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Death Political Verse Poems

These Death Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Death. These are the best examples of Political Verse Death poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Of Death Then Life
Death and life
are a degenerate/regenerate transformation
of negative/positive energy,
space flowing time's sustaining identity;

Therapeutic transubstantiation
for those with ecopolitical maturity,
to sensory
even sexual, power identify
with all generations before;

And, for...

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Categories: earth, green, health, humanity,

Hiroshima n Nagasaki Seventy Five Years Since 1945
Hiroshima n Nagasaki – Seventy Five Years Since 1945

Robert Oppenheimer manned 
"The Manhattan Project", 
a top secret World War II mission                   
which constituted "Little Boy" codename...

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Categories: america, anger, death, evil,

Premium Member Strange Justice Dreams
It is a strange dream
in which an animal rights advocate
is swamped with questions
from Chief Justice Roberts.

A vicious dog,
trained to attack humans 
with politically incorrect audacity

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Categories: caregiving, earth, health, humor,

Premium Member Fragrance v Odor
My new forest and park neighbors,
mostly birds
and strangely curious 
and ravenous rabbits,

Have become accustomed to,
spoiled by,
fragrant green sanctuary
ancient fertile memories.

But, today
our neighborly horse farm
must be...

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Categories: culture, deep, earth, health,

Premium Member Moving Through Urgent Forests
I claim a sit-spot
in a wildlife sanctuaried forest
just beyond my backyard,

And cycle there
while seeking a primary distinction
between sexual and sensual feelings

Already peddling toward suggestions
my motivations...

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Categories: earth, health, humor, senses,

Premium Member Mutually Assured Destruction
Mutually traumatic relationships,
like co-arising declarations of war,
codependent not listening aggression,
co-nonempathic hatred,
rabidly competitive systems,
nationalistic sociopathology,
pervasively dissociative mental illness,
deliberate maladministration
for growing degenerative subclimates
of mutually assured destruction,

Take us...

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Categories: death, health, life, love,

Premium Member RePurposing Anger
At last,
we are angry with each other
which may be a coincidence,
but probably not;

Depending on active faith 
in linear cause-effect relationships,
leftbrain dominant yang powers,

circular dipolar co-arising

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Categories: health, integrity, passion, political,

Premium Member A Feel for White Privilege
Sometimes I need to hear
what straight white male dominant privilege
what systemic racism
what degenerative ungreen anthro-supremacism
what xenophobia and yin-repression
what homophobia sounds like hate
and smells sour and...

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Categories: culture, death, earth, health,

Premium Member Life Feels Easier
It feels easier.
That's why,
or so she believes.

Why she associates death
and climate pathology
with fear of her ego's mortality
and vaguely remembered anxieties about enslavement;
living death to human...

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Categories: death, freedom, nature, power,

Premium Member Regenerative Culture
Good and active healthy thoughts
produce and reflect
left-brain regenerative labels,

Bad and entropic death of feelings
effect and affect 
left brain degenerating labels,

ambiguously left brain
and ambidextrously right brain

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Categories: community, death, health, life,

Premium Member My Economic Life, and Death
My life thoughts darkly whisper
of mortality
like shame,

As my death lightly wanders
through eternity
like timelessness.

Economic wealth roots from light,
Political health branches through power,

Space captures deducted form
Time frees...

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Categories: death, health, integrity, life,

Premium Member DNA's Ecological Confession
I live each breath
each day
each month
each season
each year
each stage of lifespan
each life and death cycle
of passionate memory,
between eternal consciousness
and timeless change.

Breathing in non-zero sum
and exhaling...

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Categories: deep, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member Convenient Cash
How convenient
when win/lose competitive
self-empowering political beliefs
of straight white male
monocultural dominance

Just happens to coincide
with justified economic enslavement
with sacred self-righteousness,
blind to systematic racist history
of capital extraction economics

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Categories: africa, america, education, health,

Left Not Right
He asked the world to see his plight.
They came from the left to proclaim him right.
So, he took to the streets and tore up the...

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Categories: anti bullying, betrayal, corruption,

Premium Member Temple of Grain
They prayed a Buddhist prayer:

And may we cooperatively dwell
in Earth's great equanimity
free from attachment
and dispassionate aversion.

As regenerations continued this bodymind practice,
MotherEarth Attachment transposed
disassociated from healthy...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, earth,