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Beauty Political Verse Poems

These Beauty Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Beauty. These are the best examples of Political Verse Beauty poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Steadfastly Unsure
I remain unsure
of how to reliably
and yet autonomously distinguish
between contemplative leisure
and contempt provoking laziness.

I remain unsure
why Eastern metaphysicians,
spiritual/natural nondualistic teachers
continue to describe
ego as not only...

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Categories: green, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Revolutionary Para-Dimes
A difference between compassion and sympathy,

between co-empathic passion
and unilateral YangPatriarchal-empathic, 
ego-empowering intent,

Compassion matures passion FOR
into shared passion WITH.

This same emergent fluidity
cannot be said of sympathy

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Categories: age, creation, earth, health,

Premium Member Great Transitions
Great transitions became part of human experience
after we gave up on daily nomad lifestyle,
perhaps too bohemian
to have ever actually existed
out of nutritional nurturing choice

As contrasted...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, health, moving

Premium Member EcoFeminist Blues
how dominant or repressed,
predative or victimized,
winner or loser,
positive or negative,
show up in so many paradigms
of light,

And/Or predetermined
prejudicial shadow
too bipolar--

Not enough dipolar both/and
cause/effective co-arising nuanced circles

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Categories: culture, earth, health, integrity,

Premium Member Positive Psychological Problems
The problem with positive psychology,
said the good doctor,
it is too social science squishy,
not leftbrain prickly enough
for natural science pathologists
and invasive neurologists.

I must concede
not prickly enough

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Categories: addiction, caregiving, health, integrity,

Premium Member In Our Distant Circle
Once upon time's center
grows two permaculturing farmers,
multicultural mediators
of Earth's healthy polypathic remainder,

And, surrounding them,
seven elders
and their cheer leading mascot
of disabling foolery

Arriving each spring
in his wheeled...

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Categories: appreciation, creation, farm, health,

Premium Member Freedom Requires Peace
Ecological relationship
forms theological minds
and ego-rational hearts,
both omnipresently transcendent
and intimately political;

Both inhale enlightening
and exhale empowering

Earth justice
from interdependent EarthTribe peace
toward cooperatively invested freedoms
for compassion
both right hemisphere inclusive...

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Categories: earth, freedom, health, nature,

Premium Member Sharing is Caring
I heard someone say
To cure police
and military violence,
we need a NonTrumpian change of culture.

Sometimes revolutionary changes
include conserving feminist elements
of ancient healing cultures;

Intent to reward multicultural...

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Categories: anger, caregiving, health, integrity,

Premium Member ReVisiting the Buddha
We were visited by a baby

It felt good to bow
into her glittery brown eye level,

To speak of whatever came to mind
which was mostly about her...

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Categories: baby, health, innocence, memorial

Premium Member MotherEarth Memorials
Ego forms into a spoke
person's vocation
As eco-political wisdom
flowers in a wheel.

is to left brain dominance
as eco-habitat
is to interdependent
right hemisphere prominence.

is to internal wealth
as cooperative Eco-nomics

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Categories: earth day, health, memorial

Premium Member Young Wonder: Ancient Awe
She associated awe with unvoiced age.

Her son often enthused
about awesome tech-paced change,
empowering opportunity,
but, for her,
youth is an age for voicing wonder
as elders remember awesome quiet...

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Categories: appreciation, beauty, earth, health,

Premium Member Silent Skirmishes
Words as offensive weapons
dwell on ugliness of bad-humored life.

Words as effective tools
dwell on beauty and truth
of good-humored health,

Yet, swords become plowshares.
Plowshares are repurposed as unwieldy...

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Categories: earth, health, humanity, humor,

Premium Member Healing a Trumpian God
I remember several prayers
to invoke God's blessings on America,
a reminder of traditional political 
Fundamental lack of awareness 
of righteous economic investments
in win/win GoldenRule
positive social-psychological security.


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Categories: education, faith, health, hope,

Premium Member LifeStyle Synergy
Part of me longs to reside in
a high functioning
win/win cooperative community
of resilient left hemisphere,
resonant right hemisphere,
polypathic/polyphonic communion.

Part of egoself-care wisdom
and longing
feels drawn toward eremetical asylum

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Categories: beauty, community, earth, health,

Premium Member Nationcide
I heard from PrimeAryan DT
that socialism kills nations.

I thought it was fascist totalitarianism
that killed nations,
the lack of democratic social intelligence,
social investment,
non-violent communication,
win/win social...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, health,