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Short Epyllion Poems

Short Epyllion Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short Epyllion poems by PoetrySoup poets. Search the short Epyllion poetry form by poem length and keyword.

Sweet Peace
Jesus is a friend so dear
He whispers "sweet Peace"
in my ear....

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Categories: faith
Form: Epyllion

Pie Day Celebration
Pie... makes Tony high.
Pie... makes Tony cry.
Pie... makes Tony die.


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Categories: business, confusion, death,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Epyllion the Form
Lay waste the heathen hun-
No blade could lance his Quinevere's

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Categories: epyllion, mythology, poetry,
Form: Cinquain
Premium Member Rule Brittania
Lay waste the heathen hun-
No blade could lance his Quinevere's

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Categories: adventure, love,
Form: Epyllion
Undying Love
With every last breath
With every last murmur
Before I close my eyes 
I shall be always grateful for you!...

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Categories: devotion, love, passion
Form: Epyllion

let the feeling take you away
warmth the touch
my lips against yours
oh touch me please
softly sweetly yours...

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Categories: passion,
Form: Epyllion
Young Love
the stars are out and the night is young
candle light flickers in the gentle breeze
the night has only begun
as you kiss my lips then hand me your door keys...

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Categories: love, nature, passion, night, night,
Form: Epyllion
I've never felt so freaked out
is this true
my soul and you
i have so much love to give
wish i only knew
are you my reflection
i shadow you
lust and confusion
there is magic here...

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Categories: love,
Form: Epyllion
Heaven In Hand
If I could reach out
And hold onto
A heavenly body
For every moment 
The thought of you
Warmed my spirit
I would ever carry
The overflowing
Midnight skies within
The palms of my hands...

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Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, love, passion, peace,
Form: Epyllion
one single rose
left on my door step
one single step
led u to me
one single kiss
felt on the nape of my neck
one single tear fell to the floor
a tear of joy
its our love and nobody's business...

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Form: Epyllion
Premium Member The Rising Sun of Dawn
Which words may lay at rest,
While my heart still beats for her,
'Til my dying breath,
Lays a faint whisper?
All that has begun, 
Is a love in modest bloom, 
Like the rising sun,
Meant to light a sky of blue....

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Categories: crush, desire, how i feel, passion, truth,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member About Headphones and Melody
Once there was a song,
That reminded me of you,
While I felt so strong,
Under sky,
Of midnight blue.
Once there was a time,
While I played a favorite tune,
A pen and written lines,
A thought of you....

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Categories: crush, how i feel,
Form: Epyllion
Thy Love Maketh My Beauty
Thy love maketh my beauty
Thy heart maketh my soul
Thou art my true paramour
With thyself I die whole

Thine eyes admire my charm
Thy smile, my ultimate goal
Thou dwell in my every emotion 
Thy love maketh my heart toll...

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Categories: boyfriend, love, heart, heart, love,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member How Blessed Am I To Find You Here
My heart can't speak on reasons,
Concerning this reality;
She's with her man and he is,
Maybe a better man than me.
I want that opportunity,
I wish to be the one.
How may I know truthfully,
That our time has come?...

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Categories: crush, emotions, feelings, how i feel, longing,
Form: Epyllion
fat muncher sittin on the couch,
cheetos bag in hand.

 an abstract maze of orange
 cheesy dots all around him.

  still he runs from the ghost
 in the punchcard maze.

 the nine to five arcadian
 horror is what he fears most....

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Categories: allegory,
Form: Epyllion
Knights and horses, felling dragons
Aye dear princess here he cometh
Fighting injustice, shunning medalry
Brave warrior of the king is approaching
Abandoning good nature,gallantly nearing
He stoops but a fraction to gather his darling...

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Categories: adventure, fantasy,
Form: Epyllion
Love On the Moon
alone isn't so bad
but how
when the sweet night breeze flows
look above to the stars
drift away
you are not alone
i am by your side
said "please take me with you"
we'll shine together
brightly shine the way through
love on the moon...

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Categories: love,
Form: Epyllion
Premium Member Reanimation Damnation
Quiet is the night, laid blight amid this infernal necropolis Loosely mantled soil, smother marrow of perished veneration Yet windows still aflame, a dormant witness to troth thirst Cold and stiff, until a shift, unearthed

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Categories: death, fantasy, grave, imagery, mythology,
Form: Epyllion
We'Re Not Cool
We’re not cool
We’re in love.
We’re not looking for where we belong
We are free

We’re everything there is
To each other
There isn’t another
I’d want as my lover

You’re totally great
And my best mate
Still let’s be clear
And reiterate

We’re not cool
We’re in love....

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© Efe Efe  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: wedding,
Form: Epyllion
String Theory
Decisions - Divisions Ingenious inventions No will may stop the wickedest intentions Particle accelerate Universally formulate We are division Infinite density In the vacuum SPACE containing reality Holographic projection A myopic third dimensional vision

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Categories: allusion, moving on, science, spiritual,
Form: Epyllion
I Shall Wait For You
let the sun rise,
let it set in the west.
let the wind blow,
let it shake and rattle to the brow,
i shall wait for you.
as the seasons roll like a mill,
as love pearches in like a drill,
my love for you shall never change,
and even if our worlds will change,
i shall wait for you....

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Categories: absence,
Form: Epyllion
We used to love
We used to dance
But now it seems
We've lost that chance

So much has changed
So much is new
I only wish
I somehow knew

The stage is set
The curtain falls
And now it seems
We've lost it all

We move on
We keep up pace
As we try to hide
Every little trace...

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Categories: lost love, love, passionlost, lost,
Form: Epyllion
The Artist
The artist builds and reveals his dream
Of the women he paints
Each woman equal on his canvas
Each woman lovely
Each woman made on Sainthood
Each woman angelic

The Artist reveals the beauty of all women
His finished canvas is his desire for them

"Copyright (C) Mirassou 2008"...

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Categories: art, passion, woman,
Form: Epyllion
I Awake
I awake to find you gone
I awake with your smell on my body
I awake to find my memory flooded with you
I awake to wait for your return

When I dream you will appear again
When I doze you arrive to hold me
When you show your face to me
I will be at peaceful rest again

And as always I  Awake...

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Categories: hope, love, passion, time,
Form: Epyllion
Sex Workers
Late at night,
when the world is quiet,
they can plan to work,
to get what to eat.

What's funny,
they sweat the whole day,
but all what they get,
they spend them at once,
and then they starve.

Funny as they are,
my mum at home,
she nicknamed them,
a funny sweet name,
" I  eat all i get'....

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Categories: sad, mum,
Form: Epyllion