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War Romanticism Poems

These War Romanticism poems are examples of Romanticism poems about War. These are the best examples of Romanticism War poems written by international poets.

Ruler's Blessing
The trees grew for air
The sun rose for light
The stars guide the night
For her blessing is fire

For her rivers provided waters
Her darkness provided light
Her voice...

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Categories: 11th grade, feelings, nature,

Premium Member Behold Beatrice, Pitcairn
Behold Beatrice, Pitcairn
the paradise sunsets lie in Tahiti
sunrise, the folly of Easter
islands, sanitoriums, deluded, denuded
limbos and purgatories, the never evermore
Polynesian metaphors transmigrate my mind
O to...

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Categories: fate, history, lust, metaphor,

Premium Member Bespoke


unknown variables quiver the quill 
biting words playfully taking waiting lips
qualitative honeyed eucylyptus elixir 

speaks to you 
in passionate whispers

dripping the burning grenades
intimate soliquays

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Categories: freedom, i am, woman,

Premium Member Eschaton


This romance 
is mine is yours

I walk on water 
towards you

is a small freedom

so that your 
war weary mind

may finally feel 
your own resurrection...

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Categories: easter, freedom, i am,

Premium Member Volupte Mysterie

"Volupte Mysterie" 

Fallen and risen
the volupte She ...


Her gods
are found
sore and wanting 

a new life 
breathing in 
a new world

she walks 
in dreams 

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Categories: dark, fantasy, romance, sensual,

Premium Member The Magi Beats Sweet Mindless Hum Drums Against Day's End

"The Magi Beats Sweet Mindless Hum Drums Against Day's End"

The abstract lines 
you hold onto tight
are leaving marks 
in my heart 
like rope burns
the pleasure...

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Categories: romantic,

Premium Member The Quietest War

"The Quietest War"

Solitude on silent paws
stretches strategically 
under covers 
a velvet skinned 
war map to be read
by commanding 
hands and fingers
welcomes the 
Quietest War 

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Categories: romance, sensual, war,

night withers to her pull
pink panther upon the prowl
alone the wolf
transversed in a hearse drawn howl

a wilderness of one
relegated and isolated
a biting bohemoth
born to run


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Categories: love, moon,

Premium Member Voluptuous Bullets

"Voluptuous Bullets"

In the game of Love and War
voluptuous bullets
penetrate a mouth of warm words

Lacking defence lines 
boundaries come undone 
in the valleys of a body...

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Categories: muse, romance, sensual,

Premium Member Where is The Lover

“Where is the Lover?”

Where is your Lover?
He is in your smile
where he kissed you
when you were fast asleep
bodies pressed into
burning heat
the fruits of passion 

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Categories: romance, sensual,

Premium Member The Authoress - The Author

"The Authoress – The Author"

She parked Silver Lady 
by The Road's side, 
placed the keys in Her pocket
Her hands were warm
Her eyes were cold
She smiled...

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Categories: adventure, mystery, romance,

Premium Member The Gallant Night Kisses Victory

"The Gallant Night Kisses Victory"

As Night lowers herself victorious
over his moving fortress 
she is draped transparent surrounded 
by a milky mist, a myriad of dazzling...

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Categories: adventure, magic, mystery, romance,

The night before
Amidst the moonlit night,
we sit hand in hand...
Your eyes give away your plight,
In a silent world, we stand...

Your charming face looks grim,
and why would it...

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Categories: miss you, remembrance day,

Dual Inward Curved V

Rainbow lips smiling shaped my joy
I heard birds of paradise singing
as she spoke
When she was asking me
for directions,
my thoughts got lost in translation

Such virgin beauty...

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Categories: allusion, feelings, love, romantic,

Friends and Lovers who agree to disagree
Any kind of love worth having,
Understands that disagreements happen,
And does not diminish when the first disagreement surfaces,
No, it will stay around and show its true...

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Categories: appreciation, blessing, care, character,