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Puma Poems

Puma Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of puma poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for puma.

New Poems

Premium Member Roommate is on my Plate
Roommate is on my plate
Dropping herself into my grits
Little flecks of warm porridge splash into my eyes

It is one of Trixie’s assistant muses
She has a killer smile and rainbow hair
Hi she greets me with telepathy

Lump of eggs rises 
I see...Read More
Categories: puma, muse,
Form: Light Verse

Premium Member Tiger Meets Her Match
Exotic peacock waltzes toward me, in full plumage
I smile, she is magnificent. 
Smiling green orbs; I figure it is my friend Caroline.
No one else has those flaming chestnut curls she has not managed to hide.
“It’s wonderful!” she whispers to me...Read More
Categories: puma, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, love,
Form: Lyric
Premium Member Love to be Eaten By a Puma
The puma is so sleek and black
I have no doubt he’d break my back
And carry me off to feed his cubs
They would love my fat and chubs.

The puma would come in the night
And grab my neck and hold me tight
I...Read More
Categories: puma, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member I Only Compare Myself to Six
I only compare myself to six 
Trixie is fierce and independent
Biting and clawing her way to the top
of the totem pole
in the form of a hawk
We back off and let her be

Faerie Queen is a good girl,
doing what she can...Read More
Categories: puma, self,
Form: Free verse
I tried to cage the muse
I tried to cage the silverbird
I tried to hide the puma
I tried to hide the eagle
I tried to hide the art in I
I tried to pen just but a little

The cumulative pressure
The cumulative effect
I almost...Read More
Categories: puma, deep, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, meaningful,
Form: Narrative

Premium Member Let The Animal Band Commence
Animal kingdom was invited to join the forest meadow
Band orchestrated by the deniable dictator, diabolical gorilla king
Causing loads of premature bragging from delighted grand-animals.
Deliriously enthusiastic orangutans began to show off their voice prowess.
Excited flocks, herds, and murders flooded to the...Read More
Categories: puma, animal, fun, humorous,
Form: Abecedarian
Premium Member Fidgety Cats And Feline Pets
                     Fidgety Cats And Feline Pets

              ...Read More
Categories: puma, cat, parody,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Medicine, Solace

I know the Bear.
     watcher, courage
I know the Snake.
     wisdom of initiation

I know the Wolf.
I know a pack of 'em.
  ...Read More
Categories: puma, animal, bird, mythology, native american,
Form: Free verse
vegan of convenience
I'm a Tree Huggin', Soy Chuggin',
I won't eat no meat
I'm a vegan of convenience,
Still, there's leather on my feet
I don't believe in lots of things
I'll protest and attack
But you won't find me out in front
'Cause I'll be in the back
I...Read More
Categories: puma, animal, community, confusion, food, nature, passion, philosophy,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Pampered Pussy
They call me pampered pussy,
“Such a PRETTY pet!” they purr,
All they see’s a funny feline,
Just a friend with fluffy fur.

Hear me humans! I AM HUNTER!
I am leopard, lynx and lion,
I am panther, I am puma,
I will eyeball you with iron!
I’m...Read More
Categories: puma, cat, fun, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Alliteration
Humourless Puma
One day I met a big black puma
whom definitely lost its humour
I showed it silly tricks
the puma licked its lips
became an unwanted consumer.

Composed 8/24/2017.
Animal nonsense contest.
Sponsored by Kevin Shaw....Read More
Categories: puma, animal, humor, nonsense,
Form: Rhyme

I'm coming in with a hunga munga
Near and far from any rotunda
Going in and out the umbra
While close and beyond yucca
Across desert, grassland, forest and tundra

Now I'm wielding a katar
And scimitar
On par
Ready to spar
Time I raise the bar

Next I'll use...Read More
Categories: puma, dark, fun, perspective, poetry, rap, word play,
Form: Rhyme

I never wanted to be a bunny, I’m not playing this game
I’d reconsider a puma: a lion with a frightening mane
But that’s not my fate, I’m a bunny, a defenseless toy
Other creatures have...Read More
Categories: puma, allegory, allusion, desire, fun, funny, giggle, scary,
Form: Rhyme
Walking my Tiger home
Walking my Tiger home, if only I had known
in the small print of the sale there was a claws
in a nutshell it was leading to instructions about feeding
if I'd have known I would have stopped to think and paws.
Fur this...Read More
Categories: puma, animal, humor, tiger,
Form: Rhyme
Alaskan train
The dense smell in air is sobering 
But pleasant 
You can feel it in your nose
Your mind and soul

You know it is a smell of wonder
It’s coming from nearby meadow vast as sea
The smell of fresh air coming from horizon’s...Read More
Categories: puma, adventure, travel,
Form: Free verse
The coppers alive in time to tame star
Cobra-cobrae and the eagle screeches
The silver eagle screeches once more
As the star falls on his feet -then flees
Then flees from the hand of the law..
They pursue not for he was on duty
The eagle...Read More
Categories: puma, deep, parody, power,
Form: Narrative
A Compilation of Fickle Foolish Footles

Bad-ass old bear:

Dachshund making critical life choices:

Cougar from Arizona:
 ...Read More
Categories: puma, funny,
Form: Footle
A visit to a zoo
Zebras are stripy I’m sure you can see,
Yaks chewing cud as slow as can be, 
X-ray tetra in the aquarium are seen,
Warthogs with curly, white tusks that gleam,
Vertebrates aplenty, some invertebrates too,
Usually are seen at a visit to a zoo.
Tapirs...Read More
Categories: puma, animal,
Form: ABC

Eagles soar in the Sky but this one
Is wounded Lying near a fire 
Mystique pick it up and put it in a bush
hopefully it will recover its strength

Angels abode in heaven but this one
has been poisoned in the cages of...Read More
Categories: puma, allusion, angel, mystery, religious, senses,
Form: Blank verse
I arrived at gadgados 
today TD our receptionist
is on leave and i have to multitask
between HR and customer care desk

We did lose the keys to the washrooms
turns out the HR forgot and they ended
accompanying her home.. as we are almost
giving...Read More
Categories: puma, humor, introspection, mystery, work,
Form: Narrative
My Stalker
Eyes, burning into me;
Leaving shivers as they strike
Then look away.

Anger, hanging around me;
Chokingly thick in the air
Like a steamy summer smog.

Movement, quickening near me;
Stalking my ever motion-
A puma awaiting its prey.

Sound, slamming through me;
Warning that the time
Is now at hand.

Okay,...Read More
Categories: puma, hilarious, marriage, satire,
Form: Free verse

As big as border,
Shape as like breast,
Cause our Earth too our mother.
The place so green,
A beauty so perfect,
A place know to be Log,
A trees too many,
A place so clean,
A river so pure,
But almost one of the hollowness,
A mountain so high,
A...Read More
Categories: puma, poetry,
Form: Light Verse
Footles for the Birds and the Beasts
Bad-ass old bear:

Cougar from Arizona:

Cowardly Cock-a-Doodle-Doer:

Un-cool Terrier:

Larcenous bird:

Slave-driving beaver:
Dam it
Damn it!

...Read More
Categories: puma, animal, funny,
Form: Footle
A Sense of Humor Part 1 of 2
" A Sense of Humor ... "

( A Satirical Moral )

'Somewhere,  There's A Sense of Humor'
Said The Jack In The Box
'We Keep A Sense of Humor'
Said The Gambler's Tokens At The Slots

'I Don't Like Your Sense of Humor'
Said The...Read More
Categories: puma, funny, humor, humorous,
Form: Free verse
Economic Theory
Economic Grows Theory  
A forest is beautiful to look at, it also has animals jumping 
about not being productive for our common good.
So we chop down the trees and make timber, never mind 
the animals they are dangerous anyway;...Read More
Categories: puma, humor,
Form: Blank verse