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Wife Political Verse Poems

These Wife Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Wife. These are the best examples of Political Verse Wife poems written by international poets.

Premium Member The Hawks and the Doves
The hawks are gathered together, pulling apart a dove, eating her gladly.
Her shrieks and screams do not count as she is the wrong color.
She was...

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Categories: political, racism,

A call to order
Arise O Compatriots
The time is near when we head for the ballots
The time when we decide for a new revolution
Or maybe another time to renew...

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Categories: character,

Missile Poised To Strike
Hidden under crop circle
resembling an ampersand
hides sheathed silo - obscured,
said symbol adorned every armband
of national socialist, yet weapons

of mass destruction) bland
lee, blatantly ignored global pact

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Categories: america, anxiety, farewell, judgement,

Premium Member The Neighbor's Wife
He's been struggling with depression,
She said, so then have I.

It's our bad news
that competing depressions
breed more contagiously
than our cooperative feeding happiness.

Yet our good news grows:

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, destiny,


that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: care, city, culture, love,

candidate -calon-

that's my wife's business,
he will make it for you, not tomato sauce but grated coconut sauce which is fried without oil wrapped in banana leaves...

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Categories: art, conflict, culture, food,

Premium Member FoxNews Siege
If the FoxNews commentator
and his Republican Congressman colleague
with pro-public universal health constituents
zealously inviting themselves to siege his suburban home,
witnessed by terrified wife and daughter
fearing for...

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Categories: anti bullying, caregiving, games,

Alabama's Republican Rob Moore
To many of u.s. wait twenty or thirty years, 
To fight through the shame or the power they will
Use against u.s.

U.S. in the south are...

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Categories: art, poetry,

Premium Member Red and TrueBlue Family--4
Dear Siblings Three,

At least three of us four
have survived this first round
of sharing our seeing Reds 
and our feeling Blues.

At this point
I imagine our eldest...

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Categories: christian, earth, faith, health,

Premium Member When I Fall In Love
As my wife once taught me
Women knew all about trimming
and cleaning
and harvesting the fertile forests of Earth
long before I ever thought to depilate my back

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Categories: earth, health, humor, integrity,

Premium Member Contagious Insomnia
I've not been sleeping well
since early November,
about the time Donald Trump
was not just nominated by Republican Christian
Male Dominant
Evangelical Christians,
in some unholy alliance with
fundamentalist rabid Roman...

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Categories: christian, games, health, humor,

Premium Member Exegesis of Original Intent
The ugly head of the Original Intent issue
co-arises with what were our ForeFather Patriarchal Patriots
thinking and feeling to leave out prohibitions against antiChristian degeneracy,
and to...

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Categories: body, destiny, earth, health,

Predatory Riches Haunt France
Predatory Riches Upset French Presidential Campaign 

#Fillon, rich and predatory,’s in the slime,
Took public money for his wife so fine.
His campaign to advance
To President of...

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Categories: french,

Premium Member BothYang and AlsoYin
It's hard to think in Either-Or Deductive,
while speaking and acting in Both-And Inductive.

For example,
If my Brother is kind and loving
(and he usually is),
and really not...

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Categories: christian, earth, family, health,

Brexit Is Icumen In, May's Gone Cuckoo
Brexit Is Icumenn In, May's gone cuckoo!

No shame is poverty, if the heart by gay !
As Chaucer's Wife of Bath was wont to say;
Is this the...

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Categories: political,

Trump - The Grand Experiment
He said I alone can solve it all:  
The Mexicans will take the fall,
Rapists and murderers one and all. 
I'll keep them out with...

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Categories: political,

Citizen Spy
It's scary dangerous out there,
     this world sure feels so unsafe
There's constant conflict, uprisings and strife
Got me beefing up home security,

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Categories: freedom, political,