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Short Strong As An Ox Poems

Short Strong As An Ox Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Strong As An Ox by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Strong As An Ox by length and keyword.

was strong as an ox
he was smarter than a fox….
buried in a box

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Categories: strong as an ox, death, life
Form: Senryu

Someone to hold me 
Somebody to share their life with me...
Cry with me, laugh with me, love me and cherish me...
I want to soul-mate to share life's journey with me...
Through the good times and bad...
So make him strong as an Ox & smart as a Fox...
That the man for me......

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Categories: strong as an ox, boyfriend, dedication, friendship, happy, me,
Form: Ode
Silent as the moon yet strong as an ox
Fear not it's strength by any means.
Let there be laughter and sharing of pleasure.

May the silences be golden riches full of wisdom and thought.

Yearn to be each others mirror,
the reflection that reoccurs.

A fine wine that’s enjoyed with maturity.

A pure gold that delights in a troubled fire....

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Categories: strong as an ox, friendship, love,
Form: I do not know?
The Doc
Strong as an Ox,
light as a feather.
Zapped by lightning,
and possessed by weather.

His hair standing up straight,
feet blue as the sea.
Only has four fingers,
and a very crooked knee.

Been seen in graveyards,
dissappears at times.
Talks with a cackle,
and always rhymes.

Scared of a mouse,
in love with a croc.
The people in the lab,
call him "The Doc"....

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Categories: strong as an ox, funny, people
Form: Rhyme
Inside Fort Knox
behind steel bars and concrete blocks security cameras watched like hawks within these walls locked up in a box locked in a box that's strong as an ox inside the vault with unpickable locks armed guards protect all ticks & tocks what is it that consumes all the clocks? the largest stash of solid gold stocks stacks of gold bricks inside Fort Knox

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Categories: strong as an ox, america, patriotic, political, power, strength,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Children are their Parents Blessing
Too be bless with three
To have a son whose heart is as pure as gold
To have daughters whose thoughts are as white as snow
Too love them, to carry them, to nurture them
Too protect them and call them my own is truly a blessing
A son now a man as strong as an OX
Daughters virgins awaiting their Grooms
Father, how time has lead me to believe
That all children are definitely their parents blessing.


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Categories: strong as an ox, blessing, children, daughter, dedication, son,
Form: Free verse
She’s as pretty as a picture
And as quiet as a mouse.
He’s as blind as a bat
And as fat as a house.

She’s as stubborn as a mule
And as sly as a fox.
He’s as wise as an owl
And as strong as an ox.

She’s as skinny as a toothpick
And as slow as a snail.
He’s as sharp as a tack
And as large as a whale.

I could keep this up forever
But you know what they say:
Nothing ruins someone’s writing
Like an overused cliché!

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Categories: strong as an ox, on writing and words,
Form: Rhyme