beat

My salacious saviour my gorgeous protector of synchronous heat

Acapella unperturbed in hot percussion graces melodious suite

Nubility beckons rhythmic revolutions cusp in most gentle thrust

Towards heaven they vow forever until dusk comes to dust

I love you adore your sweet perfume our romance in musk

Come with me my guardian angel in love’s boudoir we trust

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Categories: synchronous, love,
Form: Acrostic