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Truth Prose Poems

These Truth Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Truth. These are the best examples of Prose Truth poems written by international poets.

Be Happy in the Now
What’s the use of crying, in a Yesterday that’s gone?
What’s the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and...

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Categories: god, inspirational, philosophy, spiritual,



             Eggplant is eggplant!

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Categories: prose, allusion, poetry,

God equals to Happiness
We all want to be Happy
We pray to God for bliss
But where does God truly live
This point we sadly miss

God is not on a distant...

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Categories: god, happiness, inspirational, spiritual,

Premium Member Doctors Office
Doctor Office Office

Your nerves will be tested today
just to see what state they are in.
You see I'm in a doctor's office,
and a woman is making...

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Categories: how i feel,

before your eyes
you withdraw more
than you put in
overdrawn now
yet once again
checks and balance
just won't solve
red lines, black numbers
slowly dissolve

the statement here
before your eyes
columns long
many equations
that don't add...

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© Jo Bien  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, introspection,

Premium Member 1984 Epilogue
Announcement to all Outer Party members:

Winston Smith is dead.  He is an unperson. 

It is rumored that some of you have been infected by...

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Categories: atheist,

Premium Member How Can The Blinded Ever Bear To See
How Can The Blinded Ever Bear To See

Above drudgery of this life
skies just begging to be seen
sun sends its warmth and its hello
to a humanity...

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Categories: prose, art, culture, deep, humanity,

Non Grata
You tell them, that a poet has lost his words.
You tell them, I never thought being numb could hurt.

If I was to lay back and...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love,

Premium Member Of Storied Memories

Standing here in the mind of mine
passing through and over time
pulling out thoughts sublime:
sorrow, hate, pain, joy, love, sanity--
all the mould character of my humanity;


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Categories: prose, africa, allegory, america, analogy,


Freedom, like truth, is far from being
a virgin; abused, raped, polluted and left
to whither, die and decay. But these two sisters
ape the wind, water, and...

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Categories: prose, abuse, allegory, analogy, black

Dissecting The Declaration of Independence
Dissect is a no-nonsense word, meaning to cut up, to cut open, to examine in detail.  My first recalled encounter with dissecting took place...

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Categories: america,

I called
I called but you did not answer me,
You spoke a language I did not understand.
I reached for you and we touched fingertips, 
Then swiftly you...

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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, angst, boyfriend,

Premium Member BEYOND THE BOX
Interesting how societal role models embraces its inherent precepts during its ever-growing emotional spiral towards a sensitive spectrum of humanity as I perceive our future...

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Categories: analogy, future, hope, imagination,

The Dance
There is one who hung the stars in place.
Who set the cosmos like a timepiece 
In sure rotation across the velvet sky.

He saw his reflection...

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Categories: prose, angel, christian, faith, night,

How much it pains to be so lost
Maps and arrows, just blur my thoughts.
For truth be told, I know not what I sought
Yet my mind...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: conflict, i am, identity,

I lost
She is mighty.
Brave, powerful and one of a kind.
She is every thought that flows my lonely mind.
I, a stone that resides,
deep within her heart.

It is...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: 11th grade, love,

mr flim flam
Hey son of an evil witch
I got a hitch A big gun of a sitch' 
I saw you kissing Karla  
Under the umbrella of...

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Categories: prose, humor,

Premium Member O' That Our Sad And Vain Glories Wouldst Suffice
O' That Our Sad And Vain Glories Wouldst Suffice

O' that our sad and vain glories wouldst suffice
to soothe our nightmare moods, their poisoned queries
angry shadows...

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Categories: art, deep, growth, humanity,

The truth is clear.
like a sunny day!
The lie is dark.
like deep cave ...

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Categories: prose, prayer, truth, wisdom, words,

Premium Member HIATUS
Parked alongside a dark road,
Street lights will soon herald it to life,
It is a quarter to six, I pull out a cigarette,
Flicked my lighter for...

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Categories: addiction, anxiety, depression, drug,