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Funny Remember Poems

These Funny Remember poems are examples of Remember poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Remember Funny poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Stars of Clarity
The bright blue sky and white fluffy clouds,
are slipping far away.
The day is coming to a close,
and it is now their bedtime.
Very soon the huge...

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Categories: remember, blue, day, magic, men,

Premium Member Divorce
Vowing love now departing
Over time
Comes with
Eternal peace for all....

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Categories: remember, cry, hurt, kid, love,

Premium Member When the Butterflies Dance
My garden comes alive at night,
many flowers do not bloom by day.
In the middle of the night, 
my garden is in full swing.
The Blue Bells are...

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Categories: remember, butterfly, dance, flower, garden,

Premium Member Free
brings one  
peaceful life  
sleep good tonight  


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Categories: remember, dream, freedom, life, night,

Premium Member Nameless
"A mother's love is made in heaven." Quote Written By Poet

She was a young and beautiful bride,
then her handsome husband died.
The fast car came out...

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Categories: remember, baby, happy, mom, parents,

Premium Member Consciousness Correction
In life,
there are times when anxiety can set in.
Maybe from a person or a place,
then fear can follow.
Seems like anxiety and fear are best friends,

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Categories: remember, best friend, emotions, fear,

Premium Member Johnny Such and Such
Here's to Johnny Such and Such
wandering up and down the streets
in his funny coat and hat
steering clear of those he meets

Compared to others whom you...

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Categories: nostalgia, remember, sad, tribute,

Premium Member Moment
Quote By Poet "I do not know where the time goes.
It just goes running away."

I do not know where the time goes,
from the opening of...

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Categories: remember, day, happy, kiss, life,

Premium Member November
cool nights 
nice warm days 
hot chocolate 
warm baked apple pies 
colorful leaves 
cuddling up 
fun ...

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Categories: remember, chocolate, color, day, food,

Premium Member Campfire Cologne
I am now "away from the noise,"  
my fruit gum I am chewing.  
Sitting here wondering what the boys,  
could be doing.  

Now all unpacked,  
a book I...

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Categories: remember, animal, boy, cool, humor,

Premium Member Books and Tea
Shelves filled with all kinds of books,
will take a plain wall and make it pretty,
this makes real beauty for you and I.

Maybe some hot rose...

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Categories: remember, beauty, books, drink, fun,

Premium Member Dead End Street POTD
There are many kinds of writes,  
some write wonderful songs.  
Their words will make you sing along,  
the music will keep running...

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Categories: remember, books, music, poets, song,

Premium Member Lets Minichu on Dreams
It's time to go to bed,
After a long day I lay my head down to sleep,
Sleep I dread.

Reading a book,
Will it be about a pink...

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Categories: remember, books, car, dream, humor,

Premium Member Funny Thanksgiving Limerick
Grandma burns the food and is no cook 
She needs to stick to reading a book 
Fire covers the turkey 
It tastes like beef jerky...

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Categories: remember, family, food, friend, fun,

Premium Member Letter
Quote By Poet "A letter can hold a smile.
Write one today and give a smile to someone special."

Words can tell a story,
some could be dressed...

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Categories: remember, blue, love, smile, travel,