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Islamic Political Verse Poems

These Islamic Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Islamic. These are the best examples of Political Verse Islamic poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Unfinished Exodus
As Exodus tells his story,
Moses was compelled by God
and then invited,
commissioned by inside/outside Voice,
and bv voices of Israel's extended people
to lead them through forty desert...

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Categories: christian, health, islamic, jewish,

Premium Member Contract Against Greatness
In Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"
she paints a nationalistically wealthy saint
where also lives a monochromatically utilitarian narcissist,
sucking on attachment to fame and power
for bought and sold...

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Categories: culture, health, integrity, mental

Premium Member Kleptocracy
I'm reading this book about germs and guns and steel
and pre-history
and human history,
predators and prey,
and people praying they won't be predatored.

You know,
light bedtime reading.

So, this...

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Categories: change, growth, health, history,

Premium Member GreyScale Chauvinists
Evangelical fundamentalists,
whether Christian or Islamic or Zionist or Atheist or...
turn away from gospel culture and culturally contextualized scripture
inspired by a God/dess of liberal multicultural divine...

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Categories: color, culture, green, health,

Premium Member Cooperative Beings
Raison d'etre,
RightBrain's voiceless shadowed FutureSearch
begets healthy past nutrition research,
both secular-natural Left centered
and sacred-spiritual Right symmetric,
cooperating Earth Patriarch/Matriarch Balance.

Restoring Food Justice,
reborn of Green polycultural ecosystemic fuel...

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Categories: earth, education, food, health,

Why did they fight for our freedom of speech when we as a nation are afraid to speak lead by a government that’s corrupt and...

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Categories: confidence, corruption, england,

Premium Member Island Nations
In a sense
each person capable of understanding these words
and those who speak diverse languages together
are island nations
splitting in two
by love
or fear
or both.

I have been concerned...

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Categories: christian, health, hope, islamic,

Premium Member Silent Oceans, Holy Wombs
From Earth's original OceanicWomb
our DNA regenerate Soul emerged.

Yet these are yet One
Sacred Ecological Nature.

DNA's memory strings
of Spiritus-Anima Mundi
became Greek encultured MotherWomb
of holistic uniting Earth.

Spiral dipolar...

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Categories: creation, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Cooperative Starts
Who wants to join a sacred cooperative
with both divine and humane purpose,
secular meanings
with organic liturgical rites
of seasonal passage?

who would not
should ego's veil descend
like commodified energy's...

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member When God Deals Trump in Lemons
I think I recall
way back in balmier lemon-delivery days,
which already feel Golden Ruled
and Ratioed
and Elixired
by comparison,
when the Affordable Care Act
was referred to as the Democrat...

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Categories: caregiving, christian, culture, health,

Premium Member In This Taoist's View
Could we be doing our best
to invest in Earth's cooperative health markets?
While you sell our most competitive killing machines
to our Saudi Arabian cousins.

Referencing this touchstone...

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Categories: destiny, earth, fear, hate,

Premium Member Watching isms
There is a world of difference
between schism and jism,
but they both end up the same.

Just as patriarchal Roman Catholicism
overpowers living and breathing Christianity,
so too does...

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Categories: culture, earth day, health,

Premium Member Patriotism as Anti-Otherism
Paul Tillich wrote 
"nationalism hates and must always hate Judaism and prophetic Christianity."

When he spoke of nationalistic patriotism
he was thinking of fascism,
as the logical conclusion

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Categories: earth, health, history, nature,

Oh,Boko Haram
Oh,Boko Haram
For how long are you stopping the brutality?
Which has given sleepless nights resulting in insomnia?
Of some hard-working people of Nigeria
It's amazing the mass murder...

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Categories: africa, crazy, evil, humanity,

Premium Member Everyday Christians
I would imagine Adam Smith's invisible cooperative economic
self-and-Other-investment hand,
at least during Christian Sunday morning services,
looked and sounded and felt very much
like the One Invisibly-Organic-Holistic-Enlightened MindBody...

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Categories: body, christian, culture, earth,

Premium Member My ReProductive Rights Attorney
An attorney friend of mine once said,
We have two opposing views
of the hows and whys of law and time and natural evolution,
including natural law,
and including...

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Categories: appreciation, corruption, earth, games,

Premium Member Running Away From Hibernating Ren
Why is it
as I watch The International CEO Actor
unilaterally Ordering disinvestment
in both domestic and Earth's cooperative-organic health,
I feel cold harsh January snowblow storms?

Dismaying cold
calling me...

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Categories: culture, earth, future, health,

Premium Member NonEastern Family Politics
I began reading Jane Anna Gordon's "Creolizing Political Theory"
from the back toward the front,
as usual,
because if I appreciate where this narrative journey will end,
then I...

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Categories: culture, health, power, ,

Premium Member The Christian-Taoist Continues Standing
I was baptized as a Christian,
once or twice.
It's not so much that the baptism ritual malfunctioned
in some series of unfortunate events;
It's more like Taoism as...

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Categories: baptism, community, culture, earth,

Premium Member Permaculture Design Operetta
This Permaculture Design Operetta
comes out from within you
with universally acclaimed Grand Patriarchal Earth Rights
to sing in reverse harmonic rhythms and blues
with Full-Octave Matriarchal Earther Feminists...

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Categories: destiny, health, humanity, humor,