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Royal Roulette

Her Majesty the Queen is ageing fast,
Not for long now can her long reign last,
Surely it is time she stepped aside,
Although, perhaps, the move would hurt her pride.
If - God forbid! - she should suddenly die,
Poor Charles would be left quite high and dry,
It will be hard to take his mother's place,
It must be done with precision and grace.
A major change needs a smooth transition,
Why wait for grief's sad inhibition?
To hear "The Queen is dead - long live the King!"
If she must to crown and sceptre cling,
Would not be easy for her eldest son,
Who is not, we know, loved by everyone,
Though given the gist of his natal chart,
His rule may well be doomed from the start,
The Sun and Pluto in natal dispute
May ultimately his claims refute,
If the Queen refuses to yield the crown,
That is how history will go down,
Charles may yet be outlived by Elizabeth,
Ironically first to draw last breath,
So sweet-faced William may hold the chalice
That makes him Lord of Buckingham Palace, 
For Britain will remain a monarchy
From the present until unlikely anarchy.

Copyright © Beth Evans