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Confusion Political Verse Poems

These Confusion Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Confusion. These are the best examples of Political Verse Confusion poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Winds of Change -- Trump vs Warren or Harris
Any state's electors 
  May now be defectors
A state may go for Trump
  But its electors can choose 'her'

A recipe for chaos, pure

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Categories: america, change, conflict, confusion,

Premium Member Dream Dialogues
Last night
R. D. Laing
re-searched for his original Politics of Experience.

This political research
transubstantiates through sensory-neural communion
of felt right-brain experience 
re-gained through integral therapeutic re-lateralship
with MotherEarth's here...

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Categories: creation, dream, environment, health,

Family Matters
As a society we are wrestling with the issues,
Of how best to Provide for our children.

Should the state play such a big part,
Should we set...

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Categories: age, blue, cheer up,

Premium Member UnSappy Happy Talk
I said to my son,
He said back to me,
To be honest with us,
I'm worried

We want to be happy
while bypassing disciplines of left-brain healthy
is not too...

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Categories: analogy, caregiving, happiness, health,

Premium Member Silent NewBorn Revolutions
takes its sweet time
in its work
on our collective consciousness;
the lasting leap from fear to love
in the human mind
will be its masterpiece."

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Categories: confusion, culture, education, environment,

Premium Member Horrific Climate Trends
Any difference between feeling horrified, on one hand,
and disenchanted terrifying thoughts, on the other,
seem connected to punishing error and folly in others
unlike our self-righteous ego...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, health,

Plant the seeds you wish to reap.
I have planted my seed in the soil of my people.
I have no home, no earthly land,
I have no...

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Categories: america, analogy, confusion, hate,

Premium Member Word Production Systems
Producing large quantities of words
cleverly without considered substance,

Unveiling my needy novel entertaining intentions
yet not revealing news or even pretensions
about who I today am
or tragically have...

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Categories: confusion, integrity, trust, truth,

Premium Member Complexities
Life feels too complex for mere words,
she curiously said aloud
repetitiously anyway.

I see health differently, more confluently,
and yet your complex experience feels familiar,
he summarily replied.

I would...

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Categories: confusion, creation, happiness, health,

Premium Member GreenGay Advocate
When I was about twelve
I began to see my future
as a ruthlessly effective
overpoweringly sublime advocate for justice 
as global peace outcomed and measured,
As a courtroom...

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Categories: adventure, health, journey, life,

Premium Member Now What Did You Do
What did you do
once you knew?
We have competition
and cooperation cultures
in dynamic tension

What did you cooperatively do
once you knew?
Green ecosystemic student teachers
asked our healthiest remaining grandparents


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Categories: caregiving, confusion, corruption, environment,

Premium Member Silver Slivered Rules
We have the more authoritative
scriptural GoldenRule view,
unrealistically presented by matriarchal Holy Spirits
of AnimaMundi:
Do unto others
as you would have others
do unto EarthTribe cooperative resident you.

Then we...

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Categories: confusion, culture, grief, health,

Premium Member Problems with Number 45
Donald John!

Didn't your mother teach you?
We do not aim our scissors
at our allies
when they ask us
to share our dangerously cutting weapons.

We also do not run...

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Categories: bullying, confusion, health, humor,

Premium Member Shadows of the living nightmares escape
The brainwashing of non believers has begun 
backwards peddling parties on the streets 
taking away all basic rights under a family structure 
imposing ridiculous arguments...

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Categories: abuse, atheist, betrayal, confusion,

Premium Member Entertaining Consciousness
dry risk
with wet therapeutic opportunity,
emergent revolutions
co-arise Ego risk
for EcoOther co-opportunity.

We deeply listen with each outside curious voice,
resonantly organizing
each reweaving WinWin cooperative Both/And Other.

Tree root matriarchal...

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Categories: community, conflict, confusion, environment,

Premium Member Wounded Orphans
A Taoist's View of Bill Plotkin's
Wounded Southern Orphan.

Really, dear,
that's too long for a co-inviting title,
How about just-us for
Wounded Taoist Anawim?

I don't think we want to...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, courage, faith,

Legislation with a mind of its own
We gave it teeth, now it bites,
We gave it legs, now it kicks.

It was supposed to be fair,
Instead it leaves us in fear.

It should have...

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Categories: anxiety, betrayal, blue, cancer,

Premium Member Sweet talking to arrogance
We all can see those suffering blindness 
at criminal conflict against the truth being told 
so obvious you either for murder or against
there remains a...

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Categories: anti bullying, betrayal, confusion,

Premium Member Bill and Hillary Who
It has been their asservation
since Arkansas days
without any reservation
many misunderstood their ways

The right wing conspiracy
continues to question
their altruistic sincerity
and past indiscretions

Many find it axiomatic
that their...

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Categories: conflict, confusion, corruption, how

Premium Member Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Paul, Peter and the Tweeter
Why not choose, 
a billionaire leader?
One who is not 
an eloquent speaker.
Trouble rises,
he robs Paul to pay Peter.
The bold rich need...

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Categories: anxiety, celebrity, confusion, environment,