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Heartbreak Prose Poems

These Heartbreak Prose poems are examples of Prose poems about Heartbreak. These are the best examples of Prose Heartbreak poems written by international poets.

your name
your name 
could you even tell me your name
has it always been the same
by any other?
all I sense are thorns

tell me I am mistaken
that you...

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Categories: prose, break up,

Since the beginning,
I've been beating here,
telling Papa, "Boys can cook, too..."
In flames, sometimes...
Downright heart broken some nights...
The moonlight...
So many smiling faces after heartbreaks...
Letting go sometimes...

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Categories: prose, feelings, grief, heartbreak, heartbroken,

not today
there will come a day where i won’t cry for you any longer. but not today. there will come a day when my heart won’t...

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Categories: heartbroken,

Talk Therapy As Fulcrum To Leverage Psychological Ills
Oh...and hello
to you, some hours past, I
returned from counseling,
(hence this boy yent -
     albeit beastie boy 

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Categories: prose, atheist, december, desire, health,

Is it True
You are my sun, my only reason for life
Yet recently, you’ve brought me nothing but strife
There is nothing I want more, than I want to...

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© Anthony M.  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: prose, cry, for her, heartbreak,

I'm here,
sitting all alone
with cigarette stubs 
and whiskey bottles
hoping to let go 
of my pain through
the crevices of the scar
you left me with....

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Categories: prose, heartbreak,


I could have done It Yesterday
that task that need be performed.
Sometime before the clouds had formed 
Early in the morn. 
I could...

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Categories: prose, bereavement, daughter, death, heartbreak,

the wound can be deep
healing you seek
make you won't die
to be told a lie
your boby
wil be reeling
to have

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Categories: prose, anger, heartbreak,

no one to turn too
feeling blue
what i do
things go wrong
wishing i wasn't born
yes I

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Categories: prose, heartbreak,

As cold as december winter
The frosty so casually falling from his forehead.
The smile on his face making you think,
he's a cool competent man. 
But really he's only waiting to...

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Categories: heartbreak, men,

The broken pieces of me
Once upon a time,
a heart beats with bliss.
As the clocks chime,
we part with a kiss.

As you fade away,
the snow blinds my eyes.
I pray as I...

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Categories: prose, absence, farewell, heartbreak, i

oh would you be so kind
oh, would you be so kind?
would you be so kind as to leave my life
leave it for good
take all your baggage and harm
your negativity and...

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Categories: betrayal, break up, heartbreak,

Playing With Fire
Our love was never meant to last, I knew that.
I'm plain and boring, like grass that tickles your bare feet,
But you, you're like a fire...

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Categories: prose, fire, goodbye, heartbreak, heartbroken,

Hidden Love
You knocked, and I opened the door of my life
The welcome mat to my heart took in your first steps
You crossed the threshold and my...

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© AJ Trivar  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: black love, deep, desire,

New Becoming
You’re gone, well that’s okay
But where do I place my longing of habits that intertwined with yours and your belongings
My dependency for you drags 

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Categories: prose, betrayal, feelings, grief, heartbreak,

Premium Member Final seduction
He had waited for her, all his life.
All she desired was to stay in his arms,
to awaken each day in embrace.
All she needed was the...

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© Silent One  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: passion, sensual,

I stroke a brush of paint on the canvas,
And the tiniest line creates your shade,
Even your potrait allures the depths of my heart,
And slowly comes...

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Categories: prose, beauty, dark, desire, heartbreak,

to the friend that i lost
        thank you. thank you for finally leaving. it's been 7 years now that i have had to...

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Categories: emotions, friendship, heartbreak, hurt,

today was better
we laughed
i cried

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Categories: heartbreak,

things about you
i love your eyes
your smile
your hair
your body
your hands
your voice
your laugh, oh god your laugh makes me melt. 
these are the things i love about you

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Categories: heartbreak,