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Murder Prose Poems

These Murder Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Murder. These are the best examples of Prose Murder poems written by international poets.

On Abortion
A society that legislates
To murder its own children 
Is destined to destroy itself. 


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© W.A. CHOLT  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abortion, murder, society,

Who Are You and Why Are You Here
One day when life was full of peace

My mentor said something to tease
Who are you? Why are you here?
What is your life's purpose, my dear?

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Categories: prose, death, i am,

A Cosmic Drama
Nothing is real; it's a Cosmic Drama
We are just actors; we come and we go
There will be laughter; there will be tears
Such is the Cosmic...

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Categories: prose, allah, allusion, angel, anniversary,

The truth
As I sit and wonder what did I do, Captive me the animal locked in this zoo, Ahh! the truth if they only new, How...

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, crazy, dark, death, evil,

Often I wonder why me? So many others get to be free, Is there a reason I just cant see? They get to decide my...

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© jay moore  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, crazy, dark, evil, horror,


I was called to testify
For a murder that took place.
There is no other evidence,
My word decides his fate.

The crime must fit the punishment,
Burden of proof,...

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Categories: prose, wisdom,

Premium Member Lunch With Bobby
My dad died in the mountains when I was six.
First words out of his mouth, a new boy, unknown to me.
How old are you now?...

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Categories: prose, child, life,

Premium Member Inspiration From Marlee Bee
Inspiration comes disguised in a variety of ways.  News stories. Flash floods. A crying child in a grocery store.  A person sitting along...

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Categories: prose, inspiration, inspirational,

Id Like To Shake The Hand
Who defined
“certifiably insane”?
You see, it too closely 
defines those who are
running this world.

The place where technology steals jobs; 
Airplanes, crash more than they fly; 

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Categories: allusion, anger, corruption, how

Premium Member Holiday Mercy

Easter and Remembering King
Are both gone—Today
Another child is shot in the back.
A mother plays his last message
By phone—Another son murdered
For being black.

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Categories: prose, america, angst, black african

The Kitten and the Baby Chick
"Give me a ride across the barnyard," said the baby chick. The baby kitten said, "If I do that, you may peck my brains out."...

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Categories: prose, animal, betrayal, bird, cat,

Slipping on Appeal

 (  as an after dinner wonder mint ) 

It's a park but there's no grass because everyone's slipping on appeal.
Everyone has cameras...

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Categories: prose, i love you,

Love affairs, wars, depression, gastronomy, obsession,
weight loss, job loss, don't give a toss, Bill Goss,
arguments, instalments, increments, incidents,
discension, derision, indecision, my pension.

Bad looking, dodgy cooking,...

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Categories: hate, murder, political, violence,

Away In A Manger
When I was ten, no one had more sympathy
for the plight of Mary and Joseph.
No room at the inn, and waters about to break?
That was...

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Categories: christmas,

The Perfect Gift


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Categories: bible, christian, christmas, giving,

Reflection of the Blade
I just don't understand why I am here at the police station
They tell me they brought me in to question me on what I might...

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© Lanaia Lee  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, analogy, crazy, dark, encouraging,

when you know only one thing
we met when we were seven years old, and you showed me how you can set ants on fire with your sister's lighter. i knew...

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Categories: addiction, childhood, dark, death,

8 ball
you show me your room and i never thought that i would be here, in the living space (the music space, the sleeping space, the...

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Categories: adventure, angel, beautiful, love,

War Will Get Its' Due
Golem war…go away!
You have worn out your welcome 
and over-fed, death’s belly;
as world leaders, 
have over-fed, on you.

A creation of evil minds;
brought you into being.

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Categories: horror, military, murder, violence,

Keep playing the Songs
Grasping her ticket, she's had since Christmas, in delicate hand.
"Will it still be on Dad?"
and with a forced smile I reply,
"Yes my love"
They can't murder...

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Categories: prose, anger, conflict, daughter, love,