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Character Political Verse Poems

These Character Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Character. These are the best examples of Political Verse Character poems written by international poets.

Earth Proceedings
Earth spinning and twirling 
O the mother...bending over
For the son, O...
From religion to science 
Science to atheism;
Atheism to the jungle
Going back to ruins,  

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Categories: allegory, character, identity, life,

Read Journal True Bull His Him Within Lusaka, Zambia part two
plus Doctor Kaunda also says family names
in tandem should not determine,
who to associate with, any more than nap
pulled lying flat hair, but rather character of...

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Categories: abuse, anger, appreciation, city,

Plant the seeds you wish to reap.
I have planted my seed in the soil of my people.
I have no home, no earthly land,
I have no...

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Categories: america, analogy, confusion, hate,

Premium Member White Privilege
Structural racism lives outside
while personal racists die inside
Choking on polluted air
and water
and soil,
nature and spirit of history's orthodox structures
eliting Big WhiteHouse privilege.

Racist systems
produce racist daddies

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Categories: green, hate, health, love,

The cradle-
That cradles civilization,
That saddles the rich of the land,
The home and strength of the richest sand,
Flowing with milk and honey no matter the wind,

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Categories: 4th grade, betrayal, black

Premium Member Sinful politics condemns God's word
The Government's behaviour firstly no longer defends our church 
this mockery in itself shows a deep lack of good sense 
or the simple sourced judgement...

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Categories: abuse, christian, conflict, corruption,

Premium Member Liberal Operatic Lovers
What cooperative evidence
could we final climate find
for WinWin cooperation lovers
including LeftBrain secular humanities
inviting no more or less valueflow
than RightBrain WiseElder root-branch dipolar etchings
neurologically ancient bipolar...

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Categories: environment, happiness, health, heart,

Premium Member A VOTE FOR YOU
Republicans, are you down with them
Democrats, are some of them your next of kin
Can you imagine
Libertarians, Independence hardy interest
But I don't vote for or within...

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Categories: caregiving, celebration, character, engagement,

Premium Member Wounded CoRedeemers
If you have ever read
and appreciated
either Joanna Macy
or Bill Plotkin
you might also benefit
from reading them together
as they each have also read
the other.

Starting to the EAST

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Categories: caregiving, health, heart, integrity,

Premium Member Faith in History Lessons
Patterns of phylogenic history
retell our creative creation story
as bicameral restoration
of Earth's nature-spirit ecology,
both Eastern karma
and Western co-redemptive grace.

Spiritual memory experience
of RNA
and later DNA developments
and traumatic...

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Categories: creation, culture, education, health,

Premium Member You're Fired
I'm sorry to have to tell you,
but we're laying you off,
effective immediately.
But, please don't feel too badly about this.
It's nothing personal.

It feels personal,
maybe because I'm...

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Categories: business, caregiving, health, humor,

I ham aghast at increasing unpopularity
witnessed by Donald trump
hence aye aerate thoughts,
how ass nine his banal, demoniacal, fanatical, and hurtful
culling frightening insight,
where portentous Portuguese Man...

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Categories: crush, evil, hate, pain,

Evil will be called good
Love is lost
respect is gone
moral behavior, nice for some
I come first, you should know
bringing our own curse  
is the world getting worse
evil will be...

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Categories: abuse, america, anxiety, character,

Premium Member Tiptoe
Tiptoe, tiptoe, what they say is not what they say it is . . . 

Cameras rolling, take one, action! 
“How stupid can you be?...

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Categories: political, power, presidents day,

Premium Member 2020 ReVolution
Numbers, numerals,
like words,
combinations of letters,
mean something,
sometimes more secular,
sometimes more sacred ecological.

Numerals and letters share sacred iconic human-intelligence root systems
within a bicameral ecology of mind-body nonduality,

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Categories: beauty, culture, earth, health,

Cultural Diffusion
No citizen has become a politician and no politician was not a citizen
That is Right Of Citizenship which is the fourteen amendment 
I think legislature...

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Categories: art, love,

Premium Member God as ReGenerative-Health Source
"Religious experience
is living in solidarity [and integrity] with God
[Earth's recreative universal (0)-sum Source].

Yet to maintain such solidarity [and integrity]
involves knowing how to [regeneratively co-a]rise,
how to...

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Categories: gender, god, health, humor,

A Flag speaks at Hampshire College
?So...... burn me
 you can try
To use my colors for a fire
 But why ??
I am the flag of Freedom
 Semper Fi

Red - the blood...

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Categories: america, character, fire, freedom,

More or Less
One of my favorite sayings,
     one you may have heard before
Is from a movie that's set in the Depression era,

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Categories: political,