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Slam Prose Poems

These Slam Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Slam. These are the best examples of Prose Slam poems written by international poets.

Dotard Trumpery handpicking Joshua Trump
Dotard Trumpery used to detest the "ery" excrescence ending his surname,
for its apocope he approached Megan Trump and poached her maiden name,
to which Joshua Trump,...

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Categories: prose, abuse, slam,

Watermelon Gum: A Poem About Identity Crisis's In The City
The words “watermelon gum” and “stifling heat” shouldn’t be synonymous with the sentiments that ripped me to shreds during the month of July--and although all...

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Categories: prose, 11th grade, anger, anxiety,

Pen Paper Couple- 4th Anniversary Special Poem
They call my style old boring art 
But please tell me what they know about me? 
When I say “slam” everybody looks at me and...

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Categories: prose, art, career, dream, poetry,

I looked at my watch and it was quarter to three.
you were on your back where you wanted to be,
I had to wake you from...

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Categories: power, space, travel,

Fake vs reality
Fighting between fake and reality
The first day when I sign up in Earth
With the vast terms and conditions, now I’ve lost
Terms were issued in hospital...

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© Raj Ranjit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, lonely, loss, lost, mirror,

Premium Member Dear Awakening Poet
Dear Awakening Poet

	Do not fall into the trap of succumbing to “Modern” as a type of  poetry.  Write as if the ink would...

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Categories: poetry, writing,

Women's World Part 2
If you try to tell me that I’m just being a drama queen, the silent screams that suffocate my thoughts might just escape from my...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, art, slam, society,

Women's World Part 1
Apparently, we’re living in a women’s world. Yes, we’re way better off than we were fifty years ago, but that doesn’t mean that sexism is...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, art, slam, society,

Poetry Slam
When I was younger so much younger than today, I used to go to lots of poetry events. There was something called Red Sky that...

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Categories: prose, angst, culture, how i

Ballad of a Hermit Crab
Endless curse, my love for you
A dirty life, my ritual of solitude
Quiet days and empty nights
Foggy mornings and everything that comes with lack of sleep


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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression,

Why Little Girl Screams--Manchester Terrorist Attach

An innocent small girl is crying on the roadside
her face seems very candid and
expressions look naïve, but
nobody knows the cause of her sadness and 

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Categories: prose, baby, child, death, humanity,

Premium Member The Crowd That Is Me - Mental Hospital 4
It is a strange inner world, if you live there alone. In me eight boys hide, a couple of villains, some discarded toys, screeching birds,...

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Categories: prose, angst, anxiety, humorous, mental

Stained glass
Bleeds rainbow
Over dust particles
Of sun
Rains colour
On my head

Deep organ
Fists slam
Feet stamp
Pounds music
Rattles my stomach

Voice booms
Speaks words
To ears detached
From reality

Sadness, gaiety,
Melancholy, questions
Happiness, silliness
States of mind

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Categories: prose, analogy, deep, imagery, introspection,

Artists Are Humans Too 'Part 1
 I was thinking that  maybe it isn't the right time to talk about my feelings, but I've had enough of pretending that I'm...

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Categories: depression, loneliness, poets, sad,

Premium Member Hang Man
   This has been a hot minute to say the cold hard truth. I second that! Glasses full of hours turn hands into...

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Categories: prose, adventure, analogy, conflict, imagery,

I was 19 when I shook my first fistful of poetry at His Grace, "The Editor".
Each page carefully pre-crafted for His consideration.
My genesis of pain...

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Categories: prose, conflict, poetry, slam, spoken

Romance is a beautiful pain
Another long night ahead, into the creeping dawn.
Consumed with literary prowess screaming expletives behind my eyes,

 Lit solely under humming tungsten vibes, worlds collide...

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Categories: prose, angst, beautiful, desire, romance,

Those women
Boys boys boys boys

She has red hair
She was blonde last month
She maybe another next month, next week, or tomorrow 
She loves them boys
She always goes...

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Categories: prose, slam, woman, , cute,

Too Many Contradictions
I never understood people who claim that,
they “believe in God”, but not in his creations…
Angels, demons, spirits or that all animals have souls.

Why many who...

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Categories: corruption, environment, evil, philosophy,

A Nightmare
I dreamed I was on board a ship; the night was absolute darkness, I could only hear the massive body of water than engulfed this...

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Categories: prose, dark, dream,