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Bully School Poems

These Bully School poems are examples of School poems about Bully. These are the best examples of School Bully poems written by international poets.

Anti-Bullying message II
Bullying's grip, psychological effects so powerful,
Leaves imprints on hearts, sensitive and fragile,
For every action so appalling, we shall defy.
With upstanding that uplift, heal, and unify,

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Categories: school, bullying, suicide,

We fight this battle time and time again
But there is no winner nor an end in sight
Because you see, This is a fruitless fight
Leaving the...

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Categories: school, analogy, anger, angst, anti

Back To School
I remember,
Waking up by the alarm clock,
Hearing the sound of the door's knock,
To get up and gather courage,
Of shattering my comfortable cage.

I remember,
Reaching the school's...

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Categories: school, 12th grade, anti bullying,

Premium Member Comeuppance
Toby liked to bully Abigail
He would often try to make her wail
Whenever she passed
Although she ran fast
He would always grab her pony tail

One day Toby...

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Categories: bullying, school,

Premium Member What a Teacher's Not
A teacher's not a truth or dare
But they might tell a lie.
A teacher's not a punch or kick
But they can make you cry.

A teacher's not...

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Categories: school, teacher,

Curry Crisps
Curry Crisps
In 1981 and 82 at Littlemoor School I was in Junior 4
With the rest of the little wankers who were my classmates
I used to...

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Categories: school, age, childhood, memory,

Premium Member Eight

A deliberate surprise 
A shove from the back
while creating artwork 
in my second-grade class
Perhaps an ocean scene
A distant angry memory
of my eight-year-old 

The broken waxy...

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Categories: school, 2nd grade, anti bullying,

Premium Member Every Child Should Go Back To School
Every child should immediately go back to school
Not endorsed by any learned people I know
But our new dictator is clearly a fool
An unlearned bully who...

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Categories: school, perspective,

Premium Member Student Vs Class Bully
open, willing
listening, observing, watching
satisfaction, successful, aimless, unfulfilled
distracting, annoying self-serving
close-minded, uneducated

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Categories: school,

A Letter To the Class Bully
Dear Student
I have made it a task
to motion my thoughts
and my fingers to type.
Striking at every letter
that could carve words in your mind
As I hope...

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Categories: friendship, high school, love,

Premium Member Blunt Knife
He keeps trying his barrage 
of raging vitriol, but it's a blunt knife
on his target's alligator skin

A predictable high school bully
with the same ol' lines...

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Categories: school, appreciation, boy, courage, irony,

Boys In the Yard
See them bully boys in the schoolyard
playing penitentiary hard
Face-scraping the concrete ...
Neanderthal knuckle features marred

Look at the smart treehouse girls
(with Zoology swing low ease thus...

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Categories: allegory, environment, school, social,

Premium Member Tucker Short
The biggest boy in all the school
Was Charlie Bull, who was no fool!
All the pupils knew the truth,
This bully was just so uncouth. 

Every day...

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Categories: school, bullying, childhood,

First Day of School
My first day of school,
I was nervous, and I was scared.
I was totally unprepared….
For what would come my way,
And I must say….
I didn’t like the...

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Categories: school, 1st grade, 2nd grade,

Who is the girl with the cricked teeth, she doesn’t deserve to smile
She is the type of person who needs to stay in and marinate...

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Categories: abuse, bullying, life, school,