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Running Scared Poems

Running Scared Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of running scared poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for running scared.

New Poems

assymatric war
Asymmetric war
Saudi Arabia has more weaponry they can handle
A small country with a few drones crippled them
And the USA sends more weapon and troops
That is useless in this type of warfare.
The armament industry has been fed and 
the weapon looks...Read More
Categories: running scared, appreciation, assonance, break up, business,
Form: Blank verse

Premium Member Thump Thump
Thump!  thump!
Thump! Thump!
Why must you jump; 
Jump jump stop;
Hump hump; 
Git off that trunk; 
when you see me;
You clutch purses hold your pockets;
You come a running; 
It's not about you but yet you go running scared to touch to...Read More
Categories: running scared, analogy, anti bullying, anxiety,
Form: Rhyme
Let Go
                                   "Let Go"
Let Go...
How does one...Read More
Categories: running scared, inspirational,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Shared Nightmare

good friends running scared
chased in the night by their dreams
have the same nightmare
good friends in separate houses
chased by monsters in their dreams

...Read More
Categories: running scared, 10th grade, 11th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Tanka
Why the world spins around
Shyness of life courage of death
voice that rumbles inside your head 
and burdens like wormwood on weakened chest
or a spring bowl full of uneaten fruits 
beside the dead man’s bed

blind clairvoyant cursed with blessings
and all the sages of the wise...Read More
Categories: running scared, war, winter,
Form: Elegy

Hillary is cooked Bills time not overlooked
Their crimes way overbooked
Democrats...Read More
Categories: running scared, change, conflict, evil, political,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Home is blue dust
“Home is Blue Dust”
Running scared
Running down, body covered
Colliding with and torn root
Feeling fallowing hands and knees
Bear grow bellows behind
Prey moves faster
Harder to see
Bear claws dig into dirt
Increasing speed
The human moves mouth full of dead pine
Running is fast confusing
	Looking back
Running to...Read More
Categories: running scared, absence, adventure, america,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Angelic Touch
In the violent storm
there is complete ruin everywhere
the clouds take on a bigger form
as there is no place to calmly breathe air
running scared with regretful tears, lightning advances strong
though miraculously, a seraph caught the powerful spark
crushing it, she disperses the...Read More
Categories: running scared, angel, forgiveness, power, storm, strength, sympathy,
Form: Rhyme
Empty Barrel

These days, you just gotta be so aware,
always on the alert ... busy looking around
Harm you might step into, so sniff the air ...
dog trouble’s out there laying snares down

Even when things appear harmless as can be,
keep a sharp watch...Read More
Categories: running scared, allusion, perspective, violence, wisdom,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Something out there is chasing me
Something out there is chasing me

Something out there is chasing me,
In the centre of a busy Town.
Malicious Red mist only I can see,
Why am I naked, from waist down?

People oblivious to my plight,
Don’t appear to know I’m there.
Wife and Children...Read More
Categories: running scared, anxiety, dark, dream, humor, stress, surreal,
Form: Rhyme
running blind
running scared 
she wants to fall in love
but she does not dare
running alone
looking back
she is going nowhere fast
she wants someone to love and to love her back 
but there is too  on the line too much too risk
too...Read More
Categories: running scared, anti bullying, anxiety, bangla, beautiful,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Eat the Green and Fat of the Land
Who is the bear;
That is running scared?
Taken what is not his
What it is, what it is;
Telling you what's good for you
And what's not
Drinking portage and hemlock (what)
And who is the lion
whose got the people crying
Saving grace has no place for...Read More
Categories: running scared, adventure, allegory, allusion, character, confusion, destiny, devotion,
Form: Lyric
Whiskey Glasses and Bathroom Mirrors
Two o'clock she hits me hard 
I salute to another captain 
look around and swallow hard 

Not as hard as you leaving 
hitting me straight between the eyes 
stars spinning right after midnight 
can't remember exactly why 

Whispers filled the...Read More
Categories: running scared, life,
Form: Free verse
Now Where Were We
Oh yeah, Trump is President and many people are running scared
What he's saying they resent saying things no one else had dared
You got the Russians and the Chinese, good old N. Korea and Iran
Trump tweeting as he so does please...Read More
Categories: running scared, faith, hope,
Form: Rhyme
The Truth Will Out
The Truth Will Out

Every dog has its day,
But soon enough it will fade away.
When its day has been and gone,
You will see I’ve done nothing wrong.
It won’t be long until you realise,
I’ve been painted by a thousand lies.
Don’t look at...Read More
Categories: running scared, anger, betrayal,
Form: I do not know?
Running scared, humour
This morning’s run began so benign and gentle,
Yet 15 minutes later deep feelings were unhinged,
Confused, I recalled my latest meals,
Whilst my insides were impinged.
Aghast, I sensed the futility,
Of my plight against this ongoing urge,
With jalapeno pizza making itself heard,
From...Read More
Categories: running scared, humor,
Form: I do not know?
I am a refugee
Can you see me
I am not Australian 
Not of your nation
I'm fleeing, I'm running, I'm running scared
I'm tired of running 
How far have I come
To find a new home?
My babies, my woman I've left behind 
With promises...Read More
Categories: running scared, humanity,
Form: Free verse
A Specter Speaks To War
 Smoke rising from the ground
Obscures the pools of blood
Where soldiers uttering sounds
Lie dying in the mud.
Horses neighing, running scared
In horror find no end
Of battleground that's shared
The crimson life of men.
A bugle lies still tightly clenched
In fingers cold as night
Plays...Read More
Categories: running scared, war,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Existence out of mind
I'm scared
I'm scared
No music is here
This is where lives have played
Played out the last laugh
Played out a last cry
You can see it their cold eyes
You can hear it in their silent cries
That taste in the stale air of lost love...Read More
Categories: running scared, absence, angst, fear, scary,
Form: Free verse
Soul's Core
Chilling flashback
Sprout goosebumps
Running scared
Digging deep within
Seeking solace
From soul's core...Read More
Categories: running scared, life,
Form: Prose
Left Right Left Right Left Right
Life went on a lot of years 
no one did a thing
Along comes one man, Donald Trump 
they all begin to sing

Send them back? And that's taboo? 
Billions would be spent
What happens if you keep...Read More
Categories: running scared, conflict, corruption, patriotic, political, trust, truth, usa,
Form: Narrative
Push come and shove I still made it 
Despite the problems I had I still made it 
Running scared without much hope I still made it 
Abundantly losing precious time I still made it 
Through the backstabbing friends and burdens...Read More
Categories: running scared, analogy, beauty, community, emotions, encouraging, smile,
Form: Rhyme
Please God
Please God come to us now
make the hurt of the world go away,
there's too much pain here, Lord
hearts are being lead astray.

There's been too much violence
many lives being torn in two,
earthquakes, floods, sink holes
that's just to name a few.

People don't...Read More
Categories: running scared, february, god, imagery, inspiration, poetry,
Form: Rhyme
Burns night - My Toast to the Lassies
Well, it’s thanks to my friend, Neillie, that I'm standing here today;
He captured me down at his shop as I reached out to pay.
He said, “I have a job for you, and you've twelve weeks to prepare.”
I thought, my God...Read More
Categories: running scared, funny, tribute, women,
Form: Rhyme royal
Running blind, Running scared.
 Darkness, emptiness, trapped.
 Emotions bleeding, dripping, leaking out.
 A dam, a wall, a box I've built.
 Crumbling, folding, shredding fast.
 Running blind, Running scared.
 A touch, a look, a kiss.
 Floating, flying, soaring.
 Waiting, wondering, am...Read More
Categories: running scared, change, courage, emotions, faith, metaphor,
Form: Free verse