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The Voice Of God

If the anchorage of the wayward mind is unsteady
Unbound to the righteous roots of sanctified soul
In the dislodging thrust of the upwelling desires
The untamed instincts rush wild on sordid trail.

The unbridled mind turns into predator wolf
Breaks away from the shackles of virtuous sanity
Chases the prey on the track made by brutal power
The basic instincts morph into entities base and virile.

You rode the wolf on covert pathway to consume me
Diverted from the course shown by moral compass
I struggled in shame for long to set myself free
Became a mute victim of your feral impulse.

When time took me out of the vortex of vicious storm
Breaking me down into discarded heap of wreckage
I wondered if the feeling of guilt dawned on you
hearing the conscience echo the voice of God.

June 2, 2021
Contest : Voice Of Conscience
Sponsor : Unseeking Seeker

Copyright © Subimal Sinha-Roy