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Unfinished Exodus
As Exodus tells his story, Moses was compelled by God and then invited, commissioned by inside/outside Voice, and bv voices of Israel's extended EarthTribes to lead them through forty desert years of sometimes nomadic wins and mostly immigrating losses in a competitively shared wilderness. Then, just as they approached the Promised Land's border, now matured multigenerationally seasoned regeneratively prepared for entry into this great Middle Eastern/Western creolization journey in-between Earth's secular/sacred history of multicultural peace-making, win/win environmental envisioning and compassionate planning and cooperative implementation, Just as Moses could climb a sacred yang mountain and look across rich heavenly green Promise in Yahweh's chosen yin valley of profoundly interdependent complexly transcendent co-presence, Moses suddenly understood right then right there, he would die before he could live among those who would cross over to complete this epic historic pilgrimage toward compassionate climate of Promise, both secular and sacred majesty, patriotic epiphany of resilient multiculturing healthy demo/theo-cracy. I see our post-millennial Boomer regenerative process restoratively wandering through this win/lose forty year post-industrial wilderness toward epic climate pollution risks and monocultural loss for polycultural wins of ego-left/eco-right opportunity. Here, with now, on this very cusp of 2020 robust revision, I know we will not live to see health optimizing resilient Promised land and waters, Although I have lived and loved to locally and globally, personally and politically, ecologically and economically long to grow together migrant green integrity. And my autonomous left hemisphere feels disappointed sad unfairly deprived about this unfinished migration, Frustrated because cooperative liberal love, active compassion, is so obviously healthier for all travelers riding Earth, wealthier than competitive fragmenting mistrust, conserving climatic rage about our globally and locally unfinished industrial business. At the same time my dipolar interdependent right hemisphere remains timelessly silent on topics of ego-left mortality. S/he may not distinguish between first yang-patriarchal inhale and last yin-matriarchal exhale because this Zen ZeroSoul, this Holy Nature/Spirit is one with that of Moses, With all Messianic pilgrims, leaders, facilitators, mediators, With all bodhisattva peace mentors, With restorative peace and justice integrity Advocates, wandering a post-industrial green wilderness. Polypathic Moses of Earth's great exodus Rapture into unfinished healthier life wealthier transformational business of regenerating Promise, for transgenerating lands and waters, mountains and river-valleys, mortally unfinished transcendent Eminence and immortally interdependent Imminence, Yang universal being with Yintegral uniting resilient becoming yet unfinished Exodus into climatic healthy Promise.
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