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Short Hit On Poems

Short Hit On Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Hit On by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Hit On by length and keyword.

Invalid Bombshell
I was hit on more as a blonde
than any colour other
that is
except as a red head
In a wheelchair....

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Categories: hit on, humorous,
Form: Free verse

Invalid Bombshell
I was hit on more as a blonde 
than any colour other
that is
except as a red head
in a wheelchair....

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Categories: hit on, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Connie Britton
Ryan Clark
was once pitching Friday Night Lights at the UNCG  park.
Said Connie Britton
unlike me, him there were very few batters who could hit on....

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Categories: hit on, absence,
Form: Clerihew
Premium Member Paperclip
I just wanted a paperclip
But got hit on my upper lip
For I said paper s**t
To my mom, had a fit
I can’t believe I let that slip

Russell Sivey

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Categories: hit on, funny, humorous, nonsense,
Form: Limerick
Not Always Feeling It
by Wayne Wysocki

I don't mean to anger or jar you,
But you've hit on a pet peeve of mine;
To answer your question, "How are you?",
I'm required to say, "I'm just fine"....

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Categories: hit on, humorous,
Form: Rhyme

Noggin Hints
While under the tree the apples bombed him
studying while get hit on the noggin
tree showed its wrath
Isaac tried to do math
stumped on the law of gravity problem.


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Categories: hit on, humor, tree,
Form: Limerick
A Valentine's Day Unwish
Cupid shot an arrow straight from my heart
I was just looking for a brand new start,
but the arrow flew too long
it's all gone terribly wrong...
I'm being "hit on" by some guy named Bart!...

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© George Aul  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hit on, humor, valentines day,
Form: Limerick

Sport is a spice for life that sets ablaze to hit on perfect sixes and fours.

Written Dec 9th, 2015
For contest "One liner four"
Sponsor- Silent one

Awarded 2nd place win...

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Categories: hit on, blessing, games,
Form: Verse
I felt like I had to cower,
like I was some sort of dog.
Tail between my legs
couldn't see through your fog.

Was hit on the nose,
had to back away.
Wanted to be near,
didn't want me to stay.

I tried to be loyal,
wouldn't leave your side.
Your cruelty toward me,
I can no longer hide.


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Categories: hit on, abuse, conflict, confusion,
Form: Rhyme
Whenever he reads a satire
even when not hit on head
his whiskers rise up
and lips tremble with rage
When misfortune visits opponent
he celebrates and bangs chest
wanting to call fire
to come down to finish
work started by ill luck
This is darkness of heart
shaped in actions
of the great but blind


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Categories: hit on, power, satire,
Form: Free verse
Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! 
Fright hit on my breath
like a prey with the predator 

shoo! Shoo!! Shoo!!! 
Even in my place of bed
seen has a egg shell
In a black man's world
I tried to be tendril like
but dwelling with cynics
can I have a grip of life? 
Days are dying
my palm is empty
like a cast net with no fish.


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Categories: hit on, inspirational, mystery, people, places, uplifting,
Form: I do not know?
i lost my brain
Somewhere around my fantasies and infatuation
Somewhere around everybody talking so loudly
   Screams to my ears, noise to my brain
Somewhere around lacking motivation 
Somewhere around being hit on the forehead with a chalk by my math teacher because I was daydreaming in class
   I lost it
   Couldn't find it
    What a loss

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Categories: hit on, nonsense,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member As I Run Free
Love ran away
No one cares for me
Been spit on, hit on mistreated
Been called a little heathen
Let still I be breathen
Ain't missed behaven
Just haven't been given love
Silently crying
Hurried my calling
Calling out for love
Nowhere to be gotten
I'm so frighten
Now out loud I'm crying
as I run free ?

by James Edward Lee Sr....

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Categories: hit on, abuse, angst, anxiety, character,
Form: Free verse
The pay back Reward that await
Intelligent humans

It hit on an unexpected 

I see it coming soon
To all evil paparazzi's 
All over the globe

is the God
That fights for the innocent 

Is about to catch up 
With them that takes
Away our freedom 

No man can escape 
No matter who 
You are!...

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Categories: hit on, africa, betrayal, humanity, nature, political, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: Epic
The Blizzard
They closed the roads and subways, too
And Broadway shows went dark.
The weathermen, predicting this,
Were not far off the mark.

But since it hit on Saturday,
The children, I am sure,
Though thrilled, must all be wishing
It had come one day before.

I wonder how long it will take
To get things up to speed
And hope that Nature knows that this
Is all the snow we need....

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Categories: hit on, storm,
Form: Rhyme
Blue Women
If married women were painted blue
so men knew who to hit on to.
And fatter women came with numbers
so men could tease their weight than wonders.

If meaner women wore bright socks
so men could save themselves hard knocks.
And stupid women's shirts had stripes
that dumb old men could find their types.

If all these wonders became true.
The day when women paint themselves blue....

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Categories: hit on, funny, imagination, lifemen, women, men, women,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member PRESENCE

Know what life shows
Grow as joy glows

Feel how time heals
Will then thoughts still

See what can be
Free fears with glee

Greet stillness sweet
Meet on calm street

Sign what you find
Mind peace in kind

Purge then vain urge
Merge in sad dirge

Fit pun with wit
Hit on fine bits

Toy with pure ploy
Enjoy true joys

Leon Enriquez
09 January 2016


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Categories: hit on, allusion,
Form: Couplet
I know you’ve been hit
The Messenger of Misery 
He has done Evil
He’s done it against You
He’s done You much good.

He will bend you Hard
As if to break you, but No.
He will hit on you
Like Long-time Enemies

But the truth and fact remains
Neither God nor Nature is against You.
It is just the path of greatness.

To desire the beauty of success
Is to embrace the process thereto.
@JULY 2017/©M.H.O.G Unveiled

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Categories: hit on, adventure, confusion, desire, devotion, endurance, moving on,
Form: Sonnet
My Enemy
The mirror is my enemy,
But used to be my friend.
The past is gone forever
And it’s no use to pretend.

Reality’s reflected
And it’s not a pretty sight.
I rarely feel defeated
But I’ve given up the fight.

I’ve hit on a solution – 
I just shouldn’t even glance
Into any type of mirror
Under any circumstance.

In a warlike situation,
When you’re entering the fray,
Let your common sense remind you – 
Keep your enemies at bay!

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Categories: hit on, introspection,
Form: Rhyme
A pine needle
A pine needle fell in my hair
Reawakening an old longing
Hit on the head by an apple
Newton discovered gravity 
His finding was so important 
For our world and age
The first brick of knowledge 
For every pupil and sage

But this longing of mine
Has made me a different man
While I'm trying hard 
To get the law of love

Newton, I admire you
But now stay away from me
A pine needle fell in my hair
And I forgot all about gravity

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© Betim Muco  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hit on, life, longing,
Form: Verse
I've been through it so many times
Being hit on, used, and abused
Life is hard enough
Feeling like I've been played with rough
Innocent victim I was
Can't seem to get away
I found myself on my knees having to pray
My strength and dignity was gone
Many times I felt so alone
Looking for a better day
Instead I felt hopeless in everyway
I finally had faith enough to leave one day
Knowing that God would see me along the way...

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Categories: hit on, confusion, depression
Form: Free verse
Dead Bite
Dead bite
Like a light
Switch hit on
On my throat,
Hit gold
For once,
Unlike the
Soft touch
I’m used to,
Pulled through
Then up again
Against the bed-post-
I could never
Hold out,
Say no
To this girl
Even now,
Now that she’s
Bit me hard,
Hard enough to
Draw blood,
My blood
Maybe it won’t
Burn or
Bubble up
Under her
This is exactly the
Dead bite
I could finally
Get behind,
And open up to....

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© Alex Grimm  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: hit on, body, desire, identity, kiss, relationship,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member No Internet Company
I've been sitting here at my computer, all day and all of the night
waiting for others to hit on my page, with a comment or a "like,"
24 hours plus and counting
and still nothing from anyone.
I guess that it is safe to suffice
that everyone else but me on the Internet 
has gone and gotten them self a life.
Time for me to hit the sheets
and get some over due sleep.
There will be no Internet company tonight.
Loneliness can be a b*tch. Ain't I right?"...

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Categories: hit on, computer, internet, loneliness,
Form: Rhyme
The Shop, Daily 28
So this is the  little shop
That you wish to stake your claim
Fill your precious storehouse
With sundries and fame.

So this is the commercial alter
That you pray to every night
Sell your cheap drink umbrellas
Hit on miracle sprites.

So this is the fun palace
That you built upon the sand
Worry not about foundation
Spit irreverently on its land.

So this is your soul’s investment
That you spend hours at play
Kill your own profit
Push eternal life away....

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Categories: hit on, devotion, philosophy, religion
Form: Rhyme