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Mythology Prose Poems

These Mythology Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Mythology. These are the best examples of Prose Mythology poems written by international poets.

Divine, O Ganga
The holy and sacred river of India,
Starts its coarse and lumpy journey from the all mighty and staunchest Himalayas. 

Its creation and origin from the...

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Categories: prose, beautiful, blessing, devotion, river,

King of Peace
My body is a mirror, a vessel plated with crushed diamonds--in the autumn whenever an aspen tree enters through my bedroom window, I try to...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, autumn, gender, happiness,

Umbilicus Severed
Each of us is an infant seized
In the moment of labor spent.
We each are Samson, stained, restrained,
Chained between the pillars that confine us.
The womb of...

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Categories: prose, birth, mythology, philosophy, surreal,

Not A Serious Discussion of Doctrine
"Does god take a daily shytte?"
"Of course not."
"But I thought god could do anything."
"He can."
"Even take a shytte?"
"I suppose so."
"Would it be magic shytte? Should...

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Categories: prose, atheist, christian, hindi, islamic,

The Minds of Mina and Eunice
Mi: Does God eat his boogers? 
Eu: No of course God doesn't eat his boogers.
Mi: But I thought God could do anything.
Eu: Well he could...

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Categories: prose, funny, humor, mythology, philosophy,

Perched near the volcano
these radiating, seemingly 
endless rows of dust-choked porticoes
in the bustling Roman forum.

Receding to the vanishing point:

sun-drenched streets,
Ways to, hours for due mythology;

busy temples; gleaming marble...

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Categories: prose, philosophy, religion, symbolism,

Excerpt from Deva Gemini
He is like no other...... Only one....... yet one other may have the intelligence to understand, to understand him, his mind, his motives, his reincarnations...

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Categories: prose, allegory, destiny, mythology,

The Last Spike

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Categories: prose, butterfly, endurance, family, hilarious,

Premium Member Spring Gardens

Nemesis of well tended graveyards
flourish with abundant life—
luscious with nourishing reward.
Birds and worms feast without strife:

basking in the sun are ripe red tomatoes;
rivaled only by...

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Categories: prose, analogy, beauty, environment, garden,

Amor Fati
~Amor Fati~

Justin Richter

It is no wonder, looking up at the cosmos,
That they worshipped the Gods -
The diviners of Reason
And the theologians of old.

But how devout...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, beautiful, faith, god,

Death has come to me
In the guise of an illness
Calling out to me
In an old name
A name, I have not heard
Since I was a child


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© CJ Krieger  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, boat, music, mythology, stars,

July 25th Day of Time Out
On July 25 walking up the mountain that is sacred to the Wamapoke in PA,
since I could not make it to the Mayan Temples in...

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© Mel Brake  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, earth, faith, holiday, mountains,

 Surmised, assumed 
 Foreboding shadows brood 
 Like omens without mediums 
 Their strange impressions loom

 Blind they seem 
 Gloating as they gleam...

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Categories: prose, mystery, mythology,

Come by the Sword Die by the Sword
The Bard of the Norseman
A warrior’s fame and for glory all Norseman live worthy of life
Worthy the Norseman with warring axe to victory and spilt...

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Categories: prose, adventure, hero, history, mythology,

I wish he would let me
Look upon his face
As I wish to bask in
The glory of his grace

Him above confuses me
The multiplicity of names
For the...

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Categories: prose, god,

The Dark Alley
It is a dark world they inhabit, dark and filled with a flood of blood.
Many bodies lay entangled, red and dark. Confused with the creator,

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Categories: prose, introspectiondark, dark,