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Funny Philosophy Poems

These Funny Philosophy poems are examples of Philosophy poems about Funny. These are the best examples of Philosophy Funny poems written by international poets.

Tears in the Crowds
Tears in the Crowds

A tyrant on a corrupt throne 
A sheep about to become a genetic clone
A weary traveller far away from home 
A heroin...

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Categories: philosophy, integrity, international,

Kindness and Lament
Kindness and Lament

Money never to be found or spare
Funny how people just sit there and stare
Honey now you know this really isn’t fair 
Sunny for...

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Categories: philosophy, international,

My view to a life that corrupts our minds
"It's funny within the life we all live in,
Think of regret,
Of things that are no longer alive,
Questions of things thought are the opposites of our...

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Categories: age, anxiety, inspirational, philosophy,

Premium Member Jack's Philosophy In A Nutshell

Here's Jack's philosophy in a nutshell
Did you catch that, in a NUTshell?
Got a little bit off the track for a while
But he's chugging along again...

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Categories: philosophy, psychological,

White Noise Blues
(after the novel)

I don’t care about fashion
I just try to keep warm
I’ve heard all about passion
Sounds like a great big storm
I stay out of the...

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Categories: philosophy, america, anxiety, confusion, fantasy,

Neutral Notion
Wind blows to set strain apart. 
Yet, sheep joyfully bear it a cross. 
Hardly do they mind to depart, 
Rather tag the fight posse. 


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Categories: philosophy, 1st grade, art, blessing,

Serendipity the Second
He caught his bus to Barnsley
Thinking he’d be there soon
But the driver took a wrong turn
And they landed on the moon

Where the King of the...

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Categories: fantasy, funny, humor, philosophy,

Questions We Passed Over
If silence is golden, can it be damaged?

If silence is good for us, why break it?...

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© Anil Deo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: philosophy, analogy, deep, funny, meaningful,

Ashtray's Mistakes
--Ashtray's Mistakes--

Prehistoric defibrillating battlegrounds. The memorial, obviously unpleasant.

Entrapped in the know how, detrimental reimbursement.

Sundried; like the corpse of a moon bridge, fading away.

Tinfoil hats do...

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© Mr Pickles  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: philosophy, anger, freedom, how i

Premium Member The Mirror of Stupidity
People love to believe stupid things. Some of us find it hard to believe stupid things and laugh at those who do, until someone laughs...

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Categories: philosophy, education, faith, funny, humor,

Premium Member VJCKIE SAID IT
Remember I know you,
you're not innocent,
you're not returning back to innocence.

Even with dirt on your hands,
a bad seed doesn't grow anything,
a rotten tomato will never...

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Categories: philosophy, character, funny, how i

Premium Member What you say to a cat what a cat thinks
What you say to a cat what a cat thinks

I want to lick everything you look at everything there’s nothing over there for you that’s...

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Categories: philosophy, adventure, allegory, angst, animal,

Life is beautiful draft
Life is funny
You live ups. Live downs

Have smiles. Frowns.

We have pain
We've seen joy

I was once a boy
I had to grow

Stop and smell the coffee you...

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Categories: philosophy, life, light, mental illness,

Trash Talking At It's Finest
The continued story of this poet
Haters r going to be mad that I even wrote it
Here is where I give u "The Business"
Like a lightning...

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Categories: philosophy, anger, art, confidence, conflict,

Revoltee Protestation Amnesia

America was born in protest violence,
but Lady Liberty now has
postpartum memento — 
A colonial, hypocritical condition called:
Revoltee Protestation Amnesia

Wavy umbilical vanished memories,
of destructive actions ...

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Categories: america, history, philosophy, political,