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Feelings Romance Poems

These Feelings Romance poems are examples of Romance poems about Feelings. These are the best examples of Romance Feelings poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Trite Rondine
Could have seduced you in plain sight,
but I don’t like to kiss and tell;
Stay down-low if it’s substantial;
There’s a cloak around every night,
we can cozy...

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Categories: emotions, feelings, lust, romance,

Premium Member Uncommon Repose
I hope you find yourself calm; next to me, in uncommon, repose
Like a peony, your beauty willingly unfolds so naturally plain
I found myself undeniably happy...

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Categories: feelings, love, romance, romantic,

Premium Member Time
Quote By Poet "I do not know where the time goes."

The grandfather clock sits on the wall,
every hour it will call.
A loud sound for everyone...

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Categories: romance, joy, life, remember, sound,

Premium Member Building Tension Theme Contest
1. Building Tension

Did you ever stand on stage,
behind the big curtain.
Standing there peeking out from behind the curtain,
watching the audience looking at the stage.

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Categories: romance, anxiety, courage, happy, heart,

Premium Member Gemini Garden, Silent One
“birds care not for whom they sing” - Silent One

Many writes come and go,
could there be One you know?
There are writers that write words, 
there is...

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Categories: romance, birthday, celebration, poems, poets,

Premium Member Poetry Should Be Felt
Words mean what to you?
Did you know,
words have feelings like people?
Poetry is written with,
heart from my meaningful words.
Some poems ooze happiness,
others can be very sad.

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Categories: romance, feelings, fun, poems, poets,

Premium Member You Were Always On My Mind

Maybe I never showed you,
You mean the world and more,
My feelings for you grew and grew,
You’re the light my heart fell for.

I’m so sorry, my...

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Categories: romance, love,

Premium Member Earth
Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. Rachel Carson

Earth shows off it's...

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Categories: romance, beauty, green, river, tree,

Premium Member AI
I am the new robot,
do you want to guess what.
I will change your life,
better take it in strife.
Now I can't be caught....

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Categories: romance, creation, fear, giggle, hello,

Premium Member We All Make Poetry Soup
Poetry Soup is fun to make,
just follow this easy recipe.
First take a huge pot,
the internet.
Next add a cup of creativity,
with a cup of imagination.
Add four...

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Categories: romance, giggle, poems, poets, tribute,

Premium Member Love Sciences
Love Sciences

By Mark D. Stucky
If romantic love requires “chemistry,”
how elemental for love is physics?
Negative and positive charges
lustfully attract one another.
But proceed with caution!
Matter and antimatter

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Categories: romance, emotions, feelings, love, mystery,

Premium Member Over The Waters Blue
"over the waters blue the night winds sigh, the breakers roar" ... Samual Taylor Coleridge

Over the waters blue I love to sail,
many times I get...

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Categories: romance, blue, boat, love, sea,

Premium Member A Mouse Or A Mountain
Growing up,
I was the runt of the litter.
My siblings called me Cute,
because I was the youngest one.
It was very hard growing up as a little...

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Categories: romance, animal, family, giggle, home,

Premium Member I Woke Up On A Tropical Island
A vacation was needed,
off on a cruise we were treated.
Great cabin, food, parties and shows,
now in a chair with a book about a rose.
The seas...

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Categories: romance, drink, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member Why Did I Become A Poet?
Quote By Poet: "I like to bring my imagination out in writing so you can bring your imagination out in reading."

Books call my name,
the bookstores...

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Categories: romance, blue, books, poems, sea,

Book: Shattered Sighs