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Bully School Poems

These Bully School poems are examples of School poems about Bully. These are the best examples of School Bully poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Blunt Knife
He keeps trying his barrage 
of raging vitriol, but it's a blunt knife
on his target's alligator skin

A predictable high school bully
with the same ol' lines...

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Categories: school, appreciation, boy, courage, irony,

Boys in the Yard
See them bully boys in the schoolyard
playing penitentiary hard
Face-scraping the concrete ...
Neanderthal knuckle features marred

Look at the smart treehouse girls
(with Zoology swing low ease thus...

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Categories: allegory, environment, school, social,

Premium Member Tucker Short
The biggest boy in all the school
Was Charlie Bull, who was no fool!
All the pupils knew the truth,
This bully was just so uncouth. 

Every day...

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Categories: school, bullying, childhood,

First Day of School
My first day of school,
I was nervous, and I was scared.
I was totally unprepared….
For what would come my way,
And I must say….
I didn’t like the...

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Categories: school, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Who is the girl with the cricked teeth, she doesn’t deserve to smile
She is the type of person who needs to stay in and marinate...

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Categories: abuse, bullying, life, school,

A Hidden Beauty
If you've ever been bullied, you wouldn't be too keen,
of the person who harmed you, who made you feel unseen,
and though they did you wrong...

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Categories: school, anti bullying, beauty, class,

Premium Member NEW KID AT SCHOOL

I was the new kid at school in grade five
I didn’t know a soul, nobody knew I was alive
I had snazzy new shoes that...

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Categories: school, anti bullying, color, growing

Premium Member Hopelessness Comes To School
Hopelessness, make no room for it in your heart or your mind, if you dare.
It will take away your glad, your happy, and your today,

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Categories: school, depression,

Premium Member Childhood Inequality In School
Some children come into the school building dancing, singing, hopping, bursting with uninhibited glee.
They exchange giddy, happy stories about their day at the mall, dropping...

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Categories: school, child, child abuse, children,

Premium Member That Is Your Job
That is your job, the mama tells us at school.
We feed her child breakfast, lunch, and an after school snack free of charge.
We give her...

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Categories: school, children, mother, mother daughter,

Premium Member Song for Us
Heard a song in the car today 
'Bout girls that cheer and boys that play
They were their town's kings and queens
And everyone that knows them...

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Categories: high school, school, social,

First we blamed the bully, for being hateful and unkind
Then we blamed the shooter, because there's something wrong with his mind
Then we blamed the parents,...

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Categories: change, sad, school,

Premium Member Cooperative Pirate School
Students conservative of body-health care
invest as necessary
in bowing and submitting subservience
to orthodox heterosexual vampirate mentors,
fundamentalist badnews evangelicals
sucking on pre-meditated rapture
of Heavenly bloodsucking EarthNatures.

To meet conservative...

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Categories: school, care, education, green, health,

Premium Member The Thank You
I am happily teaching my second grade students two bully-proofing strategies earlier today.
These powerful  anti-bullying techniques are "the thank you" and the "skip away"...

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Categories: school, anti bullying, bullying,

Premium Member Part 1 You Have to Whistle
Once upon a time I shared a cubicle with the detention supervisor.
Mr. Hell was swift and severe detention.
I was lavish and immediate positive attention.
We got...

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Categories: school, abuse, judgement, perspective, power,

Premium Member THIS YEAR'S CHAMPION, collaboration with Patricia Creswell
It’s the last of the snow
Spring finally arrived
Time to get ready for battle
Time to get my little hands 
On my bag of marbles
Way up there...

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Categories: school, childhood, confidence, games, nostalgia,

School bully
She is slowly slipping away, 
She sees no point laying waiting to decay,
Tired of the names shes starting to beleive,
The thought of leaving for good...

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Categories: school, abuse, anger, betrayal, bullying,

The Latch-Key Kid
I am the Latch-Key Kid
When I go home, no tea on the table
I manage to make myself something to eat
The best that I am able


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Categories: school, angst, bullying, child, poverty,

Old School
I can turn up that street any time I wish;
I pass that post box frequently enough,
But there is no returning, that’s the twist,
Time’s poker faced,...

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Categories: school, nostalgia,

Home School Bully
Yes it hurt a little an it hurt a lot 
Standing their on the cold wet street
Along waiting for my mom to come and rescue...

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Categories: school, anti bullying, anxiety, bullying,