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Imagination Prose Poems

These Imagination Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Imagination. These are the best examples of Prose Imagination poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Give me the Unruly Child with Lots of Energy
Evilness has not reared his head in my world.
I know nothing of it, really, and do not pretend to.
The devilish ways of mischievous mites and...

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Categories: prose, school, teacher, teachers day,

Creative Process
 Writing is therapy,
medicine for my 
inner child;
my soul.

Past abuses, terrors,
inner monsters,
conquered with a simple pen.

I face demons,
cowards who run away
when enlightenment’s sword swings.

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Categories: art, how i feel,

Blue Waterways
Blue waterfalls run cold
in silvery moonlight’s beams;
a deer drinks river water;
cooled and refreshed,
leaps into the black forest.

Blue waterways run wild
like, hyena across the panorama
of scrub...

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Categories: nature, ocean, poems, poetry,

My Ink Blot Flew Away
Antique fountain pens, I love;
magic wands of the finest make.
I love to collect and repair these 
treasures, for my own creative

For my poetry, oh, how...

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Categories: appreciation, art, imagery, imagination,

If your mindset isn't producing the wettest type of wet, you've forgotten how to dream. How to fall asleep in one state and arise in...

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Categories: prose, writing,

Premium Member Churriana
  something stirred in this place, long long ago
  presence lingering
  half-hidden haven on the crowding hillside
  enchanted enclave

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, allegory, imagery, ireland, places,

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, meditating and drifting away to the lullaby of the ocean. The waves gently clap against the...

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Categories: beach, imagery, journey, ocean,

Premium Member RE: POETRYSOUP

What makes a poet, be a poet?
What makes a pilot, be a pilot?
What makes a janitor, be a janitor?
Circumstances bears some weight.
Determination will unlock doors...

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Categories: prose, appreciation, character, devotion, imagination,

Premium Member BEYOND THE BOX
Interesting how societal role models embraces its inherent precepts during its ever-growing emotional spiral towards a sensitive spectrum of humanity as I perceive our future...

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Categories: analogy, future, hope, imagination,

Premium Member Let Your Imagination Take Flight
Dear budding poet, 

Modern poetry is an evolutionary process. A poet never really stops growing and learning. Even the most seasoned of poets can discover...

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Categories: encouraging, inspirational, meaningful,

Premium Member AND THE WINNER IS
     We present ourselves to perform this day,
As a faceless crowd grace our seats of fame,
Let us share the joy and...

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Categories: prose, analogy, art, character, emotions,

On Dreams and Imagination
Something I've long been curious about is the great disparity between our 'waking lives' and the lives we lead whilst dreaming. We all dream--that is...

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Categories: allusion, appreciation, creation, dream,

Poet:  Ken Jordan 
Poem: Dreams
Edited by:  Sparkle Jordan 
written:  December/2016

Flying inside a state of mind
without wings,.... floating 
where non-reality thrives 
upon a...

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© Ken Jordan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, conflict, dream, fantasy,

A Shower of Sediment
In such a whimsical action 
a half-asleep routine 
shaped disrobed and left stark naked
this vehicle, this housing, a shell
scarred skin, greying hair, bones, muscle 

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Categories: prose, blessing, imagination, nature, poetry,

Universal Brilliance
The brilliance of the universe has already unfolded. Our lives are wrinkles in that universal crease. And everything we have witnessed is merely one fold...

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© TS Lewis  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, imagination, stars, visionary,

My Dear Toast
My dear toast,
you have no need to leap
out of my hand in such a
cavalier fashion.

My plate is not a 
syrupy swimming pool; 
besides, there are...

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Categories: cute, food, funny, humorous,

To serve a Being with 
unconditional love
Why are there so many
If our representation was that,
when did our reflection
When did time ripple
so abruptly,
our pond could not

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Categories: god, imagination, inspirational, introspection,

The Diamond Of Diversity
Diversity shines its light upon wisdom; it’s a sage sharing both world and eternity’s knowledge.  While cultures are facet of this diamond sage; each...

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Categories: appreciation, community, education, friendship,

On God, Faith, Evolution and the Evil in this World
[This excerpt from a memoir I wrote 20 years ago seems sadly apropos given the recent mass murders and bombings]

This then is where my faith...

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Categories: allah, angst, appreciation, evil,

Just Open Up Your Mind
Just for a moment, open your mind to all possibilities.  Whatever you dream, you can do and create.  Then probabilities have opportunities, by...

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Categories: change, fate, future, how