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Philosophy Prose Poems

These Philosophy Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Philosophy. These are the best examples of Prose Philosophy poems written by international poets.

Where is the magic?
We all start out knowing magic. 
We are born with hurricanes 
and whirlwinds, oceans 
and galaxies inside us.
We are able to sing...

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Categories: prose, dream, feelings, humorous, inspirational

Be Happy in the Now
What’s the use of crying, in a Yesterday that’s gone?
What’s the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?
Why not live in bliss and...

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Categories: god, inspirational, philosophy, spiritual,

Night Of Glorious Moonlight
Night, this night of glorious moonlight,
it’s silvery rays fingering down to Gaia’s breast  
are euphoria to the soul.
Mother Moon sings her songs of loving

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Categories: appreciation, moon, nature, philosophy,

When I am dead
When I am dead and eulogized,
Then just pretend I never lived.
Assume I never crossed your path,
But have no doubt I never loved.

Search for graves that...

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Categories: prose, philosophy,

Undue love of money

undue love of power

undue "religion of matter"

usury unchecked


murder, subterfuge:

foul powers that be

---  cabal-loving and lynching-loving ---

divide and conquer...

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Categories: prose, philosophy, political, power, religion,

beginning and end
is a seed of revolution 
and it comes on the chariot 
of evolution; the beginning of the 
creation is an obscuring egg 
of our...

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Categories: philosophy,

Never join the wrong appreciaton
It’s not what you are that is holding you back. 
It’s what you think you are not....

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Categories: appreciation, education, introspection, philosophy,

   There is a line to be written
between the present and the future
in the middle of it there is a past
who does not...

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Categories: prose, fate, philosophy, wisdom,

Life And Love
life is meaningful
when happy and sorrow
hugs it together
and life enjoys these lively

tears spit snidely
since the birth of
life story…..
tears rejoice complementarily
since the birth of
life story…..

love when...

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Categories: prose, life, love, philosophy,

Consciousness Rising
Vibrations of the universe; 
vibrations of the soul; 
the artist experiences harmonic convergence, 
every day.

Universal mind to soul mind; 
the golden thread is a pipeline;...

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Categories: appreciation, art, inspiration, introspection,

Too Many Cooks
They say that,
“too many cooks, spoil the soup”;
indeed, they spoil everything.

Political cooks, halfway cook the meal; 
leaving raw, tough meat and chewy bread; 
they bicker...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, introspection,

Premium Member Thoughts on My Mindfulness
Mindfulness. . . what know I of mindfulness?
My mind is full of many things,
but unfortunately for me, that is not the meaning of mindfulness!

So, am...

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Categories: philosophy,

Credo Of An Old Soul
I love my family but am not wholeheartedly committed to them.

I am significantly detached from society as a whole itself.

I shall always embrace my inner...

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Categories: character, faith, inspirational, philosophy,

The Authors book
Metatron’s secretarial skills, translating, recording Akashic; a vigilant worker, indeed!
Every soul is an author; the greatest literary compendium, the book of life, is written by...

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Categories: angel, god, heaven, introspection,

But For Now
It’s surreal,
that in-between where, 
life stares down death.

One minute you’re facing eternity; 
the next the realization that 
you’re not in control.

In that reality,
life seems insignificant,

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Categories: allusion, conflict, death, health,

Its all in the Burning
A candle burns its life away; 
sacrifice to it, is sweet; 
it is a candle’s lot in life.

Candles gift, a light dark cloaked; 
beacon burning...

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Categories: dark, hope, introspection, light,

Do I Walk or I Walk Me

Suddenly I stopped
inspired by a questioning thought;
am I walking or I’m walking me?
Am I a becoming or a being?
The whole system called I or he...

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Categories: prose, philosophy, spiritual,

Alone, free
No need to tell lies,

no need to do "what one 

does want not to do";

solitary, but not lost,

rather, found, finally alive

in a nobler dream,

before a...

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Categories: prose, emotions, passion, philosophy, religion,

Heavenly echoes
bouncing through -

wild, verdant hills,

Imperishable Trees,

all down the Valley,

Motion in Rest....

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Categories: prose, meaningful, nature, peace, philosophy,

Creation Herself
Born in suffering, to Wisdom,

She stops, to look back,

Her bad Karma to avoid....

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Categories: prose, philosophy, religion, symbolism,