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Details | Free verse |

Too Much

Too Much

Sometimes I can feel that you had enough
I can feel that something has changed 
I can feel that you’re tired with me
I am sorry if I am too clingy 
I am sorry if I want you
I am sorry if I need you
I am sorry for being me.

Details | Limerick |

He's Bent

I feel terribly sorry for Rodger He developed a kink in his todger It looked such a sight when bent to the right that his poor wife ran off with the lodger! Submitted to Any poem (not for contest) Sponsored by Broken Wings 1st January 2016
Details | Free verse |

There Is No Title For Pain

Your arms were safe for me until I decided I needed to leave. Then I tasted the bitterness I had seen you carry in your soul. The bitterness that you said would never touch me, cut like knives to the depths of my vulnerable heart. I’m sorry I hurt you, but Dear God, you hurt me more.
Details | Rhyme |

Giving Up

This time I have to end it,
I'm sorry for never understanding.
Or maybe I did I just don't get it,
And now you're leaving is half-expected.
I hope you'll be happy
Like we were.
And you remember me
Even though this goodbye hurts.
I wish we could live
In the good moments again.
And even though it's goodbye for now
I hope this isn't the end.
Details | ABC |

Me With You

it may have been a dream
but I dream of reality
it may have been only desire
but I believe you should be with me
it may have a crazed idea
something to calm our sorry hearts
its possibly a fantasy 
to fill the lust in our hearts 
it may have been only tricks 
deceit of how I feel
it seems to be so outrageous
that I cant believe its real
or maybe its a lifetime 
bound us together true
it could be a forever
binding me with you

Details | ABC |

Second Chance

When I told you that I would return 
Well that was a lie
you hurt me 
But you loved me
We had our up's and down's
We would yell and fight
But at the end of the day
We had each other.
It's been months 
Since that day I walked away
Now I sit here tear in my eyes
Regretting everything I said and done
All I want now is Second chance
To prove that I love you
How much I was a fool
To leave you standing there
And waiting 
I'm Sorry
Could I get a redo
I gave you plenty
I only need one 
I love you
Details | Free verse |

Letting Go

I am sorry for the pass
I am sorry for the pain
I am sorry for leaving a big old stain.

Years have passed
We have grown
But the pain still remains.

Time well spent
Laughter shared
Memories replayed

But the heart 
Still remains in the rain
Bridges broken

Nothing mending
Time unravelling
Poison spreading

Am no longer hoping
Decision taken
Choices made

Words spoken
Hearts broken
I am ashamed

Body shared
Children bared
Nothing can be compared

A chance given
Nothing taken
Details | Couplet |

Now I Know

Now I Know
By Curtis Johnson

Some things in life are too hard to swallow, I guess
And there are others that seem impossible to digest

I just called to let you know,
I should have never let you go

If I could just hold you in my arms today,
I would never let you slip away

I know that my time for you may have passed
I also know that it’s my fault that we didn’t last

I know now that you are the one that God did send
I’m just so awfully sorry that I never knew it then
02/2007cjPS(A possible song for whomever appropriate)
Details | Lyric |

Not Me

Never thought we'd say goodbye
But it's time, oh it's time
Always thought we'd work things out
But, I got, my own life to sort out

I'm sorry I couldn't be who you wanted me to be
And she, isn't me, never will be, I gotta leave

I love you so dearly 
But can't you see? 
It's hurting me
I can't even try anymore 
It's not worth trying for 

I'm sorry I couldn't be who you wanted me to be
And she, is not me, never will be, I gotta leave

Too late to go back now
Couldn't love me anyhow

I'm sorry, I couldn't be 
Who you wanted me to be
Details | Free verse |

Modern Day College Love

We do strange things
Like walking a mile at midnight
Just for a hug, cuddle, and a night
In someone’s arms
I care about him so much. 
I miss him so much.
Longing for his name
To pop up on my
Phone screen.
It’s been a month since
We saw each other
We talked for five months before that
I never told him I 
Loved him.
But I felt it growing 
The moment my lips touched his.
I knew, I wanted him.
He’ll never know how I feel.
I’ll never know how he feels.
I’ve seen him a couple 
Times, but never have I 
Been brave enough to say hi.
I’m sorry.
Details | Rhyme |

You Say You Love Me

You Say (You'll Love Tomorrow)
Were here to today
And yesterday's gone
The us in between is an always
Like a season, a second 
(A song)
All alone, we will
Struggle with silence
With a sweetness
Without any smiles
The miles say
Whey're for today
With a mystery
(But just for a while)
You say You'll Love Me
I'm sorry, the lessons 
Are without any plans
My hands have me
Here for a moment
Without an "withouts"
(Or "ands)
So love tomorrow
Is silly
Like freckles on
Somebodys face
The pace is just
Walk with empty
And leave me
No reasons 
(To trace)
Details | ABC |

Twin Brother

Twin brother
Out of love we were born
Over some years we grew
From young to old

With thee I played, ate and cry
In the world huge open

At first grade oh Lord we failed
In sorrows and preparation
Us worked and succeeded

Both on same bed we slept
Somewhere, hiding self
From scary dark

Sorry for the village cruelty
Saving thee is me possibly wishing
I should be telling this
On the face
Though I'm not good talker
 IN writing I’m gifted

Let me spell word down
For thee read someday
Let me tell thee aren’t alone
With thee I’m with
Through spirit holy
Details | Rhyme |

His Bruised Ego

I wear this smile just for you,
It's fake and hurts for me to do.

All the times she did it too,
Wore that smile while black and blue.

The way I act as if nothings been,
Makeup I wear, it protects him.

The tears washed away what I hid,
Those pretty blues above my eyelid.

My lip it swells like a blooming rose,
The blood has dried inside my nose.

How can you look at me and not say,
You're sorry for making me look this way.

It hurts me knowing It'll all fade away, 
Except for the smile that forever stays.

His ego got bruised just like my face,
When I decided to walk away.
Details | Narrative |

You and Me

Sometime years ago, we met in a place
In a gloomy alley of maze
Groping you are in the dark
You grabbed my arm and yark

I wondered who you are?
Still you pulled me in and hugged me
Scared of the dark you are
But I understand and stood like a bar
Then you pushed your body away from me
Saying you're sorry for clobbering me

"That's fine," I said
I asked your name and said,
"I wish to have somebody like you!"
I blushed because I felt what's inside of you
I gave you my name and you gave me yours
Since then, we never parted like oars.


Details | Light Verse |

On Your Behalf

Serious things, funny things,
you don't know the good you bring.
You tell me things you'd tell no other.
The right things you say, one after another.

You made me laugh so hard,
I sheded tears of laughter.
I quickly sent you my fond regards,
in hopes I'd see you shortly thereafter.

I'm sorry to hear of you distress.
You must of been in one heck of a mess.
Hands and fingers were not meant to be glued.
How on earth are you to eat your finger food?

You make me smile,
you make me laugh.
You make me feel worthwhile.
You give me all your time and a half.
So I wrote this poem on your behalf.
Details | Rhyme Royal |


Mistake was mine to leave;
But love was ours to believe.

She came in with a glow;
You gave in to cover up your sorrow.

Very soon I cried, without you- I realized;
Begged you sorry, Take me back I advised.

To see you talk about her was a life time regret;
To her messages – a life time threat.

You came back, you forgot the past;
But in me the pain grew so fast.

A decade passed, when I think it still hurts;
Fear to lose, fear you would vanish with all the flirts.

Panicking with time, wishing you were all mine;
Dream it would be if you said “it’s all fine”.

Now it’s the fear that doesn’t leave;
Stay! For the love is ours to believe.
Details | Rhyme |


I lie here in the placid darkness
Silent and still all around
I am reminded of a night as such
When love we unknowingly found.
Indeed, it was a long time ago
Although still feeling like yesterday
And that alone calmly reassures me
Together, we've come a long way. 
I do know it's not quite the same
Lately, we drive each other insane
But i wouldnt have it any other way
And have nothing else to gain. 
I'm sorry for giving you a hard time, 
But it sucks not having you here
And it makes me miss you so much
That i always want you near. 
Hold on to this sweet love, will you? 
It's surely worth all these tiny sorrows 
I know i can get through anything
If i have you in all my tomorrows.
Details | Epic |

You Thought As I Yelled Moaned Someone Elses Name

You think you can have me in control
Sorry bout ya, its not the way i roll
It has always been known
Im not the one you can own
You think you can tie me down
Ha! you're just a clown
You said that you're real
All i can think is whats your deal
You think i'll give you a call
Doubt it,  you're such a slimeball
You think you can make me shake
Well guess what that was fake
You thought I'd fall for you
Pshh..please you ain't my boo
Maybe you shouldn't have been cheating
Ya..I know about your down low meeting
You ate it...You thought it'd be me you'd be boning
While it was someone else's name I was moaning
It wasn't worth the moans I had to fake
Once I realized you couldn't get him to wake
Details | Free verse |

The Day I Left You

The day I left you,
You ran hand-in-hand,
I released you from me
But it was never the plan.

I was hardened by life
I was begging to feel
I was lost in my soul
Down trodden for years.

Some days I look back
Feeling my pain...your pain?
We never talked about it
Is there something to gain?

You're  older now, such beautiful men,
You have always been 
the better part of me,
I'm proud of you, can you see?

I'm sorry my children...that I said goodbye. 
You were the light of my life
Today I finally cried...

Please come to me
Please speak your mind
I need to hear your truth
I can handle it this time.

Lets stand together,
Lets hold each other's hands,
Leaving you that day...
It was never my plan...I'm sorry.
Details | Sonnet |

Forged From Fire

     Devil's vengeful roar captures innocent 
     Exhale scorches bystanders randomly 
     Volcano spews brimstone belligerent 
     Dissolves small boy's chance single handedly

     Hitler contempt casts heinous destruction
     Whip of his cape compel madmen to leap
     Grief ingests itself, victim grows gumption 
     Roots for resprout cling to resovoir deep

     Wrap gilded courage with rebounding soul
     Compassion coiled to return after hurt
     Bravery engraved on stalwart patrol
     Solution driven man spurns Satan’s curse

     Devoid of vanity, heart vivacious 
     Benevolent flare given in furnace 

          My Selfless Beloved

Details | Free verse |

I Am In Love

Heyy everyone! I'm back! Sorry it's been a while since I wrote on here but I found this poem I apparently wrote a year or 2 years ago that I fixed up and wanted to post. Anyway, please enjoy "I Am in Love"!! Also, please comment and tell me what you guys think.

When I hear our song,
Playing on the radio,
I think of you,
When you look at me, 
And look into my eyes,
I fall under your spell.
My hearts begins to race,
I am in love with you.
This wonderful feeling,
When you are with me,
When you hold me tightly,
The way you touch me,
Caress and kiss me,
Chills crawl up my spine,
It feels so good.
I could not love another,
The way I love you...
No one makes me feel this way,
No one loves me,
And makes me feel special,
The way
Details | Lyric |


I feel my best when I’m with you.
Listening to stories, when we were at our best high.
You give me hope to make it through everyday.
You make me laugh on the worst of days.

You see the good that I can’t see.
You give me life when I can’t go on.
You kiss me, when I am lonely,
You wipe the tears, I sometimes cry.

I can’t thank you enough, for all you have done.
You can see it in my eyes that you’re my everything though.
I prayed for you when I was little,
Not knowing you would come to be.

I love the way you laugh and talk.
I love the way you kiss my hand.
I love the way your eyes sparkle in the light.
I love the way you hug with all your might.

You make me feel important,
You always show you care.
And I am sorry for the pain,
You are being forced to bare.
Details | Villanelle |

If Truth Be Told

The men that catch my eye these days are few
The ones that do are married men, or mad
And truth be told I only fancy you

I doubt that in the pub or porch or pew
I’ll meet a man like you who makes me glad
The men that catch my eye these days are few

I could be looking but I seldom do
There’s only you for me, you ‘lucky’ lad 
If truth be told I only fancy you

Until the day fate sends me someone new
I’m all for you, I know, it’s odd and sad
But men that catch my eye these days are few

You make me happy, boy, you make me blue
I hold a torch for you, and I grow mad
For truth be told I only fancy you

I’ve told you something you already knew
I’m sorry, but I’ve really got it bad
The men that catch my eye these days are few
If truth be told I only fancy you

© Gail Foster 21st July 2017
Details | I do not know? |

One More Kiss

“You don’t know what you’ve got
 Till it’s gone” Isn’t this true?
I thought I knew for sure
Until that dark day I lost you.

I hold my head high, as much
As I can. I just don’t
Understand why we had to say
Good-Bye when all you had to do was not lie.

Till death do us part we took
That sacred vow so now
Why are we still alive and
So far we are apart?

I never meant those awful words
That I so often had said
All those times I’d said that
“I wish that you were dead”

All the pointless fights that we had,
Looking back now on days gone by.
I do need to apologize, I’m sorry
For making the situation bad.

We can’t change the past
Or predict the future to come
We can change the fact
Is this going to be our last?

So much of you I don’t
Want to miss, I just
Know in my heart
I would love for just one more kiss!!
Details | Free verse |

Heartless Liar

You know, I got the secret meaning,
My eyes have been opened to all your deeds.
I just used to push the thought away,
That there is no love and the nightingales are silent.

All your web of lies is revealed,
And I'm sorry I was stupid.
I don't need your protection anymore
And let me be like a rose without a thorn.

You took everything from me,
And there is nothing left of my soul!
I don't even remember what we were like,
How we lived and loved before all this.

You laugh and say: «Hysterical».
Do you really think I'll forgive you?
I broke like an old, thin match,
But don't worry, I won't get back at you.

With a light heart I let you go,
Be alone with yourself.
You can't imagine what it is
A life of silence awaits you.

I'll just move on
I'll forget everything you said
I'll forget about a life full of lies
And I'll just be happy that I have the strength.

Book: Shattered Sighs