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To Learn

Nowadays it’s difficult to live as an uneducated
Un-education is a curse- it’s known to all-wise
Wisdom sometimes unable to show the right path

Path erects many roots where grow puzzling ideals
Ideas of life bring conflicting doctrine in believers
Belief is truth for who believes, not for equal to real

Reality can dig out the past, present to show the true
Truth, though is an undeniable piece of any knowing
Knowledge of certain books garrote the curious learned

Learning on the natural ways is prohibited heritage 
Heirs of the ancient lit up fatalistic light everywhere
Where the conscience keeps losing power to followers

Following is not wicked but a blind brain imports nothing
Things of biased acumen can abuse the value of anything

29.08.2020 Chattogram

I want to learn everything through new ways
Although for that I have to be uneducated 

The knowledge of the old scriptures is not suitable for me 
Because I am learning myself with conscience everyday