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Poets Personification Poems

These Poets Personification poems are examples of Personification poems about Poets. These are the best examples of Personification Poets poems written by international poets.


by the pen of inspiration,
blank sheet of paper,
no longer resist poetry's advances
gave in to the temptation
letting poem's words be written
its immaculate face
transforming itself 

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Hometown Sky
A new day is in the way
No time to waste in the blue
Clue to a wise, true heart
and the poetry shows no sight

The clouds dance...

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Categories: home, sky,

Premium Member Personification Is My Favorite Poem to Write
Personification is my favorite poem to write.
I can fly to my nest and feed my eaglets, 
or I can scare humans to death with my...

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Categories: personification, introspection, poems, poetess, poetry,

Premium Member Your words, You're words
Hi, I’m glad you’re joining me here, 
It’s about time we had our talk,
We’ve known each other our entire lives, 
Now come with me for...

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Categories: introspection, poetry, poets, psychological,

Poetry Soup
I ate a meal
that had a lovely soup
I went to the cook
for complements
she gave me a smile
and told me
that she used
a poetry soup
to make that...

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Once upon a time,
a frustrated poet that had not written for a while,
turned towards the heavens and at the top of his voice cried:

" Why...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

I Love PoetrySoup
I Love Poetry Soup 

it gives me a pure taste
so my time I do not waste
it opens for me the gate
so that I may not...

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Categories: poems, poetess, poetry, poets,

Pretty Sentences

I got an ugly duckling pen
that’s always
trying to write pretty sentences
My plain consonant smiles
don’t have a poetic glow beautiful
I have a missing vowel or two,

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Premium Member THE STRANGER

Stranger: "Who are you?"

Poet: "I am a poet!"

S.:"Where do you get your ideas from?"

P.:"From the Muse of course."

S.: "Is Muse a friend of yours?"

P.: "I...

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Categories: muse, poetry, poets,

Premium Member A Page Worthy:
Without a word written upon me I lie and sigh
For I am one of many in this pale disguise
If I shall come to life with...

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© White Wolf  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, poems, poetry, poets,

Love Summertime, Hollow Sunshine
Each human around me sweats
Wears sunglasses
Smacked by gusts
A nesting couple hollows me,
Two tawny, tiny twitterpates
Ready for rainstorms,
And I would be happy.
But, this spring, I am...

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Categories: dark, nature, together,

The Altered Puzzle
Seven billion people in seven distant lands,
Scattered as products of desolate brands.
We are the puzzle pieces, distinct from each,
As leaves give beauty to an evergreen...

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Categories: allusion, life, poems, poetry,

Fantastic Flora Masquerade
Creeping creepy creepers, the crawling trellis
jutting out of everywhere
snaking through country and metropolis
twisting turning in floral bliss
but more like snakes that hiss
But in quietude feign...

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Categories: abuse, environment, flower, garden,

Sadness overcome
Tell me why the tears are flowing/
Sadness overcome.
I kissed him every night before bed/ I must always be the one.
 It is rarely returned, his lips...

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© Manon peel  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: abuse, deep, depression, i

Premium Member The Poet
You have read that one poem
Over morning coffee luke warm
Then there was another
You read that one too
I flaunted yet another in the cold
Three in one...

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Categories: angel, lost, passion, philosophy,


rubbish bins rot their
stenchsimmers in dark
the gluttony of pots
slopslaughters of 

rodents hiding behind 
feeble weedywarts
carcasses fried with
flies in the  heat
of stillstopping

who knock at the...

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Categories: anger, hurt, poets,

A Word To The Poets
You're as bright as Education
Straight but bendable
You think with backup
You can recycle and retrieve memories
You define bravery
And your emotions speak
Your desire is classic deliverance
For you...

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If I Were A Phoenix
I am the deacon,
When I should be preacher.
I'm not the beacon,
When I should be leader.
I need believers,
To rise again.
I need to breathe,
New life again....

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Categories: culture, life, poems, poetry,

They Live
Words are pregnant
We as poets give them birth

We share their significance
We express their worth

Our words are positioned
Like a directors stage

They must be free
They cannot be...

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© Lara Wash  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: birth, dream, friend, hope,

Poet - is the
Poets are not those person who comes from heaven
Poets are not different they are also a person like a normal
Everyone is a poet but there...

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Categories: creation, desire, poets,