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Pets Prose Poems

These Pets Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Pets. These are the best examples of Prose Pets poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Comes the Night
Evening Hours 

An azure sky is being defeated 
by a shadow world where
a persistent half-moon is already
making its way up the silken expanses 
of blackest...

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Categories: prose, poetry, write,

Premium Member Yeah, We Got A New Puppy
Yeah, We Got A New Puppy

Yeah, we got a new puppy 
And oh boy some of the other dogs are just not happy 
We have...

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Categories: pets,

Premium Member El Gato, The Cat Speaking

I am your cat.
I turn my back to you.
You do not own me
though I sleep on your bed.
I choose cozy, comfortable spots to be in.

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Categories: prose, courage, cute love, food,

Dream Series: My Vegetable Garden
Last night I dreamed I was weeding my vegetable garden in the Drive-in theater, while people wandered back and forth from snack bar to their...

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Categories: prose, animal, dog, dream, food,

My Cute Video
Imagine I posted a cute video. Dog looking intensely at something, or it might not be a dog, the video is shaky and fuzzy, maybe...

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Categories: prose, culture, dog, film, fun,

Premium Member My Fairy Tale World
My Fairy Tale World  #97

My Fairy Tale World
I think the time has come for a new fairy tale,
Not just goblins, faeries and elves. 

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Categories: fairy,

My Global Warming Theory

This morning, I was thinking about global warming and the high probability of flooding in the state of Florida, and out of control wildfires in...

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Categories: prose, anxiety, change, earth, environment,

Making Reservations
My fellow humans, did you know that the eternal city was so huge?            ...

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Categories: prose, bible, christian, faith, heaven,

Premium Member Inside Outdoor Voices
Just as honesty plants seeds of integrity
so too
vulnerability plants seeds of honesty.

My primary vocation
in this my gay grandfatherly retiring age
is to parent mindbody challenged adolescents

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Categories: prose, environment, family, health, love,

Thirty years ago, multi-floral rose and 
fruit laden wild berry bushes could be
found in abundance everywhere around here. 
Native grasses provided shelter
to the ground nesters...

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Categories: anger, how i feel,

Premium Member IT'S A SULLY DAY

Packed in like tuna, full cigarette pack, times square on Christmas day.
This, though, was the last man standing - dollar theater, showing

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Categories: prose, adventure, christmas, hero,

What Is Love
Why do we feel love?
Do we even know what loves is?
How do you know when we’re in love?
Does anyone really know?
Songs have been sung about...

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art, , romantic love,

Center of Our Lives
~ Center of Our Lives ~ 310 Words Exactly ~

Stars glimmer, 
oh the grandeur

kneeling up low, steady  
praying on my left soleus 
down waiting...

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© James Long  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art, beautiful, celebration, crush,

Premium Member Dear Neighbors
Dear neighbors,

I realize we have not met,
other than the guy next door
but that doesn't really count
cause that was just to put up a fence between...

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Categories: prose, baptism, health, heart, humor,

Premium Member Holy StandUp Matters
In April of this year I began preparing a new organic gardening patch,
planning to have it ready for next year's expansion from a too-small garden

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Categories: prose, culture, garden, health, humanity,

Mary And Uppity

It was on a Friday night, and my entire family
went out for dinner at an ‘all you can eat buffet’.

My brother is 9 and loves...

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Categories: anger, animal, anxiety, cat,



In an airy spring afternoon-                

I float by...

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Categories: prose, how i feel,




The storm - from where, it comes

Why - comes, it ?        Where, it goes ?

When -...

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Categories: prose, nature,

Premium Member Spot Takes Teacher for a Walk

	You're so handsome, the best-looking one 
	in town. More importantly, I've never known 
	anyone so loyal! You truly are man's--I mean 
	MY--best friend. Now, now!...

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Categories: prose, love, pets,

Where Do I Belong
Where do I belong?
Life spent caring for others,
Family, friends, neighbors ,
Along with pets and plants.
Is there a place called 'Here'?
A secret place called 'There'?
Love my private time...

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Categories: caregiving, feelings, home, lonely,