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Short Cut It Out Poems

Short Cut It Out Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Cut It Out by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Cut It Out by length and keyword.

Farting in My Ear
Feeling somewhat icky trying to keep my peace
Annoying, stinky farts never do you cease
Rude and vulgar every time I’m near
Talking and farting in my ear
I know it’s all on purpose just to eerk my nerve
Never farting in pubic or around the kids, you serve 
Gross farts to start a fight, cut it out!...

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Categories: cut it out, funny
Form: Rhyme

Poor wealth
My smoking has spread cancer
All over me now
Still my strength's the answer
I'm not shutting down
Growing larger everyday
The rumour of my tumour
They need to cut it out
But I'm still in a good humour
Living each day
One at a time
You want to see me dead?
Well I guess I don't mind
Not blind to the detriment of my health
First you must be poor to appreciate wealth...

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Categories: cut it out, courage, fear, happiness, health, judgement, pain, society,
Form: Rhyme
Cut it Out
The words are like daggers
And the tears begin to flow
Your hardened heart shows no glimmer
Ceases no light
All you speak is death and darkness
You leave me to die in agony
And quench in piles of trash
I long for something kind and gentle
Like a light switch always swinging into moods
Your corse demeanor your violent explosions 
cracks my heart
Lonely and alone
I sit in silence and live in your remorse
For I'm Just a bag of bones. 


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Categories: cut it out, feelings, grief, hate, life, loss,
Form: Free verse
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******** P *****************************************************************
C        S 
  E     R 
    N O 
      S...............Cut it out!
    N  O 
  E      R
C         S
********* P ****************************************************************

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Categories: cut it out,
Form: I do not know?