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Death Romanticism Poems

These Death Romanticism poems are examples of Romanticism poems about Death. These are the best examples of Romanticism Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Red Door

"Red Door"

love opens not 
like a red rose,
it caresses you
entices you in 
holds you 
hard and fast, 
like a scarlet poppy 
opium sweet 
inviting, promising...

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Categories: love, muse, valentines day,

Premium Member Lush Ocean

"Lush Ocean" 

I wade out into you
embrace the cool of you
to die a little death
immersed in the ocean
that is you, drowning 
in the indigo velvet...

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Categories: dark, light, sensual,

Premium Member the mute swan's song
for clarity, you may want to read the footnotes

the mute swan's song
has an ambiance
where motion moves naught
it hovers in an existence 
where time becomes meaningless

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Categories: death, devotion, faith, love,

Premium Member Amidst Swirls Of Twinkling Stars, Love Yet Flies
Amidst Swirls Of Twinkling Stars, Love Yet Flies

Above the soft gasps of night craving skies.
Amidst swirls of twinkling stars, love yet flies.

Outward, and onward through...

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Categories: dream, heaven, imagination, love,

Premium Member i am reminded of my mother's advice
i am reminded of my mother's advice
find a woman with God dearest in her heart
be grateful if she comes to love you
sit at His feet...

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Categories: death, devotion, emotions, feelings,

Premium Member Death
death can never cease to exist
what lives in my every moment
the softness within her eyes
a light brush of a hand
taking my breath away
lips as doves...

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Categories: death, encouraging,

Premium Member Salvage


Salvage the fixating salvation 
unfurling from the wreckage
of a numb world twisted inside
treasure climbs swimming 
the ladder from the deep of all things 
reaching upwards...

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Categories: muse, paradise, poets,

Premium Member Fortress


is stronger
than death

dwells in
the refuge 

and the fortress …’ 
she said. 

Back then,
true romance was lost
in the subterranean

poets, musicians, artists
were crucified publicly 
for free...

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Categories: humanity, i am,

After see one book,
Named Takadini book,
Only cover of a book,
After I have look,
The book I have took.

When reading that book,
My hurt become shock,
How Amai Takadini...

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Categories: 4th grade, confidence, courage,

Death Note
Death Note 

Trun the page it feels like you are hugging me cent of sandal wood did a snake ask you not eat fruit it's...

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Categories: black love, blessing, first

Premium Member New Life Given And Glows Of A Golden Crown
New Life Given And Glows Of A Golden Crown

A pity, stark indifference and sad
Paths taken into that darkness and woe
It is not that world and...

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Categories: appreciation, art, blessing, deep,

Take Note
O the old poetry!
When hard times meant something
and uncertainty was eternal.
Words of wonder from a stirring spirit,
now gospel to yesteryear's testament.
The rain wet pine once...

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Categories: death, emotions, love, mystery,


       So much to greet
with leaded hands,
so many observed you later
sans life...
Shot so much
 arms in the wind
in so...

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Categories: allusion, death,

Premium Member The Falling

"The Falling"

Stories in full flight 
caught up in the falling
with the fallen 
myths of romance

spreading wings
to discover wins 
in the poetic lost ground
freedom taken then...

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Categories: future, muse, romance,

Premium Member Odd Lovers

"Odd Lovers"

I feel your reign o’er my warm skin
your eyes cast their burning cerebral majesty
sharp diamonds cool blue sky twinning rays 
the same time dawn...

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Categories: moon, sensual, sun,