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Lost Love Prose Poems

These Lost Love Prose poems are examples of poetry about Lost Love Prose. These are the best examples of Prose Lost Love poems written by international poets.

Bona fide
I hope he leaves you eternal, as I have too.
Perhaps long after my chest has calmed,
they will speak these words of you.
Though, words are too...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love, love,

Ad Infinitum
How sad, to be lost in a world where it is ever dark.
How tragic, to not see art.
To sink, when petals float,
to think, when the...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: lost love, love,

As the violent waves caress the stones,
the breeze blows the drowned to shore.
For the Earth it never seems to calm,
if a rose lures to bite...

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© Zeki Majed  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: deep, depression, lost love,

Dense love
Days are slow nights so peaceful
The hate is leaving not quite as vengeful
The hurt remains as scars always do
Ur image fades the longer I go...

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Categories: blessing, divorce, emotions, lost

And I Lost Her
Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines
The night wind revolves in the sky and sings.

Sitting alone,On a bench that's made for two,
Only one side is...

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Categories: prose, addiction, how i feel,

A Willowy wisp
A Willowy wisp of nights dark scent
My Rose colored glasses have loss their tint
Love came and I wish I could say has went
But loves not...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, deep, devotion,

Premium Member I want to love a bonnie girl
I want to love a bonnie girl

I am dreaming of dear Scotland again,
once my pretty Sheena and I,
we were drunk in love.

We knew wanderlust of...

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Categories: prose, lost love, love, sad,

Present with you
In a situation of dilemma,
It's holy ambiance or miasma..
You're in thoughts, you're in book,
I find you in every person, wherever I look.
This situation is...

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Categories: prose, break up, god, lost

Premium Member The raven and the coyote
The Raven and the Coyote
The Raven watched the moon. Her interest awoken by the sitting Coyote on the mountain ridge. The Coyote was the...

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Categories: prose, dance, heart, lost love,

Premium Member Love story
Love story

You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your...

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Categories: prose, lost love, love, meaningful,

To Orange
To Orange,
I've been dreaming, dreaming lately.
How things seemed so sure back then.
How love wasn't a flashback of the days.
How your kindness was taken for granted.

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Categories: prose, 12th grade, age, desire,


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Categories: prose, death of a friend,

Premium Member Episodes of Love

You left but are not gone;
like an amputation—gone
but still here.
When love is experienced,
it is always.

Lost love is as a raindrop
in a puddle.
An evaporated puddle 

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Categories: prose, analogy, imagery, lost love,

Premium Member Lost Love

this outcrop of rock
sits heavily in the scheme of things 
the village square is spooked 
by trees that are in constant motion

these incontinent isobars
crisscross the...

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© Tony Kirk  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, lost love,

I Had Love Thee
Tears rain from eyes
For now I know that you lied
But I had believed in you when you said forever

I never thought we would be apart...

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Categories: prose, black love, care, girlfriend,

The Glass
The Glass

The wine sparkled in the glass,
As he lifted it toward the light,            ...

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Categories: death, lost love, wine,

Premium Member Translation of Catherine Lara's Awesome Night by T Wignesan
Nuit magique (Awesome Night)
Catherine Lara

(A lilting catchy French tune with a " barbed " message addressed to oneself or to any damsel in distress. Free...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, loneliness, lost love, miss

November, 93
Twas like every November before it, 
But this one came with an air of uncertainty,
For the drums of celebrations had halted in may.
When Owen celebrated...

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Categories: prose, life, lonely, loss, lost

The remnants of her love

I had my chance 
And somehow I blew it
I know that you love me too
As much as I love you

The keyboards on our computer
Can only...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, devotion, lost love,

Still I Am Not-2

When I read “Bolo, Bolo, Bolo” 
poem by Promothnath Bishi 
underneath the dome of hay- 
that time you peeped me.
From behind you I had been...

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Categories: prose, how i feel, lost