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All have been gone

Based on the famous linguist, poet Humayun Azad Sir's poem "SAB KICHU NOSHTODER ODHIKARE JABE". However, it is not an exact English translation from Bengali. Edited in different places with tense. Apologies for any mistake in poetic notions.

I know, all have been going to the possessions of wicked;
Humanity, the union of ubiquitous compassion, nowadays 
have been seizing in the fist of inhuman; All have been
going rapturously, all the civilized society have been going
in the cage of naughtiness; all the welfare documents have
been swept away by the rascal musketeers; the state, the earth,
now infectious very much by the virus of scoundrels; all the cities,
ports, paddy fields, the peaceful clouds, red roses, white moon,
the bird's feather, temples, mosques, churches, synagogues, pagodas
have been going to the business hands of  vicious devotees; Arms and 
democracy- gone to the rude administrations of Satan, the public,
the dream of farmers, the inventions of the ideal scientists, the ever
beneficial socio-economic communism, equality, fraternity all have
been in the thorny possessions of depraved people 

I know, nothing has remained for the good one, everything has been
going in vain; Brightest sunlight, round full moon, the domes of hay,
the voice of Lolon songs, the folk lyrics, the rain of monsoon, all have
been going; all gleams of moonlight by the Tagore’s literature, The 
rhythms of Rabi Shankar, The running deer, the flutes of cowboys,
The kasbon have been going; the myths, the tales the pala-gaan even
the meaningless word Eternal, Eternity, Everlasting all have been gone

I know, all have been going to the tremendous possessions of scoundrels
The most beautiful nubile girls, now, are sucking the chubby es of 
naughty and licking the sprinkled cum of lecherous; now the miss universe
is busy on the callous thigh of salacious businessman, the adolescent young
girls are on the positions of doggy or 69 styles; the lovelorn beloved, now, is
avoiding the shattered wounded lips and hugs and becoming exotic, paramour
of prurient; these all books, versed, epics, elegies, printing machines, dews,
pianos, mouth organs,  paddy, butterflies, chirping of magpies, prose, poetry,
all brilliant students, Marxism-Leninism, the black diamond beauty like my
Bengali forest, all the enlightened circles of civilization, now, on the paths of 
knave constitutions

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee