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Premium Member IN SHAME


When I was a little girl father brutally beat me down with such severity, and humiliation, causing me to hang my head down low in unimaginable shame.

When you saw me in public, I was so intensely misunderstood defeated and...Read More
Categories: recount, abuse, angst, anti bullying, anxiety, child abuse,
Form: Free verse

To Finish Her Song
Polymath Siren,
her flower returns

New stirrings to write
new melody to learn

Renaissance memory,
its present announced

Freeing your psyche,
past-future recount

Polymath harlot,
love pledged again

Petals now varied,
spread from within

Bouquet filled enigma,
here until gone

Leaving always one seedling
—to finish her song

(Villanova Pennsylvania: February, 2017) 
...Read More
Categories: recount, flower, song,
Form: Rhyme
Another Season
These long days of summer
seemed longer than most, 
and I recount the changes
as the season draws closed.
You turned a year older
and learned how to drive.
You tried some new things;
God knows how you survived.
You learned about friendship
and boundaries were drawn.
You learned...Read More
Categories: recount, 11th grade, for him, growing up, journey,
Form: Lyric
The taste of bile treads my thoughts,
Unwillingly my feet must now follow,
Source of inspiration guide,
Restore the signal fires now long lost,
Set beyond the temporal,
A path impassable by mortals,
The stairs of separation, 
I must recount lest others falter,
Every sin a means,...Read More
Categories: recount, irony, literature, philosophy, satire, society, truth, voyage,
Form: Free verse
What if Trump loses in 2020

President Trump's eyes glow magnanimous
when pardoning criminals for high crimes 
he himself has practiced many times
and for which he’s famously notorious
but as yet has never been  convicted
though that may change if not re-elected.
And should that be the case, it’s...Read More
Categories: recount, political,
Form: Light Verse
Premium Member Hooray First of May

We knew it was coming, a ritual Dad
Performed once-a-year,    still
I always sensed the moment, when we
Were a captive audience, he would

Strike!    the air would fairly Çrackle!
Me, my brother & sister would stiffen
In preparation to...Read More
Categories: recount, memory,
Form: Free verse
Letters for People part 6
Dear people,
A true Voice speaks pure truth in two tones. 
      Real Ears can only hear one. 
Get one half of two true whole truths, 
         ...Read More
Categories: recount, america, angel, anxiety, confidence, fire, heart, humor,
Form: Epic

An American Sonnet of Change, of Hope
Two thirty a.m. and a start burnt out.
Heads bow’d; disbelief echoed silently,
drowned by men: white, old, laughing heartily.
A future now fragile needed to shout -
a democracy once tall now stood stout.
Country of immigrants shook violently
against those who would alter policy...Read More
Categories: recount, change,
Form: Sonnet
Ice Sleep Quickly
Ice Sleep Quickly...

Slowly counting backwards from one hundred
if restless, yet most every night/early morning,
when tiredness defeats ability to remain alert
though rarely these days no difficulty to dream
way before mentally mouthing the number zero,

a segue way into unconscious state disengages
awareness, nor...Read More
Categories: recount, body, confidence, deep, endurance, heaven, meaningful, night,
Form: Elegy
Premium Member Outback Souls
Close 'round the crackling fire we three,
with sweet acacia in the air - 
tell stories of Gallipoli
and digger's bond of friendship there.

We laughed and shared like family
with roof and walls of stars our home - 
tracker Wiley, Henry and me
on...Read More
Categories: recount, eulogy,
Form: Quatrain
An Orphan's Silence
I hide in the shadow
  of another’s fear
  so the voice may go away

And then left
  inside an orphan’s silence
  to recount every wordless day

To walk a path
  that another breaks
  under a dark...Read More
Categories: recount, fear, writing,
Form: Rhyme
Grandmother's Clock
I was in awe with my Grandmother's clock. 
She recounts a tale of a once great love story. 
Stained with the past, and abused in the present. 
Oh! How hard it is to be in sync with reality. 

As I...Read More
Categories: recount, grandmother, heart, leaving, longing, lost love, love,
Form: Free verse
I know,
Your door will stay open for me
As always to let me in
To savour the repast
That awaits me on your dining table
Laid out for me;
Hungry I am.
At the table, I will surely recount
The jollity of our younger days,
Protected and cajoled...Read More
Categories: recount, allusion,
Form: Prose Poetry
I trust the Word of God, my redemption-record
Reminding me of my ransom from sin-penalty’s cord
Reassuring me salvation so secured from eternal hell’s discord
Refreshing my heart by the Saviour’s love that granted me everlasting life’s accord!

I seek the Word of God...Read More
Categories: recount, appreciation, bible, christian, faith, god, spiritual, truth,
Form: Rhyme
Circa January 2010 Bell Tower And Carillon
Twittered Via Chilled Wren
At Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Prior carte blanche to confessing illicit
     extra-marital affair
I embolden tomb ache
     elicit, and baldly bare
faced laid out some
     of the sordid details...Read More
Categories: recount, 12th grade, animal, beautiful, humor, love, true
Form: I do not know?
And anyone who had a heart
could see the blue in cloudless eyes,
though a storm trespass and tears leak
dreadfully down my caring cheeks.

Once upon a time, he loved me,
and anyone who had a heart
can see his tenderness awaits
if...I can just...hold onto...Read More
Categories: recount, love,
Form: Quatern
The Dwarfing Star
Ah, thou lesser lights that rule the night,
                              how many and...Read More
Categories: recount, birth, imagery, light, star, stars, wisdom,
Form: Free verse
A Plethora of Myopia and Hysteria
The truth like stark reality remains immutable
Despite attempts to promote sophisms
Dressed up as verity and verisimilitude at a high table
Where misguided minds dabble at euphenisms and cynicisms

To disembowel and undermine global discourse
Indulging in fallacies
To subvert its course and purpose
Concealed in...Read More
Categories: recount, poems,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Fourth Dimension
Seeking sight of another’s like for what thine own eyes like,
Perchance a Starbuck drink ye’ drunk, or a sun dunked up a hike.

For whom the post has pretended to be presented,
I surely no longer know,
Perhaps for a spirit we’ve seem...Read More
Categories: recount, age, allegory, internet, life, society, technology,
Form: Rhyme
Have you ever heard
The pathetic rhythm of defeat?
have you yet drummed to the beat of losing feeling to the brain when logic is snatched away
By reckless hands of someone you cannot name? 
Have you tried harder things than the rocks...Read More
Categories: recount, addiction, confusion, uplifting, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Splash
It was the only fine day during a week
near Ullapool; a chance to launch for a sail.
Out off the Summer Isles a breeze we did seek,
being relieved there was no longer a gale.

Then half a mile to the north a...Read More
Categories: recount, adventure, environment, holiday, nature, sea,
Form: Quatrain
Life's Lullaby
Life’s lullaby at times of tensions tends to evaporate
As on Earth morbid mumblings multiply
To flicker our faith and to dribble us desperate

As we wonder if in the supernatural we qualify
For any worth that upon which we can count
Although amen answers...Read More
Categories: recount, poems, , Lullaby,
Form: Terza Rima
A Burst Of Blarney
yes, this daft punk pink animal from farm ville will newt axe
any thank u mooch positive word does not rick choir whet backs
now i hold out virtual fig leaf tub buffer 
   end share fiber filled meal of...Read More
Categories: recount, 11th grade, 12th grade, desire, funny love,
Form: Light Verse
Friend Zone
On a game field of the greenest grass
We’d touch, I’d run, and you’d pass.
I’d gain ground and you’d intercept.
Every game, we leapt and swept
Into the end zone to a climatic end;
Nothing left to defend or offend,
Too many touchdowns to surmount,
No...Read More
Categories: recount, 12th grade, humor, relationship, sports,
Form: Free verse
To Tell a Love
To Tell A Love

How to tell a new love of another?
In voice quicker and drier than the wind,
pretending the cup shared with the former
quenched no thirst from its imperfect blend?

How does one recount to one's current love
the loving once so...Read More
Categories: recount, love,
Form: Verse