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Image Prose Poems

These Image Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Image. These are the best examples of Prose Image poems written by international poets.

Ascending to Zero
And thus I wake from my 30 month slumber
Fuzzy headed and cotton-mouthed
As pristinely damaged as before my rest
When my Reaper drew our curtains closed

Living life...

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© Derek Chos  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: depression, introspection,

Dense love
Days are slow nights so peaceful
The hate is leaving not quite as vengeful
The hurt remains as scars always do
Ur image fades the longer I go...

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Categories: blessing, divorce, emotions, lost

Rhetorics On The Nigerian Church
A billion dollar structure to worship
An invisible God.
Why there are a billion persons 
Who go to bed hungry.
This God in whose image we were all...

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Categories: prose, abuse, allusion, april, art,

Today, I feel a great strength!

It is the same strength, that every two feel,
(when, at last, they are brought together, again)
Who were forged together
In the...

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Categories: prose, husband, integrity, longing, love,

The Fall

The Fall

On the anniversary Adam coaxed Eve,
complaining, distracted, to the clearing
for the invented ritual. 
He had been uneasy since,
repeating actions in certain ways as if,

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Categories: prose, angst, anniversary, faith, forgiveness,


The day I heard you had died I had no idea what to feel
I was not happy, I was not sad, I was not numb

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Categories: prose, 9th grade, childhood, daughter,

Textbooks for Expression
Is it acceptable to rate expression, to assign correctness and wrongness of a feeling- not the immoral or moral sense but of standardizing emotion? And,...

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Categories: 12th grade, appreciation, art,

Divine Appointment
There lies before me a portrait most captivating and divine.               ...

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Categories: prose, color, god, light, stars,

The Storm
The Storm

The cold, salt spray bit at my face,
As I walked alone in the sand,
And the dashing waves stoe my footprints;
As they raced upon the...

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Categories: prose, god, image, imagery, joy,

PRAYER: power or placebo-- part I
Does prayer work? Or is it merely the placebo effect when things get better?Your mind convinces itself you are feeling better and you do. Your...

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Categories: allusion, angst, appreciation, faith,

Africa Under Siege
Africa is raped. The continent of life is pumped dry, and the colonizer won’t stop, ’till he is stopped. And blocked.

We pay colonial tax for...

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Categories: prose, 10th grade, 11th grade,

its this time
gift line
streets of all kind
they  go and it  snow
there bags stuff
eat smoking chestnut
and soup bold

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Categories: prose, adventure, image,

Satan's self portrait
My image, the face of repulsiveness.
My X-ray eyes will burn your soul.
I'll drink your blood with reverance,
And carbonate it into coal.

My head has horns, no...

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Categories: prose, sin,

A mind
Sitting on the corner of an empty room,
There are no furniture nobody around,
Listening closely to my heart beats,
They say they speak to us sometimes.

Holding my...

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Categories: how i feel, senses,

What is Beyond
Beyond the fabric of space;
Beyond black holes secrets;
Well hidden in the wall of stars;
Lay a realm of mystery.

Abiding there, perhaps a god,
Perhaps angels, perhaps not.

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Categories: image, imagery, imagination, philosophy,

Summer Season On A Time Clock
Every dawn I yawn quiet, florescence I inhibit softly
A clear image I peep, nature settles calmly
Her intentions are infectious like a blossomed flower
Reminds me of...

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Categories: prose, allusion, analogy, bereavement, death,

Just out 
of the 
are we.
Still in the
cradle naive
beyond belief.
Center of
the universe 
we were. 
Made in
we knew.
Now, the
veil begins
to lift. 
out of...

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© JG Collins  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, art,

Premium Member PROTOTYPES
Nowhere on land to be me- Being the prototype of mankind is hard. Maybe I'll return to the sea. Liken to the chicken nesting in...

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Categories: prose, creation, deep, identity, life,

Shadow of Mirror
A countenance of shining silver..
was a cheerful lucent mirror.
Sparkled on the cheeks ..
droplets of woe and tear.
The grief of grimace flushed..
the glitter was all disappear...

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Categories: prose, angel, beautiful, deep, image,

Premium Member Charcoal Memories

Black as the night
my sable soul sings songs
of Nubian ancestors
sleeping behind closed eyes
in the depths of the inner sanctum
of the womb of mind—silhouettes of beings

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Categories: prose, allegory, analogy, beauty, black