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DisConnecting Dogmatism
Our humane-empowering species, steeped in regenetic history of human nature connecting disconnecting reconnecting preconnecting, Has an unfortunate tendency, especially in Abrahamic historical traditions, to imagine that our own religious tradition is not only free of historical-cultural adaptation but also the one supremely right-wing Way orthodox Truth healthy Life. And, further, guilty of inhumane hubris, of condemning those outside our dogmatic Fold, our LeftBrain dominant individualistic EgoFrame, to lack of redemptive grace, to after-life Hell, to lack of true communion within today's Earth holonic regenerative Spirit of inclusive win/win recommunication, empowerment and enlightenment, sacred awe and secular wonder. Due to this patriarchally influenced left-brain privileged assumption, HumanNature lives disconnected in a win/lose racing economy, determined by our orthodox religious and other monoculturally privileged associations and dues, catechisms and formative scriptural over-simplifications and decontextualized unhistoricized dis-enculted starkly isolated from human experience studies, When the practices and beliefs of those raised inside the Fold become obviously heterodox, our too often StraightWhiteMale authority voices move toward excommunication, shunning future cooperative mutually creolizing empowerment, remaining true-blue dogmatically zealous about our hidden left-brain dominant Earth-colonizing anthropocentric mission, messianism, millennialism And this left-brain overpowered indulgence has repeated this disconnection, this unredemptive severance, this patriarchal apartheid preference since prehistoric nature/spirit indigenous tribes, long before Abrahamic written stories of Judaism, Christian redevelopment, and Islamic reform came into Earth's empowering and enlightening constantly changing evolving revolving spiraling regenerative connecting communing communicating traditions nutritions communions shared by all God's living creatures. One way of reading the economic and political turns in the Gospels is to see the story of Pharisees Saducees and TaxCollectors as Jewish authorities who wanted to excommunicate EarthCreator's Messiah for stepping outside dogmatic institutional lines of orthodoxy and institutional corporate empire investment. Rather than adapting, co-acclimating to Jesus's spiritual experience of a Creator Abba of regenerative nurturing co-passionate Love, These WealthyElite saw their own unchanging Torah, established commandments educational and administrative regulations dogmatic structures and long histories of authoritative rabbinical interpretations of Jewish Law, as a final closed religious system, too privileged, too Chosen, supremely endowed with Yahweh's divine teachings, to be inconveniently challenged by anyone with a deviant spiritual experience. Academic awareness of positive integral deviance is a modern empowering enlightening reconnecting hope with good faith. What might we learn from this disconnecting dogmatic dark side of our GoodNews epistles? Perhaps less arrogant and internally preoccupied authorities might appreciate our more multiculturally healthy milieu within which all historically developed traditions, cultures, religions have emerged to describe connection integrity and proscribe disconnection chaos. Perhaps our positive deviant minds and hearts and spirits and souls could be encouraged to find a better religious tradition fit to become more integrally accepted and interdependently valued as s/he/they continue their spiritual/natural journeys into empowering multiculturally synergetic Truths enlightening Ways compassionate Lives, Rather than the current hubris of excommunicating from the one and only True sacred Fold in divine flowing rivers of polyculturally communing sacred EarthTime, Revolving evolving spiraling regenerative climate and culture Changes, positive diversity, healthy empowering Missions for enlightening wealthy spirit/nature vocations, Reconnecting where each individual has been, accepted as now experienced, and pointed in a new community support direction toward that good faith we hope to multiculturally become, tomorrow's peaceful practitioners restoring Justice For All, with no one left outside Earth's empowering local enlightening global Fold.
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