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Chicago Prose Poetry Poems

These Chicago Prose Poetry poems are examples of Prose Poetry poems about Chicago. These are the best examples of Prose Poetry Chicago poems written by international poets.

The Kindness
The sun
sliding toward the west on a ruby strip,
the tired sky sighs
sunlight bouquets,
open dawns from dawn
they start to draw their shutters,
from the subway, a great...

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Categories: america, business, chicago, poetry,

The cycle of the Genesis
The same mask
firmly held on the face
with a strong wrist,
no chills, no regrets, no shaking!
Nights in turn I wondered,
what is hidden behind the mask,
to discover:...

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Categories: 8th grade, america, appreciation,

Premium Member STUCK ON BELIEFS Gives me the Creeps
Gives me the Creeps

People Laugh and get "tickled pink" when I respond to them by saying "I have forgotten more than...

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Categories: community, creation, deep, emotions,

Wish you were here.
Walk with me in my heart, My Love...

I was expecting more noise on a Saturday night,
But the wind wasn't even up.
(I was...

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Categories: chicago, funny, music, night,

Premium Member Gangs Owned The Block
I started my teaching career in a Chicago middle school as a sub.
Our cars were locked up so they would not be vandalized during the...

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Categories: perspective,

Later That Summer

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Categories: anxiety, emotions, lost love,

Where Is Clark Street

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Categories: addiction, america, care, chicago,

Chicago Fire Of '68
I clocked out and headed for home before the darkness came.
From the street bus I witnessed mayhem, and felt so strange.
Like the actions of an...

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Categories: america, anger, community, hero,

City Kids
From New York City to LA; New Orleans to Chicago and Minneapolis             ...

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Categories: abuse, america, chicago, children,

My Maverick

There she was in plain view, clean, brightly colored, and not undercover.
As nice as she was, I don’t know why she was still there and...

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Categories: car,

My Chicago Bike
My Chicago Bike
By Curtis Johnson

There was once a Christmas past,               ...

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Categories: chicago, child, childhood, leaving,

One Unforgettable Cry
One Unforgettable Cry
By Curtis Johnson

It was  late in January when I received a call from Chicago
A younger sister called one day and said, “Please...

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Categories: bereavement, emotions, family, farewell,

Hot Southern Nights

During the time before television came to our home,                ...

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Categories: america, baseball, father, games,

The Chicago Cure
The Chicago Cure
By Curtis Johnson

They came tired and torn, weary and worn
They came male and female, straight and gay
They came high and hooked, homeless and...

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Categories: addiction, chicago, drug,

Forward In The 60's
rd In The 60's
By Curtis Lee Johnson 

In the rural South, sometimes life was cruel 
Robbery from the poor was legal via dirt cheap labor


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Categories: chicago, dedication, history,

Fathe Bob
Father Bob
By Curtis Johnson

In Chicago, by the early 70’s, many great churches had taken flight
Off to the suburbia they went, seeking refuse from crime and...

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Categories: addiction, chicago, christian, faith,

My Lost Legacy

At the land’s end I stand, like my ancestors of Indus-Valley
Looking for my lost legacy, while the tri-sea emitted in hue
Dishes once prepared...

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Categories: anxiety, desire, dream, lost,

Hilary Rodham Clinton

Angel moved to and fro in Chicago, Illinois
Edgewater Hospital door opened
Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham was received
Travailed for a contributor to American she bore
Suddenly Hilary Diane...

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Categories: art,

jane doe ll
she  beckoned my soul i sat in fear 
nothing to focus on except writing a tear 
she busted through the window to her surprise

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Categories: art, fear, writing, me,

nineteen fabel part two
Hendrix was the best on the guitar that eye have ever saw and the star spangled 
banner made by this strang black man became my...

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Categories: devotion, faith, music, fun,