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Short Damian Poems

Short Damian Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Damian by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Damian by length and keyword.


Floating along at my perfect temperature,
Not too hot nor too cold.
No friction or abrasion or collision,
Mobile,Majestic.Miles Away
Swirling,Swaying and silent'Just Drifting

Damian L Hunt

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Categories: damian, beauty, feelings, world,
Form: Free verse

Smells so Sweet
Smells So Sweet

A fragrance in the Air stops me where i stand a moment of perfection
Smells so Sweet
Taste buds water,Heartbeats faster breathing deeper to obtain more,
Smells so sweet.
Perfumed happiness,Positive thoughts,Forgotten stress,Relaxed frame of mind,
Smells so Sweet.
Totally lost subdued by smell ......Someone has taste...mmmmm
Smell So Sweet

Damian L Hunt

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Categories: damian, cute, love,
Form: Free verse
Betrayed by love
‘‘Twas Saturday
Everywhere was filled with haze
She found a brocade
In the name of her slave

She rushes to his chambers 
Tying a bandana

She spoke in anger 
Why? Mr Damian
Would you awaken a tiger
Under such a hazy weather

He rose in anger
Arms stretched like a pointer 
Rejoice, Oh! defaulter
For luck hath saved thou!

Oh No! She cried out!
Indeed you are a stranger 

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Categories: damian, abuse, africa, betrayal, black love, family,
Form: Narrative
As Solid As Water
Solid as Water

To flow along,around valleys,through mountains,over countries ,roll along reaches,amidst reefs to brush with the heavens and fall from the sky.
To energize terrains with growth,to gush with power,strong enough to cut through stone or steel,to smash shorelines apart to sink ships and flood.
To Ripple to the end,to lap at the edge,to trickle along,through and around if i had a choice i would be as solid as water.

Damian L Hunt

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Categories: damian, anxiety, beauty, freedom, imagination, planet,
Form: Free verse

Water lapping the shore on a soft white sand,
Wind brushing my skin tingling all over.
A bird soaring high in the sky,
Clouds drifting on a never ending horizon.
Sunshine reflecting off the early morning dew,
A Rainbow appearing in the break of a storm.
The moon hanging in the star studded sky,
A Stream flowing through a palm laden valley.
The fog that rolls along a mountain range
The wish that my mind would just enjoy

Damian L Hunt

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Categories: damian, appreciation, art,
Form: Free verse

It's Crowded in Here
It's Crowded in Here

Love,Hate,Sadness,Happy Memories
Missed Moments,Uncertainties,Financial Dilemmas,
Social Phobias,Bad Habits,Bad Actions,
Job Prospects,Skills learnt,Places Traveled and lived.
Landscaped scenes,Machinery worked,
Goals in progress,Needs,Wants,Desires and Undecideds
All inside my head
It's Crowded in here

Damian L Hunt

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Categories: damian, confusion, feelings, imagination, mental illness,
Form: Free verse