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Horror Political Verse Poems

These Horror Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Horror. These are the best examples of Political Verse Horror poems written by international poets.

An Emulation to Define the Situation
We sit and watch the budget grow.
Not to worry, we’ll print more dough;
Our children have so much to fear
From the trillions they now will owe.


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Categories: corruption, horror, money, political,

Volatile Hazardous Noxious Material
Volatile Hazardous Noxious Material...

Spews out the maw
bare n paws size of a bear
yes, him Donald Trump
with maniacal glare
gussied up as inane
name calling offensive

analogous to an...

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Categories: america, corruption, evil, fear,

Premium Member Horrific Climate Trends
Any difference between feeling horrified, on one hand,
and disenchanted terrifying thoughts, on the other,
seem connected to punishing error and folly in others
unlike our self-righteous ego...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, health,

Premium Member MathGeek Passions
Healthy nutrition research
starts with wealth producing past searches,
individual through community co-investments
in good and fragrant meals,
or even harmonic and graceful music with dance performances.

Ingesting healthy passions...

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Categories: culture, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Cooperative Pirate School
Students conservative of body-health care
invest as necessary
in bowing and submitting subservience
to orthodox heterosexual vampirate mentors,
fundamentalist badnews evangelicals
sucking on pre-meditated rapture
of Heavenly bloodsucking EarthNatures.

To meet conservative...

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Categories: care, education, green, health,

Premium Member I Love Guns
I love Guns

Guns make us safe
Guns are rights and freedoms
The more guns, the more freedoms we shall bear
Every man woman and child should be armed

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Categories: america, angst, death, eulogy,

Premium Member Absorbing Grace
To begin each morning here with now
includes who we bicamerally are,
who we have Elder RightBrain been,
where and when our DNA-scripts
came from RNA-AnimaMundi divine whispers,
and who...

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Categories: caregiving, dream, earth, education,

Premium Member ReVolution of 2020
The 2020 Revolution 
outed Bad EgoUnbalanced Energy Paradigms
associating these with toxic symptoms;
LeftBrain Desecrating Rabidity
preceded by Chronic Stressed Paranoia
preceded by Cognitive-Affective Dissonance
about being born into a...

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Categories: culture, education, health, integrity,

Premium Member Faith in History Lessons
Patterns of phylogenic history
retell our creative creation story
as bicameral restoration
of Earth's nature-spirit ecology,
both Eastern karma
and Western co-redemptive grace.

Spiritual memory experience
of RNA
and later DNA developments
and traumatic...

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Categories: creation, culture, education, health,

Question Everything You Hear and See

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Categories: america, death, evil, health,

Nuclear Bombs For Sale
Brand new thermonuclear detonation devices for sale.
Fresh off the factory assembly line! 
A revolutionary feat of engineering that can carry up to 
10 warheads, each...

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Categories: grief, horror, perspective, political,

Hiroshima's Little Boy
Hiroshima’s Little Boy.

Boy shaped memory burnt into stone.
An anonymous shadow of war. 
Running forever to a destination unknown.
Hung, suspended, an inch from the floor.
Were you...

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Categories: america, eulogy, horror, military,

Manchester Suicide bomber gets more attention than Mahatma Gandhi
One week ago, a suicide bomber, a murderer took many lives at the Manchester Arena 
The police are hunting down his accomplices to subpoena 

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Categories: evil, heartbreak, murder,

Premium Member PermaCultural Trust
The organic building of a coordinated artist
begins with reconstructing competitively clumsy LeftBrain technicians.

Whether learning to play the piano
or learning to communicate in some new language

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Categories: art, birth, bullying, earth


Do you know that giant of Africa yesterday?
That great and well-fed West African Elephant?
Whose offspring’s are pot-belly, lament-less and relieved? 

 Have you seen that...

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Categories: political,

Premium Member Controlling energy
Voices of the silent whispers echo deeply disturbing fact 
debates hold principle those with brains tear down structures 
human rights ignored opening up a can...

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Categories: betrayal, conflict, corruption, deep,

Turning in their graves
I walked past the cemetery the other day,
Those who fought for a right to vote,
Were turning in their graves.
I could hear them moaning in...

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Categories: analogy, angel, anxiety, appreciation,

Premium Member Nine
Terror in its darkest form,
Filling skies with smoke.
Today, our vengeance has been born;
Our wrath, destruction woke.

Quiet rage is growing bold.
Devastation - great.
They say revenge is...

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Categories: america, anger, death, evil,