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Remembrance Day Poems

Remembrance Day Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about remembrance day. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for remembrance day.

New Poems


To those who agree to lay their lives for the sake of the living 
To those that battle death to live
To those that smile to us in the open but pray in the night to see the next...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, dedication, military, scary,
Form: ABC

Premium Member the honesty of harlots
young harlot is the most honest of all
a fist of coins for a dollop of flesh
more honest than the soil and rain
that turn opera into palettes of cackle
blood blossoms sprouting from grayness

some clientele offer flowers
and budget cigarettes
a bouquet of lust...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Shape
Premium Member Freedom's Last Cry
Freedom's Last Cry

I do not agree...
with your personal views, 
and prefer to avoid;
seeing them, 
hearing them, 
reading them. 

It was just a choice, 
not a judgment. 
There is, 
still freedom of choice, 
until it too is gone, 
with the rest....Read More
Categories: remembrance day, allah, america, atheist, depression, freedom, murder, remembrance
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Christmas Cheers And Tears

Every year it's so hard getting to Xmas without some thoughts of sadness
Everyone else; is out there enjoying themselves, full of their own, gladness

How can one feel happy; when there is yet another empty seat at...Read More
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, christmas, family, remembrance day,
Form: Couplet
Premium Member standing tall

standing tall
so proud
twenty-one gun salute

posted on December 8, 2019
...Read More
Categories: appreciation, patriotic, pride, remembrance day, soldier, tribute,
Form: Haiku

Less Christmas
When Christmas time means less to us
and all it's meaning lost.
The thought of one small card can be
as little as the cost.

A blight to say that we don't know
his time and date of birth.
Locating where the manger stood
a futile place...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, allusion, analogy, christmas, conflict, holiday, introspection, loss,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member A Memory
 becomes the reality 
 of all that was.
The hardening or softening of the arteries of the heart
 that place where love grew or died
 in the errors and missteps of our lives.
With sleep,
 dreams revive
 visions and images form
...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Free verse
~~~~Concludes the poem "Dark Angel"


Speak to me in many waters
Wash away the dirt and grime
Lay my body upon the alter
Transform me to another time
May I be in line _ the first
To press you palm upon my breast
Quench this dry unending...Read More
Categories: death, funeral, grandmother, remembrance day,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member We Shall Remember
Off to the battlefield many courageous soldiers went
Changing the course of history, a milestone event
Fighting for freedom at a very deadly cost
Eight and a half million lives would be sadly lost
Devastation touched the world far and wide
Horrors from the Great...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Rhyme
Where they speak French
It is not our war to fight
Yet onwards we go without flight
Carrying man as best we can
Through bog and trench 
Ignoring the stench
Eager to please but dropping to our knees
When bullets and grenades end our days. 

I was a faithful...Read More
Categories: conflict, courage, emotions, horse, memorial, remembrance day,
Form: Rhyme
11 ELEVEN 11
POEM " 11 ELEVEN 11" by martin gedge

Take this moment and close your eyes
and bow your heads in prayer
remember those who stood on guard
whose hearts on sleeves they wear
a country north both strong and free
those rights and freedoms gave
the fronts...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, brother, courage, heart, humanity, love, peace, remembrance
Form: Rhyme
A Remembrance Day Poem
Christ and the Soldier by Siegfried Sassoon (1916)

The straggled soldier halted and clumsily went down  "O blessed crucifix, I'm beat !"
Christ still sentried by a seraphim between two splintered trees did speak  
"My son, behold these hands and...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, world war i, world war ii,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member A Soldier Brave and Strong

The snow is falling, falling on Remembrance Day,
and I cannot help recall and remember my brother;
now, his beautiful name is engraved in a stone gray,
he was more than a brother but a friend like no other.

He left only wanting to...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, war,
Form: Rhyme
At the stroke of
At the stroke of.....
The 11th hour on the 11th day,
The guns fell silent as if to say,
Enough is enough, the weary did cry,
Lay down your arms so no more will die.
The landscape where homes once stood,
Was twisted metal and shattered...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Grandpa Went To War
Grandpa came home from war so different,
he survived but was full of grief,
his heart wept of lament for his comrades;
And if his eyes could speak they would tell us,
of all the courage and the deaths,
but his stories were buried deep...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, war,
Form: Elegy
Remember the soldiers
Remember all the soldiers,
The memories that they share,
The curse that they must live with,
The horrors that they bare.

Remember all the soldiers,
Who never made it back,
Who gave their lives in battle,
Protecting from attack.

Remember all the soldiers,
Remember we're in debt,
Remember them with...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: ABC
Premium Member Lest We Forget

the shards that pierced

crystal night
beneath the scars
shards forever prick

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 			
© 9th November, 2019

"Crystal Night" is the name that's been given to the night of 9-10...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Senryu
When the sun goes down
Walking through the autumn leaves
Crunching and cracking beneath my heels,
A small green stem and bright red petal  
On a journey to where it will settle,
A dozen plaques of names gone by
We lay a wreath some may cry,
Courageous beings that...Read More
Categories: conflict, poems, remember, remembrance day, war,
Form: ABC
Thralldom etched in Homo sapiens mine DNA
Thralldom etched in Homo sapiens (mine) DNA

Though your true blue stated civilian
never enlisted nor impressed,
nonetheless I own an opinion
originally embarked on poetic quest
to express purposelessness,

when soldiers rest
at peace i.e. eternally,
many attired courtesy
smart uniform strong with zest.

Psyche steeped, macerated, brewed
as token...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 9th
Form: Political Verse
Premium Member SENTRY
Sentry sits alone,
Amid fallen heroes graves.
He was their symbol.

Quietly he sits.
It is fitting he keep watch,
For they gave their all.
...Read More
Categories: remembrance day,
Form: Senryu
Remembrance Day Song
Remembrance Day is everyday
_or so the News would sink
Where soldiers die in everyway
a News can fit in ink

That nowhere is another way
for soldiers die in peace
That everywhere's another way
that hope's denied decease

As all of us who cherish death
can do it...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, analogy, appreciation, bereavement, betrayal, death, grave, remembrance
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Remembrance Day

I never even knew you; I was born a long time after your sad death
But: I do know the future you gave me, with your last dying breath
Indiana Shaw . . . -_-
...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, anniversary, appreciation, flower, for her, for him,
Form: Couplet
Our Desert Base
From my window the sun shines
Down on this desert base of mine
I wait for my duty to start
Our work away from home is worlds apart

Serving Australia in the Middle East
This is price for our country’s peace 
It’s eternal vigilance against...Read More
Categories: remembrance day, war,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member Veterans Day
Veterans Day

We were happy
With the war over.
Our eyes swelled tears 
When the guns ceased fire.

Those long years
Of suffering ended;
Lives shattered
Always wondering.

And on that day
Soldiers marching,
Rifles shouldered, arms swinging,
People hugging and kissing.

My father had come home
And my mother said,
‘Let us pray,
For...Read More
Categories: america, holiday, remember, remembrance day, usa, veterans
Form: Verse
Simple Flower
I am a simple flower,
I grew from soil soaked with blood,
I mean no offense,
I am all for the greater good.
I am worn in remembrance only,
I hold no real power,
I survived as war raged around me,
I am a simple flower....Read More
Categories: remembrance day, appreciation, flower, freedom, grief, loss, military, remembrance
Form: Rhyme